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Why leasing and financing can't make sense | The 2-time principle

Why leasing and financing can’t make sense | The 2-time principle

Introduction Of Why leasing and financing can’t make sense | The 2-time principle

Why leasing and financing can’t make sense | The 2-time principle. The whole thing finance and let and in my eyes, we have in our lives that are actually but I think it’s very general we have two types of time we have our free time and then our obligatory time in your free time you do all the things that you enjoy, so to speak, you sit in front of the tv.

How you spend at work

You go to jazz in the park you go out to eat with your friends you go partying so he will just have his free time that you can allocate, we oblige time, that can also be fun, but that’s everything that has to do with work, so now not only the work if you already work your march 8, not just the eight hours but also the hour where you get up at home in the morning to go to work.

I get ready to go to work take the train to go to work and half an hour at noon eat how you spend at work that means here we have a relationship between commitments and free time which is usually very out of balance i think that it is absurd actually in my opinion that we have such a strange relationship from obligatory time to free time have seen once on a macro level I mean we have 30 days vacation then.

Let’s add the eight days to the weekends so somehow channel 80 days give years a little more or less dangerous now let’s say at one Roughly speaking, 100 days of vacation a year, so free, then we somehow roughly calculated 200, 230 or so days of vacation a year at work, that means, as you can see, the field is quickly out of balance if we now go one step further and have looked at the week.

Who work five days a week

We have a balance of 5 to 2 who work five days a week have two days off and one day off r micro level so on the day we probably have if you subtract the sleep of eight hours we have about 16 hours from work we eight environments bring another two to three hours to get to work to get ready to coordinate to take a shower whatever that means here too.

We have a balance of 11 16 11 mandatory time and eleven no longer time and 5 to five goals and 5 free time that means we have an extremely balanced ratio of these two numbers which has done the whole thing now with the sneeze, therefore, doing something with the giant so that if you read something or if you finance something

Whatever where you are obliged to pay money on top of the money every month over a long period then you are automatically included obligated to give up obligatory time that means everything that still costs money every month in hindsight is obligated to do so ch to work and that’s in my eyes in my life I say I say it’s the same for you.

I have to pay my rent so health insurance

But for me it’s one of the things I want to avoid for all the world I don’t want to have anything that obliges me to do it working, of course, is nothing new is also complete nonsense because I want to live in the apartment I have to pay my rent so health insurance I also have to eat somewhere I know that but I mean apart from the basic needs the health at home and food and transportation i.e. transport.

Now in my case semester ticket, I just don’t want to have no no no needs those are just necessities sorry don’t have needs that just have to be paid for as a deposit like an expensive car or an expensive electronic device which costs me money afterwards because the thing is just like us it’s simple automatically put them against the wall a bit and now they sometimes take a loan of 40,000 euros then. You Can Also Read Things I Don’t Buy Anymore | Save Money In Everyday Life.

You can’t just say yes you know what I’m doing now just four months off and work is not because I’m building something else I want to go on a trip around the world because you have to raise this monthly amount that’s the reason why I would never let such critical financing in my life I see that you kind of fast food many people on.

Spokesman on the subject of nutrition

Where I am a spokesman on the subject of nutrition I always ask myself why it can’t be like that feed and the reason is quite simple for me it’s just and healthy nutrition just in the chain when I’m in the supermarket because then I don’t even do the unhealthy cookies, for example, the shopping basket, first of all, I’ll don’t even come into my apartment so you can’t even get into your stomach.

It’s the same with financing also because I just don’t have any loans or anything like that at school I don’t even get into this financial situation in the first place I don’t have to spend this money I don’t have to continue to spend money afterwards and then I don’t have to sacrifice any obligatory time that I would otherwise be in could bring free time and for me, this credit issue is just.

That and has the bridge but at the beginning hitting it a bit is simply another accelerator of this unequal relationship what I told you at the beginning of the day to the week often it is to you because I think that we should all have a lot more free time I know that might be difficult for some to realize that also has a lot to do with wanting to earn income then handle would increase income.

Obligatory and credits and financing

I know it’s not that easy for some people if we dress it up alone until two so you have children, as it is already clear that everyone is not in this situation he is alone somewhere now has no obligations maybe can reduce something in some cities the rents are expensive since yours so it is clear to me but for me, this important point is always okay how can I stop the ratio of free time economically in the time back so in bringing balance.

That leisure time has prevailed and is obligatory and credits and financing they know me to an income that I must have to pay off these loans, which in turn means that they oblige are currently moving into my life again and are overweight that is so if you buy something with a credit or if you also pay something on bills in electronic devices MacBook or something expensive that doesn’t fit. Read It Why leasing and financing can’t make sense | The 2-time principle/

There asked two questions what are the time costs that means if you buy the 5000 euro fun for 5000 euro, for example and it takes up 3000 euros as a loan just imagine the question okay how much is my hourly wage and how much do I actually have to work for these 3000 euros and then the question appears okay to me.

These 100 hours are really worth knowing this 100 hours or you can easily calculate it ok new MacBook or 100 hours in which I might be able to do something with my family, go jogging , cook, what my health could do, and so you come to a relatively easy decision as to whether it’s worth it or not, and the second is, of course, the actual costs, much like interest.

I have now I had not calculated with because even such 3000 euros can easily be 3000 105 108 104 1000 euros that mean that there is another factor that should always be included but that was for sure knowing for sure is he probably didn’t say yes otherwise.

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