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Things I Don't Buy Anymore Save Money In Everyday Life

Things I Don’t Buy Anymore | Save Money In Everyday Life

Introduction Of Things I Don’t Buy Anymore | Save Money In Everyday Life

Things I Don’t Buy Anymore | Save Money In Everyday Life. When saving you can start with the first point namely health products I think that many health products are stupid in my eyes why simply because they are usually based on a natural product where I think to myself ok why don’t I just get the natural product.

Health Products

I’ll give every example of some miracle creams that are based on dedication, for example, I love organs and I take that for everything skin body and my face and then I think ok why don’t I just get the cold pressed high raw material i.e. the organ instead of the cream based on organs or any pull which is based on for example faith extract if I too easy you can eat the.

The whole blueberry I think that many of these health products are simply taken to find a gap in the market, to find a niche to find food, to take an extract from it, to mix it with many other cheap accompanying substances and to sell the country more expensively there then, so to speak, the goods start at the bottom at the root there are a few exceptions to this, so in my opinion.

There is a great product, for example for you, for example for the ladies, then name some of the course also food supplements but just a lot of this pool which is yes I think it’s irreplaceable the same also applies to protein powder I don’t want to start with that I could have a topic for the other blogs but all these health reasons are usual things.

Buy the natural product and simply saves a lot of money

Where I say sorry I’d rather buy the natural product and simply saves a lot of money that also helps me a lot I mentioned on my podcast is the level and the stupid one describes that if I have any wonders with buyers such as a wild herb powder which is collected here from local wild herbs I will only buy the thing if I I’m also of the opinion that I use this miracle cure.

Let’s say products outside the range, every day and over a longer period and then I know it’s okay, I’ll also have the health benefits of it because health benefits of products only arise if it takes over a long period and it’s no longer just 20 g/t every day for a week or so and that’s why this job me is just mega practical the second area is advertising that’s something that.

I also describe in my new book that I gave you a big link that will appear on the first of August it will be that I will ever currently my book is advertised under the topic of advertising conversations but it is a helpful book on the topic of minimalism financial freedom productivity there is also a nutrition plan in it and I am talking about exactly.

I do my thing you money easy no longer wasting

This topic that we usually often i.e. that I do my thing you money easy no longer wasting it on things where someone else wants to suggest to me that I need it simply when I go to a store somewhere because I want to buy something so let’s say let’s just assume Douglas is leaving that’s a very good example assume it for yourself was Douglas going because I need new cream then in my eyes.

That is what I have actively decided on, but if I really walk around town and then they are from Douglas and advertising sign where is the new cream against wrinkles and pimples then it is something passive that means one is kind of extrinsic and the other is intrinsic and I’m just trying n Also spending my money on things that I have personally decided that. You Can Also Read Why leasing and financing can’t make sense | The 2-time principle.

I want to buy, of course, there are sometimes advertisements that make sense, so you think that will enrich my life, that is usually completely okay, but mostly I say so I also read my book again and again the marketing departments of companies are geniuses that in Brienz and they always manage to make us believe that we need something even though we probably don’t need it and the last point is time.

Money spends time out

That might sound strange because money spends time out as money for time but the question I always ask myself and I can imagine that for you too step by step now if you ask yourself these questions is how high is my hourly wage although back then it was always like that for me that I drove to a lot of different supermarkets and then at the end of the day to save a few euros.

When shopping and ic h know there is no one in management for them these few euros are essential I want to explode them now in this example it works now and the people who have enough money because imagine you having fun at the end of the day 4 euros up to but went shopping for an hour longer then I ask myself the question ok is man-hours now listen or less than four euros.

If the handset is more than four euros then it’s just not worth it for me to drive one hour somewhere else at the end of just to save four euros at the end of the day excuse me because I think a very, very important part of the time is that we have to see that time, like money, is finite and that in my eyes we use it consciously and sensibly.

Which in turn will bring me money

Should I, for example, like money, I also ask myself the question, do I want to stand in line for two hours at 3 to get 0% on something or to get something for free that I might not need at all, maybe I could do something else in the two hours, usually produce something, which in turn will bring me money and I just ask myself the question with, very many people things the same also applies to flights, for example.

If I fly somewhere and I see the flight takes seven hours it costs 80 euros less is it really worth it with this 880 euros and these seven hours or do I rather pay more and appreciate my time simply more valuable than in the case now the money like now in this example this 80 euros yes those are the three things on which I no longer waste money how I like to plan my money is with evergreen as.

How high his savings goal

I mentioned my function that is in my eyes a great thing because you have different pockets there and you can look up there before how high his savings goal is and, above all, on which side you want to achieve that and then he gets, for example, a monthly fun and the same also applies to the concern that means you can also invest in evergreen.

You can do the work, so to speak, that’s called the rottweiler you can let the professionals do the work, so to speak, that means you don’t have to worry about it and the great thing and that’s what I think is what’s currently investing, especially for I’ll say normal people you and me and beginners, it’s important that you just have a that means you determine the risk, so to speak.

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