The Productivity Strategy That Has Worked Best For Me

The Productivity Strategy That Has Worked Best For Me
The Productivity Strategy That Has Worked Best For Me

Introduction Of The Productivity Strategy That Has Worked Best For Me

The Productivity Strategy That Has Worked Best For Me. That works at a psychological and also physiological level and is basically because, in reality, it is very simple only that of so many things that I was trying because it is one of the most effective, simpler, and more effective than I have had and it is simply knowing how to prioritize and knowing how to determine in what moments to do certain things putting the most important thing first I explain myself when we have for example a to-do list and we have a wish list and of things.

We want to make reality either for the year or of things

That we want to make reality either for the year or of things that touch do this month or the tasks that you have to carry out this week or of the objectives you have in the day or even of those activities specific tasks that you must do during the next two hours to the next half hour we can always split any number of targets tasks activities and things that are most important to do first let’s analyze what With the analogy of lunch for children, children at least if we serve vegetables and sausages.


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That you think they will want to eat first probably the sausages because it is the most delicious but at the same time it is like the mother the easiest is the simplest decision suppose that you in the day you have several activities that you have to carry out and some of them are very important but not so easy or so nice bearable while other things are suddenly fun are cool are easy and they are simple and then naturally our mind wanting to feel motivated to do those things first and not the others then this strategy but first we are going to carry out the most important those things that I know are perfectly aligned with my goals and the life.

I want to live is not about always being pursuing an ideal life and a utopia but knowing that moment I am at this point and I want to get to this point and what is the way that we have to go through and what things should change more or less than from that way I can structure for example envy So knowing that I get up in the morning and from the day before I have planned that the first thing I’m going to do in the morning is some of the most important things I have to do, for example, at this moment early in the morning not so early because you know I don’t get up early but I did leave it as my first task, then first.

I do anything as a rest as leisure to stretch me a little

I get up for breakfast I do anything as a rest as leisure to stretch me a little but once I take a shower and get ready to start my day productive the first thing I do is sit down to record because perhaps it is the most important thing they have to do in the day I have other things to do in the day but this is the most, therefore, I in the tomorrow I left the crucial thing and the rest of the day the other thing that suddenly is more simple easier does not require that I am here full focused and concentrated within of the study and others because I am doing it with more time this is a form of me structure the day so that in the morning I accomplished practically everything it is really important to achieve in the day the rest of the time does not mean no do absolutely anything and that I dedicate myself to laziness does not mean.

That there is the rest of the activity which are easier and more bearable and simpler to carry out without so much effort but likewise and this is the vital part of this strategy works in the week probably many people on Monday they are more productive than the rest of the day if they don’t like Mondays especially those who work for a job they hate because definitely, Mondays are not such cool days but definitely on Friday we do not have the same energy as Monday or Tuesday so if we leave off the activities we have to carry out of the things that we can bring closer to our goals the most important to carry out the first days of the week and preferably starting from Monday.

We are going to have the same effect I told you that psychological and physiological psychological because I automatically start to feel that I am working for my goals feel good about myself because I am achieving results and progress that I can see clearly and physiologically because clearly, the subject of willpower is not one of forcing myself to feel willpower is one to manage intelligently according to how I function as a person than when I go first doing those things that are suddenly complicated or complex.

That is important I make them more clearly

But that is important I make them more clearly if It is in now from the morning with more efficiency if it is in the first days of the week after having rested the weekend and whatever else and I feel then that I am taking steps towards what I want to achieve the rest of the time, it’s not that you’re busy but yes, then, I’m like leaving a little more activities that are not so shocking that may still be important but that one way or another This way you can more easily do the same thing happens in the month at the beginning of the month said the most important things of the month and so boy reducing then it is as a strategy of dissolving little by the little left.

The most important first and then the other in any aspect in any strip of the period and also applies in case you have to do sit at the computer and do five or seven different things to oil of blackberries of half an hour I applied this to practically everything and is one of the things that have worked for me the most because that’s how my psychology because I need these strategies otherwise I would not be productive otherwise I would not be efficient otherwise laziness would surpass me in many senses and therefore basically this strategy I met in an article that unfortunately, I could not find it again I am looking for it a lot and well I’m going to keep looking and if I find it later in the blood an article I read many years ago on the radio a cut and paste an article that this that.

I am explaining here but then basically helped me completely transform the way I function and from this way I don’t need such a strict system I don’t need a mechanism of multiple to-do lists and with complex things but practically know what I want to achieve in the week and what things are going first what do I want to achieve in the day what things go first what is what I want to accomplish in this specific activity over the next hour and what things go first and that’s it that time if the summarized strategy know strategies like these because not all strategies can change your life the ideas the tips the techniques work for everyone some don’t as.

I have tried I have proven many times that it works for other people

I mentioned in some previous articles that I have tried I have proven many times that it works for other people wonder well not me so maybe this is one of those things that may work for you which would be great because if you get results for Of course, if you have any other strategy that has worked for you to your productivity for your personal or financial success would be great in the comments and good to arm yourself with all these tools especially the ones that work for you of those things.

That really personally produce results is key to having as that box of ideal tools for what you want to achieve in life in other words to create the life you want and deserve all this of course we will achieving through self-discovery education and following focused on a clear goal and a determination to succeed in the life to get ahead and get those results that.

I want to achieve are important to me and are aligned with the life I want probably a life where I can help other people not get through above other people and surely that abundance and that success that I can achieve also means the success and abundance of others regardless of this the key is to always continue learning and improving.