The Most Important Decision For Your Financial Success

The Most Important Decision For Your Financial Success
The Most Important Decision For Your Financial Success

Introduction Of The Most Important Decision For Your Financial Success

The Most Important Decision For Your Financial Success. Today I want to tell you what is the most important decision that you can take for your financial success it maybe we will talk about the social circumstances of the place where you were born the family that the people around you have opportunities even something as deep as what things you are good at brains of different people are practically programmed to different skills some are better at sports others is better for music, others are good with computers and not all of us always have.

The same skills some people relate better to people and others

The same skills some people relate better to people and others who are a little more difficult to socialize very well and we talk that there is a huge set of situations, circumstances, and characteristics of our character from our personality traits that could determine whether or not we are successful in life just as there are many things we really can’t control things about Alex and about which we have no influence if there are other than soon we have some power over them even if it’s a little bit even if what we can do and work on it not that it makes a difference but then what if we get closer each time to a life that knows resembles.


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The ideal life to the life that we desire and want for ourselves and is that is precisely what I want to talk about because there comes a point in the life of all the people who at some point say ok I’m in a situation that I do not like my finances are not at the point that I would like or I have many debts or I have no income or I want to live something better I want to get out of this situation that kind of people normally see the videos you are probably one of them and just as I am and I in some moment I was wondering what the hell to do with my life to change they usually feel like that lack of knowledge or clarity about what to do what things to do what ways to generate income.

What opportunities seize how to look for those opportunities where they looked get a job what the hell to do then when you wonder those things are really analyzing it may be from the wrong side is not because those things are not important, finally those are the ones that well answering those questions is what will help you solve those problems by generate your income to save and invest to do whatever We start from a point suddenly a little more elementary and this is what it is your mentality and what is your way of approaching and dealing with these situations and This is where the important decision comes in.

The important decision is that you have the internal conviction

The important decision is that you have the internal conviction that it does not matter if you do not know how to achieve What do you want, it does not matter if at this moment you are in a very difficult situation impossible or really sad tragic no matter in where you are now nor does it matter how far the destination seems to you want to get the decision is to trust that you can achieve it not trust blindly because the results are going to fall from the sky overnight or because someone is going to come to help you there the government is going to come to give you subsidies that allow you to get ahead or something like that but leave the doubts in you even mistrusting.

That it is possible in your situation to believe that it is not possible in your country to believe that it is not because you are a woman because you are x type of person is the only thing that is going to do is make your mind convince itself that it is simply impossible to achieve success and if you do it then your mind goes to want to be congruent with their beliefs we all have a framework of beliefs a framework of internal reality made up of those things that We believe that those things that we believe are true are true-false and our brain does not like to be incongruous if I say to the people of such a race are in such a way that he will try to find matches and will analyze specific situations.

Where that belief is seen reflected and then when I think that I am ugly that I am bad for mathematics or that I am such a thing or I am such or is my mind always going to want to be congruent with the belief, therefore, the first thing to do change before deciding on taking action before undertaking a business before taking out debt before trying something new is changing your belief framework and your belief framework is made up of those things that you believe possible or those things.

If you at this moment do not see the possibility

That you believe impossible if you at this moment do not see the possibility that can achieve a lot of abundances a lot of financial success a lot of personal success a lot of happiness a lot of self-realization because it is not only money it is about you can do with money what doors you open that money what doors you open to other people with the money you earn what is your level of generosity what is it the contribution you can make for the world for other people who not only is to grow at the expense of others but your growth means growth also of others no matter how impossible it seems that at least you decision be I will believe that it is possible.

I will trust myself and I will put aside the excuses the just Notifications the buts the doubts and just so it is not clear at this moment what I will only say if I am going to be successful if I am going to be abundant if I am going to live a life in which I am proud and each one defines their own The way success is because for certain people it is free time, their family, their friends enjoy being able to afford to pay for certain things that are not very expensive soon for another it is a higher financial level more money properties and assets roots businesses running for others is probably being able to live in a specific place that may be expensive for others.

Because it is to live in an economic place does not matter but that is ajax success your way and that it be you who defines it and that no matter once again how far so impossible how difficult and how crazy your decision seems I’m going to trust because what happens and this is where the importance of this matter comes happens when you trust that soon later you start working on your goals in your objectives will have a job and generate normal income maybe in something.

That you don’t like very much but if you are clear about those goals

That you don’t like very much but if you are clear about those goals you will probably continue to persist you will continue searching your mind will be more agile and open to identifying opportunities and eventually due to coincidences or coincidences of life you open your way to do is to make that reality possible then this if you ask the vast majority of successful people who started from zero-turn in such an incredible way that one never imagines that could have achieved what he achieved but what happens is that one never It was that he said I can not, it is impossible, I always leave the open letter to what that could happen and eventually with time and very slowly those things end up happening.

So well this is a way to feed your mind with positive encouragement modify your internal belief framework and be prepared for all the success you can achieve regardless of the specific strategies that you get along the way that also is important that you should also evaluate study analyze and eventually make timely decisions and carry out and practice and meet people and talk and do many things but always your mind is focused on that man dance and that destination you want to reach by of course always being happy on the way enjoying the process why not we know how long this life can last us and that at all times we feel that we are doing.

What makes us happy in my opinion that is financial freedom and that is abundance a life in which real money is a mechanism and a support resource towards which you can achieve the true goals that you can dedicate yourself to the things that matter that that life of abundance is a life in which you feel that you have absolutely everything you need to be happy and that I don’t know It is about greed and the ambition to continue accumulating money because if you already.

You can continue to progress as your progress helps to other people

But you can continue to progress as your progress helps to other people and that this financial education really allows you practically already on automatic pilot be managing your financial resources your money the products you use a lot things optimally and that aligns with what you really want achieve and this of course is achieved over time through practice making mistakes and of course educating yourself financially and Well, if you are interested in educating yourself financially, I’ll tell you about me training and abundance has precisely.

That objective starting with three modules where the first one talks about subconscious mental patterns those beliefs that from children to society have implanted us and prevent us see and take advantage of certain opportunities to generate income in fact the second module talks about the practical exercises that can allow to identify your strengths your abilities and skills and connect or intercept them.