The Basic Costs of Living in San Diego

The Basic Costs of Living in San Diego
The Basic Costs of Living in San Diego

Introduction Of The Basic Costs of Living in San Diego

The Basic Costs of Living in San Diego. How much I spend on bills and expenses for two living in San Diego and I’m collapsing with a bunch of women from the debt-free community so stick around [Music] Hey what’s up guys it’s Justine with debt-free millennials the channel to help you crush your debt and live payment free if you are new to this channel we talk about all the ways to help you become debt-free and continue to live debt free so scroll down and hit that red subscribe button today I am collating with so many awesome people.

We all have just like you different personal expenses

We’ve got Sarah Wilson from the budget girl we’ve got Marissa Lyda we’ve got Lydia sen we’ve got Kristen stones from sense and purpose and kelly smith from freedom in a budget and I will link to all of their channels below so you can check out their videos and see how much they are spending in their part of the country.

Which I think is so incredible now this is not a true apple to apple comparison because we all have just like you different personal expenses I may prioritize something different than maybe something like Lydia or Marissa would however I think it’s still kind of fun just to see exactly how much we’re spending on basic things like rent or mortgage or groceries for example so I live in a two-bedroom two-bathroom apartment in San Diego about 1200 square feet and it’s just me and my husband and we are expecting.

Our first baby is in march so that will change things in the budget but I wanted to hop over to my budget spreadsheet and show you exactly what I’ve got going on nothing is hidden you’re going to see it let’s go so I’m using my budget tool kit this is a free budget spreadsheet that you can download I will link to in the description box below and kyle and I just had our year-end review for 2020 so if you’re interested in watching that video and just us talking about our expenses and income for the 2020 year.

How much does rent cost in San Diego

As well alright so what do you want to know obviously how much does rent cost in San Diego and our rent averaged about twenty-eight hundred dollars for the year yeah twenty-eight hundred dollars and did I mention I’m in a two-bedroom two-bathroom apartment now this is going to fluctuate across san Diego depending on what part of the city you live in and also what kind of amenities your rental has so our building has a lot of amenities it has a gym a pool a hot tub we even have secure storage there’s a whole bunch of perks.

That goes into living here which is why we’ve been here for over five years now and it’s 2 800 so yes very expensive one of the biggest expenses in our budget the next thing I wanted to highlight is our cell phone bill so our cell phone for two averaged around a hundred dollars per month so I don’t think this is highly unusual I think that’s pretty standard our internet is just sixty dollars a month and then our electricity bill is around eighty-four dollars per month and I think this is going to be a lot lower than someone.

Who might live in the midwest because we live in an area where it’s literally like 70 degrees every day so we’re never running our air and we always have the windows open so that makes using electricity next to nothing because we’re never turning on our air the next category I wanted to highlight here is groceries and toiletries now last year we averaged around 464 dollars in groceries and toiletries and I mainly shop at the Kroger locations here in San Diego that’s ralph’s typically and then I also shop at Costco now?

What I estimate for my grocery budget

I have in the past been using amazon fresh especially lately to have food delivery during the pandemic so it may increase a little bit but around 500 bucks a month is typically what I estimate for my grocery budget all right some of these next things like alcohol and whatnot that may not be in your budget it may not even be a separate line item but I did want to highlight.

How much I spend on car expenses so things like gas per month what we set aside for tags and registration oil changes and repairs and then also car insurance and all of my car-related expenses comes out to be 238 dollars for the month now granted a lot of this is also just setting aside the money for those car expenses so we may not always be paying 114 dollars per month for repairs but we’re setting aside that money and then using it to pay for things like battery replacements and oil changes okay.

I wanted to hop down to the fun section because this is going to vary drastically I mean we don’t need to be spending on all of these different categories but because we’re debt-free this is what we like to spend our fund money on and so you can pause the video and take a look at all the different categories that I have but I totaled it up and everything that we’re spending on fun or saving for fun comes out to be 1 629 so we save a lot for things like haircuts gifts apartment decor got its budget.

A savings account set up

That was a thing that my husband and I negotiated so that I could save up for something big and then once I had the money I could just go ahead and get that item so I did this with a set of dining room chairs that I found on love them and I saved a hundred bucks per month until I found the set that I wanted and then there you go that’s why we have that as a line item for example and then the rest of our income goes to savings so we pretty much do a 50 50 split between our monthly expenses.

What we’re actually spending and then what we’re saving for so we’re saving for things like a down payment a baby fund a second car investing you name it we most likely have a savings account set up for that particular savings goal all right so just doing a quick calculation here including what i have in my fixed category and the fun category because i think those are the things that.

We’re spending out of regularly month to month we are spending just over five thousand dollars so fifty five hundred dollars is what we’re spending to live here in san diego as a family of two almost three and i think it is doable one thing if you’re interested in living in san diego one piece of advice that i actually got from a neighbor of mine she said if you want to live in a place like san diego or chicago or miami or new york your income is going to rise to the occasion if you are genuinely happy in these big cities and you find that you just love the energy.