The 5 BEST Purchases I Have Ever Made In My Life

The 5 BEST Purchases I Have Ever Made In My Life
The 5 BEST Purchases I Have Ever Made In My Life

Introduction Of The 5 BEST Purchases I Have Ever Made In My Life

The 5 BEST Purchases I Have Ever Made In My Life. I recently told you which were the 5 worst purchases I have made in my life, and today I want to tell you which are the 5 best. Hello, my name is Juan Sebastian Celis Maya and my mission through this Channel is to help you achieve personal and financial success, becoming the best version of yourself. So if you are new around here, consider subscribing. My goal with this video is not necessarily to tell you “you have to buy these things”

They have the power to even pay us back the money

But, sometimes we realize that certain purchases end up being worth much more than we imagine. And they are a little specific, and perhaps a little strange (except that there is a category, which is not a single purchase but several), but they let us see that there are products or even sometimes services that are worthwhile and that they have the power to even pay us back the money we paid for them, many many times. And the best first purchase I’ve ever made in my life is this. An optical frame for vision glasses, because I have to use these RayBan brand reading glasses.

I’m not very adept at branding and paying a lot of money simply because something has a logo there, and that’s it. But before I got this pair of glasses, I just bought all kinds of cheap frames. I spoke about it precisely in the video regarding sunglasses, I like glasses and I always thought that cheaper was better and that I did not have one because I had to pay more, and everything. Well, after having spent a lot of money on many frames that simply were useless and damaged at a time, I bought these relatively expensive (we are talking about approximately 150 dollars, or about 450,000 Colombian pesos, or something like that.

I remember at that time ), but we are talking about more than 7 years and they are still like new, the hinges open and close perfectly, they are super comfortable, I do not realize all day that I am using them, and finally they help me to rest my vision, like this that this is a purchase that I really think was worth it, and I spent a lot more money than these cost me, initially only on cheap frames. So if I had bought these first, I would not have had to spend any more money and it would have been savings.

My second best buy is work equipment, let’s put it like this, expensive

Well, my second best buy is work equipment, let’s put it like this, expensive. We are talking about the fact that I love the Apple brand, many people criticize me for that, well, everyone will see who they criticize and for what reasons. But I have had iMac, I have had Macbook Pro, I have had Macbook Air, I have iPhone, I have all Apple products you can say, and people ask me why I prefer this brand if other products can do more or give more for less price.

So, I always tell you the story that I bought a Macbook Air, really my first Apple computer, 2,050,000 Colombian pesos. I don’t know how to convert right now, but more or less take into account the numbers if you are not Colombian, so you can see the proportion. I used it for 3 years and after 3 years, I took great care of it (it’s something I always do with my equipment), I sold it for 1,650,000 pesos. It means that ultimately the computer only cost me 400,000 pesos, to use for 3 years. I almost paid, to say the least, $ 400,000 to rent it for 3 years. And this is without counting the fact that that computer helped me to produce large amounts of money

because it was my main work tool, with which I used lots of programs, with which I managed advertising campaigns, edited videos, towards things at all times that help me produce. In other words, let’s not just count what the computer itself helped me produce, but let’s see how much it cost me. Because even at 2,050,000 pesos it would have been worth it since it generated much more than that. But it didn’t cost me even that, not even half, it cost me practically a quarter, and that level of depreciation is not found in computers from other brands, which are sometimes even very difficult to sell. And the same goes for other teams. Nowadays let’s say that I have the equipment, that in fact, I have insurance for them because they are too expensive to risk being lost or stolen at some point, or whatever.

The most that I have seen of depreciation in computers, for example, has been 30%

But the same continues to apply. The most that I have seen of depreciation in computers, for example, has been 30%. So ultimately, I may buy a computer for 12,000,000 pesos, or 4,000 dollars, but when I am going to sell it, I sell it for a price that is approximately 70%, 80% of what I paid. How much does it end up costing me?

That’s what I mean by that they are expensive equipment, so they are good purchases because they not only help me generate money, in other words, they are investments, and I don’t know why but Apple software helps me to be too much efficient and productive, as Windows never helped me specifically, much less Linux because I tried it too. But beyond that, the price ends up being something that, and especially the resale price, ends up being something that changes things positively for me, and whenever I buy a computer I buy it thinking about selling it later, and therefore I take care of it as much as possible and I get the most out of it.

The same has happened to me with cameras and lenses. I have bought used lenses that I have later been able to sell, a year later, a year and a half later, for the same price that I paid for them. In essence, I have had a free lens, without any problem. And if not, in the worst case the depreciation is too little for all the benefits that it offers me. The camera, for example, the first camera that Sony had, was an A7SII that I bought for 6,800,000 pesos and sold for 6,500,000 pesos a year and a half later.

How can you tell me that this is not a very good financial decision? Since it ended up costing me 300,000 pesos, and it helped me produce lots of videos for my YouTube Channel and other projects, which ultimately made me money. Ok, well, for that part already. Number 3 in the book The Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind. Although this has not been in my case the most influential book, the one that has transformed me the most, perhaps the one that has helped me the most to grow.

The first, it was the one that prompted me to want to learn more

It was the first one I read in terms of personal finances and the vision as such of rich and successful people, regarding money and how this compares with the views of the poor. As it was the first, it was the one that prompted me to want to learn more, to develop myself, to grow as a person, to study more, to educate myself financially. And the book at that time cost me like $ 10, or something like that, used by the way. So maybe the learnings that I got from there, or in principle the initial boost that.

I got, really multiplied many times in financial value, in monetary value. And it was an incredible investment. Whoever can borrow it, for example, at no cost; the return on investment is practically infinite. There have been many other books, if you are interested in me making a video regarding the recommended books, those that have helped me personally, and those that I think can help you, leave me a comment on the part of under.

I think that a very good book is a great investment, and financial education in general because sometimes we simply spend a lot of time believing that we know how to do things, believing that we are doing our best, and sometimes some people have traveled a certain path. that they can teach us a lot, and that they can tell us what mistakes not to make, what things we should expect along the way, what things we are perhaps doing wrong according to the way it has worked for them, and give us new perspectives. Even the whole book may not be an explosive bomb of tips, tricks, pearls of knowledge, and all this, but even if there is a single phrase.

What is the cost-benefit. Normally the cost-benefit of insurance is very well balanced

that leaves you thinking, that helps you make better decisions, that changes your mind. life, with that it is worth it. Number 4, insurance. Many people don’t like insurance because they don’t see the ability to charge for it to come true. There are also many insurers and this is true, that they do everything possible to prevent you from charging, and they put all kinds of obstacles. For example, I knew a friend who had cell phone theft insurance in which they did not pay him unless he arrived with the physical marks that he was robbed with violence.

So clearly you have to inform yourself very well before purchasing insurance what are the coverages, what are the exceptions and what I can adhere to as such with the insurance, what is the cost-benefit. Normally the cost-benefit of insurance is very well balanced so that the insurer does not lose in general because they invest the money and so on (well, that is another very different issue). But in my case, for example, I once bought a set of 4 tires for my car, and it came with insurance that covered a blown tire by accident.

So, I said “really the possibility of me being in an accident and having to pay for my tires, assuming that I have the all-risk policy of the car to cover everything else because it is very low”, but the insurance was worth 5 dollars, or 15,000 Colombian pesos approximately, for the 4 tires, and it covered the full value of all. We are talking about the tires costing about 350,000 pesos or about 100 dollars.