The 4×1000 In Colombia – Everything You Need To Know

The 4x1000 In Colombia - Everything You Need To Know
The 4x1000 In Colombia - Everything You Need To Know

Introduction of The 4×1000 In Colombia – Everything You Need To Know

The 4×1000 In Colombia – Everything You Need To Know. finance follow me In my personal Instagram arroba sebas he is originally the tax was established on November 16, 1998, as 2 per thousand as a way to support banks that were in crisis in Colombia, let’s say with the excuse that if the bank is stable in the country because the users and the people and that of the people is also stable at an economic level in other words if the banks fail because the people and n the one that is affected therefore through this mechanism of collecting a tax of 2 per thousand and.

We are going to see exactly how the thing is charged in which cases since all these contributions directly to the banks to help them recover however Well, really, the support for the banks did not last long and the tax, although it continued to be charged and was no longer paid as such to the banks and no longer contributes to the banks, it is no longer the banks that stay with it because the government He liked it a lot and he continued to receive it because it really is a very easy transparent, simple and direct way to receive a lot of money which they will not let go so easily.

This is the reason why there have been several attempts to gradually disassemble it and reduce it and I do not know what else and they have never removed it in fact a short time later it rose from two per thousand to three per thousand and after three per thousand to four per thousand but many people wonder how well That four per thousand this is a very similar way of saying for example when you say 4 percent is 4 per 100 and 4 per thousand is 4 per 1000 obviously that is to say that 4 per 1,000 is being 0.4 percent if.

generates a lot of confusion

We speak for example of 100 thousand pesos we are talking about 400 pesos or if we are talking about a million pesos we are talking about 4000 pesos these are the cases in which 4 per thousand is charged this generates a lot of confusion in people and I want to try To explain it in the simplest way possible so that you understand and know exactly the situations in which you could be subject to being charged this tax as such, it turns out that for savings accounts the government gave the benefit or exemption that Only traditional savings account per natural or legal person.

That is, per normal person or company, as it could have an exemption, that is, no charge of 4 per thousand but of course they always put limits in this case the limit is 350 v 3 units of tax value the web of each year as it is defined it determines what its value per job for 2021 is at 31 thousand 36 thousand 308 pesos if I am not mistaken with which we are talking about the limit for a Normal traditional savings account of any bank and being exempt from four per thousand is approximately twelve million seven hundred now what do.

We mean that the account is exempt up to twelve million 707 thousand and something because simply that everything that implies money outflows from the account by cash withdrawals for transfers to other accounts for payments through ps or payment of credits payment of credit cards for the web or any other product that is to say that you have x money in the account and any amount of money comes out by any mechanism by any means because of those departures during the first 12 million 707 thousand 800.

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30 million pesos in a savings account

Because they are simply free of the 4 per month and you go over 12 million 707 1,800 pesos in money withdrawals, that money is charged from there 4 per thousand, that is, if you take out instead of 22 million 707 thousand 80, you take out 12 million 807 thousand 800 in other words, 100 thousand pesos are higher. They are going to charge you the 400 pesos that I had made you four pesos for every thousand of those 100 thousand that go in excess, then as an example let’s say that you have 30 million pesos in a savings account and in a month you get 20 million pesos the first 12 million 707 thousand 800 pesos are exempt from 4 per thousand assuming.

That this account is marked as excel the other 7 million 292 thousand 200 are subject to 4 per thousand so the way to calculate it is very simple we multiply that value by 4 and We divide the result by a thousand and that will give us the amount that they are going to charge us from four per thousand that in this to 29,000 168.8 pesos, that is to say, that of the 30 million that we had we took out 20 and we do not have 10 left but we have 9 million and pieces subtracting the 4 per thousand that is charged and in fact.

If the amount to be withdrawn plus the 4 per thousand exceeds that available in the savings account the transaction is rejected but surely you with other accounts such as the one with the team, the age, and silver that Everything does not have this tax or apparently it does not, the reality is that these accounts have several various limit amounts of which because sometimes it is difficult to understand how this really works, they are called simplified paperwork savings accounts without reaching that you can open them by Internet behind an application and the whole thing then is.

withdrawn in the form of transfer payments

That these accounts have a limit of 65 toys or in other words 2,360,000 20 pesos for the year 2021 it works the same as traditional savings accounts, whatever amount is withdrawn that is withdrawn in the form of transfer payments or whatever is above that value of 65 20 because it will be subject to 4 per thousand an amount that we see is approximate 7 million and pieces because the amount is the limit, that is to say, pretend that it is a 2-liter jar of water that we cannot add more than two liters of water because.

It is already full, instead of the traditional savings accounts simply do not have a limit on the amount of money that another house is going to deposit in which 4 per thousand is charged is when you pay your credit card more than you owe suppose that you have a credit card with a capacity of 2 million Let’s say that the debt is 2 million pesos for saying something and you pay two million one hundred thousand in total but those two million covered the debt and would have left.

It perfectly assaulted you spent 100 thousand pesos, in other words, the 10 thousand pesos came as a balance to In favor of the card in this case the government charges ahead through the new bank mechanism 4 per thousand of those 100 thousand pesos in this case 400 pesos leaving 99 thousand 600 pesos available that are paid They would automatically apply to any subsequent purchase that you made on your card and it does not happen that the quota of the card increases with many people we would like.

credit is deposited to be disbursed

It to work and how does another case in which four per thousand is charged is when credit is disbursed to a Third, for example, that you ask for a free investment loan but that the bank requests the bank to deposit it to the account of a friend or relative, let’s say that you should have a template if it were to be paid or that, for example, you are going to buy a car and then you have a vehicle credit but this credit is deposited to be disbursed to an account, let’s say, of the dealer that sells you the kart as.

It is a third party and it is not an account in your name, they charge you four per thousand of the full amount and 4 per thousand is also charged when you withdraw from an investment fund in cash directly at a bank office or when you do as an investment fund transfer. On your name to an account or investment fund that is not in your name but of a third party there they also charge you four per thousand of the amount of that transfer or withdraw money I think that in case.

investment fund and an account whatever

It was not clear all the accounts currents charge four per thousand for all money outflow movements, yes or yes there is no way to have the excellent one now let’s talk about when they do not charge you 4 per thousand one of the cases is when you have two products from the same bank let’s say you can be two savings accounts or two checking accounts or a current ration account to an investment fund and an account whatever if it is from the same entity and both products are in your name, that is, from the same owner, transfer between them, then really

It is not going to charge four per thousand, the only thing that must be taken into account is really the previous conditions and the limits really of the 350 vt that its already different, this applies for example if you have An account in your bank that is not marked as exempt four per thousand to an investment fund of the same bank .