The 2-Day Rule To Accelerate Your Progress To Financial Success

The 2-Day Rule To Accelerate Your Progress To Financial Success
The 2-Day Rule To Accelerate Your Progress To Financial Success

Introduction Of The 2-Day Rule To Accelerate Your Progress To Financial Success

The 2-Day Rule To Accelerate Your Progress To Financial Success. However, not all people focus on working on their goals every day. And that’s really at tea time, that’s fine because we should finally have moments of rest. What happens is that as human beings we always have a natural tendency in terms of habits and customs to function in an inertial way.

​​The 2-Day Rule Comes From

That is if we do not have a habit it is very difficult to start having it, and if we already have it it is relatively difficult to put it aside (hence the bad habits). This is exactly the cause of the post-vacation syndrome.

The moment we get used to being resting and enjoying life, and we have to go back to our work, our boring routine It will be very difficult to convince our minds to achieve something like that.

And on a smaller scale, practically when we start a new habit or acquire a new set of activities that we know or that we consider will bring us closer to our goals, at least unexpected or unforeseen situations can arise that make us put this aside.

Habit or this activity for several days. Sometimes just a weekend with a holiday is enough so that for 3 days we are not doing anything productive.

The 2-Day Rule Comes From

But then, according to studies, practically when a habit is abandoned for 3 or more days, it is more difficult to return to it. And this is where the idea of ​​The 2-Day Rule comes from.

This is a rule popularized among other people, by author Matt D’Avella. It consists in that simply when you consider doing something consistently, do not stop doing it for more than 2 days in a row.

And the best thing is that this works for any activity, for example for exercise, for healthy eating, for financial education, for productivity if you are trying to start your own business. How much knowledge or studies we have, does not depend on the good ideas.

Consistent Daily Progress

Or for anything that requires your focus and in which you ideally should have consistent daily progress. Because it is that, if we are sincere, the reality is that personal success often does not depend on how much knowledge or studies we have, it does not depend on the good ideas that come to our mind but sometimes we see people.

Suddenly They are not even that well qualified but they are so disciplined, they are so persistent and every day they put in an effort, that ultimately achieving results practically becomes a matter of time.

We are talking about things like researching a niche market to create a new business or a new line of products in the business that you already have at the moment. Or for example, educate yourself financially, study new ways to earn more money, and new ways to generate income even from your home.

Or the time you spend creating strategic contacts, establishing close relationships with people who are key to your personal and professional growth, and in what way you can also contribute to them.

Consistent Daily Progress

Even the habit of tracking your income and expenses by writing them down on a sheet of paper, in Excel, in an application on your cell phone, is something that many people stop doing one day, two days, or three days and forgot it completely, and suddenly six months passed and they haven’t done it since.

For example, when people ask me what skills I should acquire precisely to expand my possibilities of generating more abundance. And sometimes I don’t even know what to know, and so this is where learning goals come in.

The Rule Precisely Of The 2 Days

Before I have specific goals about a result that I want to achieve, if I do not even know how to approach that result and I do not even know what skills I need to precisely approach that result, then I must spend some time doing research or analysis or learning about what things I need to acquire, what skills I need to master.

And basically, this is something that takes time. Many people just spend it week after week, month after month, saying “but I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what business to create, I don’t know what to invest in, I don’t know what decision to make.

” And likewise, not only months but also years and perhaps decades may pass in their lives, where they simply never took action.

This is corrected if I start from scratch with a clear objective and goal, even dedicating time to determine what I want to do in my life, what things can serve me, and even how other people are achieving this result.

And here it works wonders to apply the Rule precisely of the 2 days because it is something that I am missing at this moment. You Can Also Read 5 Skills You Need To Perfect To Create WEALTH.

I should carry it out with consistency. Know that it doesn’t have to be every day because eventually, I’m going to be exhausted from doing the same thing over and over again, but while I can take breaks, they can be 1 or 2 days maximum, and not give up at any time. Read To Sucess The 2-Day Rule To Accelerate Your Progress To Financial Success.

Use The 2-Day Rule

You can even carry out a written record of the different habits or things with which you want to have that consistency and follow the rule so that you can carry out that follow-up.

There are many skills and activities that if I carry out consistently through practice, I will improve until I perfect them. And only when I have perfected them do they come naturally and easily to me. Otherwise, this is where.

I can use the 2-Day Rule, making sure that at the moment when for some reason I really cannot carry out that activity or I am not working, or I want to take Saturday and Sunday to rest, know that there cannot be the third day without me at least doing the activity.

For example, exercise If we talk about an exercise that is something you can invest in yourself since you will have more vitality, more energy, and more courage to be more productive. If you are going to exercise during the week, don’t let two days go by without doing it. And many other things. Now, this does not mean.

That there are no situations in which suddenly 3 or 4 days pass due to force majeure because one gets sick or something else. It is practically impossible for a person to simply comply with this rule fully for years without ever failing, but it is about aiming for the most optimal performance possible and knowing that perhaps having clear compliance and discipline mechanism of their own, which is aimed at our own goals and desires, it may be much easier to be consistent and disciplined, without having to think about many things.

Financial Freedom

Just something simple You can not go more than 2 days without me doing the things that will lead me to achieve the success I want. This is something that you define for yourself and yourself, and that can be part of your path to the success and abundance you desire.

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Not to achieve it overnight, or to earn millions with just one click, nor is it one of those proposals in which you only have to bring two friends who invest an amount of money, far from it On the contrary, it is about financial education, learning to handle money well, knowing how to think consciously and eliminating the negative subconscious patterns that society has implanted in us.

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