Small Habits That Save You Money In The Long-Run

Small Habits That Save You Money In The Long-Run
Small Habits That Save You Money In The Long-Run

Introduction Of Small Habits That Save You Money In The Long-Run

Small Habits That Save You Money In The Long-Run. Let’s go ahead and get into the first tip okay so this first tip for you or the first small habit is to look for items that can be reused versus single-use items so what I mean by that is using towels or washcloths microfiber towels instead of paper towels or using plastic or glass food storage containers versus the plastic baggies now I have to be honest with you I use both but I try to stick with my microfiber towels.

It can be hard to get away from using paper towels or plastic

When I’m wiping down the kitchen counters or I’ll use the glass storage food containers to put my leftovers in as much as possible now I know in some instances it’s it can be hard to get away from using paper towels or plastic baggies but as long as you are mindful and being aware of like okay I’m using a plastic bag today think about how you could use something that you can reuse in the future the second habit is coupons now I know what you’re thinking you’re like god I don’t want to be clipping out coupons every single time.

You can do that and I’ve seen people work this system in their favor because then they can use these coupons and stock up on things like toilet paper toothpaste or non-perishable food items for me personally I used to do paper coupons all the time but then I found the fetch rewards app you can take your grocery receipt scan it uploads it into the app and then it gives you points for your grocery receipt and what you bought and then you can take those points and turn them into gift cards to places like target amazon marshalls Starbucks you name.

They have a ton of retailers listed within the app and that has saved me so much money because instead of clipping those coupons they’re giving you points for specific items that you bought you can sign up using my affiliate link below and then use my code to get your first few points for free and scan your grocery receipt done this is a very easy way to save money and it’s a small habit the third habit for you is to use water filters or water pitchers instead of bottled water so I know during the pandemic everybody was stocking up on these bottled waters.

A lot of people are fans of the Brita water filter

However, you can use a water pitcher and start filling up your reusable water bottles and sticking them in the fridge as well so we have a zero water pitcher we’ve had it for several years we just buy filters online I know a lot of people are fans of the Brita water filter whatever works best for you use it this has saved us so much money and saving the planet too I think that’s more important so maybe bottled water isn’t that expensive but you are reducing the amount of plastic that you are putting into this world and we need to be mindful of that.

So use water filters or pitchers instead of the bottled water fourth small habit is to shop your pantry instead of going to the grocery store so what you’re going to do before you go to the grocery store before you put in your amazon fresh orders you’re going to go through your pantry and see exactly what you have in stock and you’re going to play your version of cutthroat kitchen okay now I did this I still do this but I can remember doing this very specifically in my very first apartment after.


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I moved out of my parent’s house and I was like what can I do with uh mustard and chicken breast and salad dressing and my cousin were like you mix that up and you make yourself a little marinade for that chicken breast and you roast that in the oven I was like incredible the things that I can do so now I’ve been doing this the past couple of weeks of just going through and seeing, okay I have this plain chicken breast which I do like chicken but I’m like what do I do with it and so I take that and I’m like okay.

How can I pair this with a vegetable?

How can I pair this with a vegetable quinoa rice or make my honey mustard with yellow mustard and honey yes got the perfect dinner so shop your pantry first shop your freezer first before you put in that grocery store order or head out to your local Krogers my fifth small habit for you eating leftovers instead of buying lunch during the week now I know some people are not fans of leftovers and my answer to that is to make meals in which you want to eat the leftovers like making something really good that you are going to look forward to the next day when I was paying off 35 000 in student loan debt I would take hot lunches with me to work because.

I knew hot lunches would get me more excited to eat versus a salad or something like a cold cut sandwich I was much more into things like oh I can’t wait to heat the noodle casserole that I made last night and thinking about those types of things so eating the leftovers before you do the lunch on the go is going to save you money in the long run in fact if you like eating out if that’s your jam that’s totally okay designate a day where you have lunch where you order out maybe Fridays are the days that you say you know.

It’s a great way to save money in the long run habit

What I am going to go order chipotle or whatever do that on a Friday and then Monday through Thursday you are bringing leftovers to work or you are eating leftovers at home it’s a great way to save money in the long run habit number six is to do your home repairs instead of hiring somebody now I realize that with some home repairs you just can’t mess with on your own but there are smaller things that you could do around the house that could save you a lot of money so, for example, my best friend and her husband had their dryer.

I think was their dryer had gone out and there was a specific part that they needed and so they ended up looking up how to repair it they figured out what was wrong with the dryer and then they basically youtubed how to do this repair ordered their part themselves and then did the repair themselves saving them so much money in time by getting a technician or repairman out to their home and charging them extra for their labor and parts this is a great way to save a lot of money.