Planning for So Many Things It’s Getting Crazy

Planning for So Many Things It's Getting Crazy
Planning for So Many Things It's Getting Crazy

Introduction of Planning for So Many Things It’s Getting Crazy

Planning for So Many Things It’s Getting Crazy. This article just so I could get all those fall vibes so that means we are entering into a new month we are entering into October so I am going to be filling out my budget forecaster template and I’m going to be putting a spot for my income and expenses to tell my money exactly what to do if you want to follow along with me as I fill this out you can do so using the budget forecaster template which you can get inside of my how to control your spending workbook.

I will drop that in the description box below if you’re interested okay so let’s get into it hey what’s up guys it’s Justine with debt-free to help you crush your debt and live payment free l I talk about all the ways to live debt-free to crush your debt and that number one tool that helped me get out of my own personal student loan debt of 35 000 was my budget so it’s crucial to fill that out before starting a new month so that you have a plan going into the month for your income and expenses so I do that through my budget forecaster template and.

We’re gonna head over to my kitchen table and fill this out together so let’s go October is one of my favorite months maybe it’s because my birthday falls in October but also the weather is just so awesome and pumpkin spice lattes and harry potter movies and Halloween is so fun so income-wise we’re still at ten thousand dollars a month and this could change because kyle messed up one of his paychecks from September and I have a feeling it might be paid out in October so we very well could get more than 10k but let’s just go ahead and plan on what we know and then we can fill out the rest of our budget so I think I mentioned this last time but I do have a debt payments section for you to fill out.

we’ve been debt-free for all of our marriage

If you still have debt that you’re working on we’ve been debt-free for all of our marriage and so we don’t use this column so I think I’m wondering if you guys want to see a version of the forecaster template without the debt payments I think a few of you said yes but um let’s go ahead and just write debt-free okay and then I’ve got the rest of the categories broken down fixed fun fudge in future the four f’s of any major budget you don’t even have to fill out all the teeny tiny micro categories if that’s not your gm if your jam is just to put you know three thousand dollars towards fix a thousand dollars towards fun what however you want to break it up that’s totally acceptable you can do that with your budget.

I.m actually going to hop down here to what’s happening this month and this month’s focus because this stuff has dramatically changed from September and august so we have a lot of birthdays in October including the mine’s on the 13th yes October 13th is so fun so we have one two three four five then we have five birthdays in our immediate family happen in October I don’t know Libras are just showing up in kyle and i’s family but uh we have a lot of birthdays which means.

We’re probably going to be pulling money out of our gifts budget which we’ve set up a sinking fund for and then our focus for this month is also going to be changing because we are having a baby still feels kind of weird to say but we are getting ready to have a baby in march and so that has changed some of our focus away from really building up that down payment and the jeep ring wrangler fun and also saving for baby so I’m going to split this into three so yeah we still want to save for the down payment however knowing my due date and our lease end date and how they coincide they’re like within a month apart.

more in the jeep fund than not enough and then starting to save for baby that

I’m like there’s no way I’m moving out and having a kid within a month just not happening we’re also going to take some money away from the down payment and put more towards the second car because we only have one car and so with the baby on the way we’re thinking our need for a second car may come up quickly but we’ll see because we’re both working from home right now and maybe we won’t need the second car but it’s always helpful to have more in the jeep fund than not enough and then starting to save for baby that’s.

What’s going to happen all right so I’m going to jump back up to the fixed category and start filling this out okay so the fixed category is filled out everything has pretty much stayed the same from last month except I lowered alcohol to 100 bucks from 125 and honestly I feel like it should be a lot lower than that because spoiler alert I’m not drinking only kyle’s drinking and I think we have plenty of alcohol that he can go through and have for friends and then also our memberships changed from about 60 61 to 66 that’s because.

We decided to purchase CBS all access is so that I can watch the chiefs games uninterrupted I’m not trying to Reddit stream and hook my laptop up to my computer and find a link and all that I just want it to work so that has helped us tremendously in the past two games and then we also get access to 60 minutes am I old for like 60 minutes I actually have really good stories so anyway this is fixed now we are going to move to the fun portion and I’m going to go ahead and fill that up okay fun is filled out and you’ll notice a change here is shopping is now lumped in with baby and I did that because I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to be buying for the baby I’m still kind of in research mode and trying to figure out.

I increased this from 350 to 400 from last month and then everything else

What are the things that I really really want to spend money on and what are some things I can pass so I increased this from 350 to 400 from last month and then everything else has stayed the same so I’m mindful that I want to spend money on baby supplies and also I could put a lot of baby supplies on our baby registry which I have yet to figure out so if you have good resources on how to build baby registry lists, by all means, drop them in the comments okay then fudge is always my smallest category I only put ten dollars in fudge because?

I have a sinking fund kind of built up of a hundred bucks as a cushion in case I go overboard I can just pull money from the fudge account and cover any of these other expenses or if something that I purchase doesn’t have a home like one time kyle and I renewed our driver’s license we’re like where does this come out of came out of our fudge reserves all right last but not least future let’s go ahead and fill that out okay so the biggest change from the past couple of months is we’ve decreased the amount we’re putting towards our down payment before we were putting three thousand dollars per month and I’m like yeah that’s a lot of money.

We’ve decreased that because we’re moving some of that contribution amount towards the jeep and before we had talked about having a jeep wrangler as our debt-free dream car and now we’re just like don’t know if that’s practical for a baby so we’re thinking about a jeep grand Cherokee which kyle used to have right when we got married and he loved his grand Cherokees so I really like them too so I could see us getting a used one and I think it might be time to just boost that savings we were saving around 750 dollars and now we’ve like more than doubled that and then my car expenses which include any car maintenance and then also my tags and registration fees my insurance includes car insurance renters insurance and jewelers insurance so we save 82 dollars a month for those three insurance items.

And then investments this includes things like betterment robin hood

And then investments this includes things like betterment robin hood my Roth ira any kind of outside investing is 429 dollars so let’s add up all of the expenses all the savings and make sure that we did a zero-based budget okay so expenses monthly expenses comes out to be close to 54 of our take-home I forgot to add down here for fun you’ll see I’m not contributing to fun or kyle’s clothing that’s because we have sinking funds for both that are well stocked we have over a thousand dollars in fun and kyle’s been mainly tapping into that for his golf outings and then his clothing budget his sinking fund has over six hundred dollars in it so.

I’m like we don’t need to be spending extra money in that area I did give myself a hundred dollars because I’m in the market for a new winter coat and maternity pants I need some pants that fit me now all right so then we’re going to add up all the future savings and see what we come up with 4638 is how much we are setting aside in savings so nearly so over 46 is going towards savings and if we add the 53 62 we get a net of zero which is exactly what we wanted in that my friends are our October budget on a 10 000 income all right so some big changes for October.

We are switching things up with the down payment and the jeep and also we’re starting to put a little bit more money towards baby supplies this is going to be different and so many birthdays for October including mine my sisters my brother-in-law’s my father-in-law’s October is such a fun month don’t forget if you want to get the budget forecaster template you can get that in the how to control your spending workbook it’s got over 50 pages of activities.