My Opinion On Omega Pro And Other Similar Opportunities

My Opinion On Omega Pro And Other Similar Opportunities
My Opinion On Omega Pro And Other Similar Opportunities

Introduction Of My Opinion On Omega Pro And Other Similar Opportunities

My Opinion On Omega Pro And Other Similar Opportunities. A real traditional investment you can invest a thousand dollars and in one year return It is a 10 percent effective annual which is relatively normal possible and sometimes it is something high considered in profitability. So give that person a say but I wait a year to invest a thousand dollars and barely have a profit of 100 dollars because I could earn that by being light working or doing other things and this is people who do not know.

How to differentiate passive income from active income

How to differentiate passive income from active income who do not understands the concept of compound interest and does not understand how value is generated over time, so people who do understand this immediately when they analyze that of 200 percent of the return in 16 months that is, in a year and a third of a year, then As when we see this profitability it is approximately 68 percent annual cash, that is to say, that after 16 months you receive double what you invested, therefore as.

Who says in the first year you already received 68% in the theory of what was invested outside of the capital and approximately 68 percent is almost impossible to sustain in the long term some companies have grown much more than basically and cryptocurrency investment assets and many other things that if during a year they have produced 500 percent of effective annual profitability or whatever but one thing is that they do it once twice or three times a certain period again that they can sustain it in the long term, leaving as such at the beginning analyzing.

The omega company but you do not have to analyze many things to start noticing certain alarms or signals as not so ideal the first thing is that at the beginning they had an address in the Andres that in which in that same address there were lots of companies and when your look at the directories and in the official pages as such of the London records did not appear.

Which has very little regulation and no supervision bank

A mega proposes anywhere yet they said that that was their address later the address to they changed to one of saint vincent and the grenadines which a tax haven which has very little regulation and no supervision bank as to verify what are the movements that are made with the money that the company receives and because this has happened many times with other companies that have ultimately ended up making a Ponzi scheme a Ponzi scheme and it is similar to the topic of my pyramid scheme.


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Where you simply pay other people with the money of the people who enter and in reality there is no generation of value and the grace is to accumulate as many people who invest the money as possible until eventually the thing bursts and the person who owns the scheme because it simply runs away with all the money from various countries and experts on the subject have generated and issued alerts regarding what or mega but could make a Ponzi scheme because they do not say simply come pressure burns possible.

As a mere person, this fails because many times it is very difficult to know the mechanisms, mathematics, and the whole thing that exists behind because usually, they try to disguise it through multilevel network marketing the binary whatever it is because precisely this is one of the mechanisms that they are using where you have to bring people who invest because you do not have to bring but others People give you 7% commission on.

They motivate and inspire you to be the leader

What they invest in a compensation plan and well, they motivate and inspire you to be the leader and link other people to also generate that financial freedom that we all want by giving them extra money the national commission of the stock market of Spain issued an alert indicating that a mega but is not authorized to provide the investment services that it also provides as network marketing there is no main thing that is key in marketing businesses in a traditional network.

That are not a scam and is a product to sell that normal consumers is that they are not sold res that are not investors that are not partners or entrepreneurs who oppose the company because they can consume and buy and acquire really common and current as different products that can be had the beauty of the famous coffees or other things that ultimately does.

That the company is truly simply despite the fact that it has a compensation and commissions mechanism and the whole issue of binary or multilevel or whatever it is, well, if it generates value through the products that they see, then omega but it does not have any of that. that it offers according to that because it is simply that you put money with them and they invest it in trading through artificial intelligence systems and intelligent algorithms that identify the best opportunities to buy and sell assets in the stock market and whatever and currencies and who knows.

Its algorithm finds the best 30

What else and well according to the reports and the reports that they show they have the goose that lays the golden eggs because its algorithm finds the best 30 to do and because basically, they manage to be more efficient than even the best traders in the world who even many times like for example Warren Buffett have lost incredible amounts of money due to behavior of the market, in other words, they are promising that basically, that algorithm is like who says 10 times better than the best traders that exist now think very well.

If they were even if that were true we already know that that is probably not true but even if it were true you think that they would be asking people for money to invest with them so that for philanthropy to help contribute to their algorithm doing it but they lend it to many people and they can amplify their money because it will be that this underlying reason why it does and this is where many people go looking but what p Asa is that you are investing money in omega pro and I have already made a profit.

Who have received money from a company like these

They have already paid me and when we are going to verify if indeed there are already people who have received money from a company like these, even many others that arise at all times what is happening which is precisely one of the fundamental keys for a scam through a Ponzi scheme or similar to work and that is that there are people who obtain benefits from investing by putting their money there because both on the one hand because.

Those people serve as evangelists and they are going to talk to Everyone is very good at the company and they are going to show their results, they are free testimonials that attract a lot of people like those same people, which they end up doing in the vast majority of them, investing their money again because they already saw that it works then it is one is a hoax and there is a false illusion of earnings where you really say ready let’s put a thousand dollars to see what happens If it turns out that it doubles them, because I am the man, I have already earned a thousand dollars, I’m going to put in these two thousand.