How To Remove The Management Fee From The Savings Account

How To Remove The Management Fee From The Savings Account
How To Remove The Management Fee From The Savings Account

Introduction Of How To Remove The Management Fee From The Savings Account

How To Remove The Management Fee From The Savings Account. The day I want to show you how you can permanently remove the quota of management of your savings account the cash and all the thing but for example, your savings account even if it blocks the card debit continues to work to make transfers to other accounts for pay by psc if you have a credit card to make payments fully credit from the savings account with the application or with the virtual branch and many other things simply is the fact that the handling fee is for the debit card not for the account of savings this is something.

We spent that It is not like some kind of trick as the argument stops working

That not even many van Colombia advisers know and If you are already going to ask, it is most likely that they will tell you that it cannot be this is a trick that has really been working for a long time and we spent that It is not like some kind of trick as the argument stops working and already because what van Colombia really does is the charge to be able to pay its fees that you have in agreement with a teacher or even more recently regarding the use of your debit cards then basically you have the following benefits the first thing you can permanently eliminate the count so then you will save money whether you pay six thousand pesos. Read More How To Remove The Management Fee From The Savings Account.

The minimum because the quotas the cheapest accounts have or even that I pay the 12 thousand and 13 thousand pesos that are the most expensive this completely remove and makes you really have maybe a little more than capital availability but is that really unfair that if you are giving them your money and your savings so that they drive and they work it because how are you going to pay it monthly is something that personally I consider that it does not make sense something good is also that you can continue withdrawing by cash machine that is, you are not going to stay without this option because clearly, it would be crazy then obviously to continue using your savings account for whatever you want and all you have to do is to forget about the debit card that I practically never used and I only used it when.

I was going to withdraw the cash together at the ATM but not even for that then anyway why pay one monthly payment for something that did not use this strategy is especially useful for those people who use the credit card to buy some fee to earn the points because we do not need the debit card as a means of payment we have the credit card for that and we can pay the credit card with the savings account from the application without any problem and of course at some point you do not see that this strategy It is for you that it is working for you or you feel the need to take to stop the debit card because any way you have it has some restrictions of these strategies.

What if these restrictions because you simply do not see

But let’s mention what if these restrictions because you simply do not see that you can not with them because you can go to the office and request another Vic card and they will charge you again the driving fee you have again of the middle driving and some restrictions are or in other words, this strategy is not for you if you need to withdraw more of 2 million 360 thousand pesos per month because the other restriction to the Another condition is that you have to have savings on hand or that some of these two simplified savings accounts that are exempt of four per thousand only up to 65 vt that for now in the year 2021 we are speaking of 2 million 360 thousand 20 pesos then.

If you need to withdraw more than two million three hundred sixty a month in cash well, no way because you are going to have to pay four per thousand for the surplus so soon I don’t have much sense and take those you have to know the fact that having savings on hand or as a team has its limits there are limits as to how much can be transferred to these accounts how much you can have maximum in these accounts and others go things you should go look at the kind of like they are because they may change in any time if I say a value here and then my fashion changes then Well, just keep in mind that as such and savings at hand because.


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They are the ones that we can transfer at no cost from van Colombia because we could adapt the dish to any other but then we will have an interbank transfer cost naturally then use these two as it implies the fact that it is ready, we save the transfer to be able to withdraw by ATM even without a card with the number they give us success but who knows if in front of the moment there for example now the hand I understand that you have the limit of 700 thousand per transfer I do not know if daily or something like that but you have to take it into account so how to do it structurally very simple you do not go through the app you have to go to the virtual branch.

We go on a computer or even on a cell phone you

But then do it and we go on a computer or even on a cell phone you simply enter the page of the van Colombia dotcom group you go to the part of virtual branch log in common and current with the fon the key in touching the numbers than from the keyboard and then when you are already as such in your account you go to the security option then where it says card lock choose to block permanently then the next screen simply you choose the debit card you make sure it says debit probably master closer depending on the one you have to continue and simply click on the block and that’s all you need to do from there because already.

You do not have as such the means of handling by which the handling fee is charged your statements will continue to arrive simply 5 that charge and simply you will not they will deduct this cost as such monthly so they no longer have the possibility of using your debit card if you block it permanently then you practically have to cut it because it will no longer work it is useless and the moment you need to withdraw what you do is transfer in Xs or savings on hand in the amount and go to withdraw by ATM from those accounts then with the way to withdraw that naturally have the code those digits or whatever then Let’s say that in my case.

I am a person who withdraws very little money in cash because I use my credit card for everything paying a fee without interest-earning me the points of taking advantage of the benefits that the bank then why use the debit card if the task decree It works the same and also gives me benefits and gives me points clearly I do not get into debt, I do not pay in installments, I do not pay interest, so it works for me much better this strategy does not work for the credit card because if you permanently block the credit that simply issues you in another new plastic they charge you for the plastic and you come back and stay with one Active card after a few days that.

You will continue to charge a handling fee for as such to exempt credit

You will continue to charge a handling fee for as such to exempt credit card handling fee especially with Bancolombia that is so complicated, there are other strategies if you want a count for one you say in the comments and probably make another video at respect many times it is about being intelligent in the fact of being able to get the most out of financial products sometimes people see like stingy people for wanting to save a thousand pesos well, two thousand pesos a month in a handling fee but every weight really counts and if we do this on this side and through the internet we also save a part with the cell phone we save a part when we market the savings not part of suddenly. Recharge That How To Remove The Management Fee From The Savings Account.

We have the possibility to even save money or invest thinking about our future and every detail even if it seems insignificant it can become an ant expense and personally I believe that managing the savings account because it is an ant expense that we should eliminate whether we look for savings account in another bank other than bancolombia or that those of us who need to use bancolombia for the convenience or for whom to know what reason then that we have the possibility precisely remove this these knowledge and these things are totally changeable and it is worth it that you educate yourself financially regarding the best management of this as well as the best decision-making management with your money how to manage it and how to make it grow and that is something that interests you.

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