How Much I Made in One Year Running an Online Business In 2021

How Much I Made in One Year Running an Online Business In 2021
How Much I Made in One Year Running an Online Business In 2021

Introduction Of How Much I Made in One Year Running an Online Business In 2021

How Much I Made in One Year Running an Online Business In 2021. It’s been very incredible so I break up my income into four different revenue streams first one being affiliate marketing so any type of company that is promoting a product or service may have an affiliate program in which they provide you a custom link so that when you go out and promote or share information about that product or service and somebody signs up using your link you get a small commission in return for anybody.

I earn revenue is through digital products

Who signs up so anytime you see something that’s something that I’ve truly tested and used and personally can vouch for another way that I earn revenue is right here on youtube so I earn youtube ad revenue and I’ll get into why I think this is something that can’t be pursued it just sort of happens later on when I show you my charts so ad revenue is earned anytime one of you and you may have seen an ad before the video played during the video or after the video or sometimes even just.

A banner that appears while the is running so the more that you watch the more ads and revenue that I earned through the channel and I’m so thankful for your support it helps me continue doing what I do and making these the third way that I earn revenue is through digital products that I’ve created myself so I have three primary products the first one being the how to control your spending workbook which is always linked in the description box if you’re ever interested in checking it out. Like It How Much I Made in One Year Running an Online Business In 2021.

It has more than 50 pages of content to help you on your debt-free journey and learn some strategies that I’ve personally used to pay off thirty-five thousand dollars in debt the second product is budget boot camp that’s my one-on-one budget coaching program and I’ve got it set up as a three-month program where you and I work together privately on a zoom call go over your real budget set your financial goals and then I hold you accountable to those goals and we kind of make a plan of action month by month it’s super awesome I love the students who are inside a budget boot camp I always just get re-energized.

The third product which I’m thinking about just 8016

When I’m talking to somebody and helping them figure out their financial situation and they always walk out on the other side feeling very confident and in control with their money the third product which I’m thinking about just 8016 altogether is my online debt-free course called the freedom project hasn’t promoted this baby in the past because it was the very first product that I worked on in 2017 and since then I’ve kind of pivoted into what I know works in that program while I do think has a lot of valuable information could be used in other ways than just a digital course so for what it’s worth and the last way that I earn money the biggest way that.

I earn money is through freelancing so I work with other clients outside of debt-free millennials and I contract with them to help produce different videos blog posts tick-tocks even so I will do all that for other companies and other clients and get paid for that in the process and I’ve learned what my style is and what I like to freelance and what things that I can say no to and then also what I’m comfortable in terms of charging and what my rate is and that’s been awesome that’s a breakdown of how.

I earn money let’s go ahead and hop into the numbers and I’ll show you how much I earned in each of those categories last year all right let’s start with affiliate marketing and what I did with these charts is that I’ve just shown you how much money I earned every single month throughout the year and you can see with affiliate marketing I kind of started low and then kind of went in this upward trajectory kind of during some crazy times in our lives if you guys remember march and April of 2020 who doesn’t and then it kind of just went on this steady downward trend, uh I guess I didn’t realize that while it was going on but it was a little steady and kind of tapered off here at the end of the year but.

Affiliate marketing and it’s just kind of cool to see

I enjoy affiliate marketing and it’s just kind of cool to see that consistently I’ve made over a thousand dollars every month with affiliate marketing now I’m an affiliate for a lot of different products and services that I’ve tested sometimes it’s something as simple as referring you to a Robo advisor like betterment or testing out madison reed at-home hair coloring kits those are someones that I like also gabby car insurance it’s a free comparison tool that one has worked well for me because it’s free for people to sign up for and then.

If you end up switching your car insurance over with gabby you get a better deal I get a small commission for it and it’s a win-win I like that platform a lot all right let’s hop over to freelance this is a big one and you’ll notice throughout the year it is an ebb and flow I had no idea that this is what it ended up being like last year but it’s very much consistent high low but it also pays out the most you can see in July I had my biggest freelancing month where I made over ten thousand dollars alone in this category so.


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I think freelancing is a great way to make money from home but it also is very time-consuming you have to spend time away from your primary business to work on somebody else’s business by helping them produce content so if you’re not available like let’s say you go on a trip as we went to Europe right before the pandemic I don’t want to sit there and work on somebody else’s video or blog post and hit deadlines while I’m touring Europe for example so yes I can work remotely from anywhere and do that stuff but it’s also if.

The work then it doesn’t get done

I’m not doing the work then it doesn’t get done so sometimes I’ve seen other online business owners kind of outsource that to subcontractors but I just don’t think I’m in a position to do that quite yet and then also you have to make sure your clients are okay with kind of outsourcing that stuff but I do like the numbers that I see all right next are digital products this was my smallest category but you can see it’s been pretty consistent for me even if I had a low month where I was only making just under 400 I was still making money regardless if.

I was really pushing the products or not you can see in the very next month I made 704 dollars and then it’s just kind of been a little consistent here in the fall months and then November had a little bit of a drop and then back up in December so digital products have been one of those things that I’m like uh is this good is this not good I haven’t really paid much attention to it and even though I haven’t paid much attention to it it still has paid off for me the next category is youtube now I talked about this ad revenue this is the ad revenue that.

I’ve earned every single month with youtube last year and when we were kind of in the gray zone I really saw the revenue dip and then it quickly spiked back up it’s kind of been on this upward trend the entire year and what’s crazy about this is that in July I had produced around 13 videos so that’s just over three videos per week that I was posting in July in December I only posted nine videos so just over two videos a week but I was able to earn over five hundred dollars more in December instead of July and I produce fewer videos so you might be thinking why is that there’s a lot of different factors that go into why you would be receiving more ad revenue so.

A lot of different factors that can contribute to the amount of revenue

It could have been the type of content that I was putting out in December my thumbnails were people clicking on my titles and my thumbnails it’s also the holidays Christmas thanksgiving maybe ad advertisers were wanting to increase their ads ad spend and run out their budgets in December as opposed to July so there’s a lot of different factors that can contribute to the amount of revenue that you earn and it’s hard to control even though I posted five more videos in July I still made more money in December so it’s kind of a crapshoot and something that you really can’t rely on if you want to solely make money from youtube ads all right and then I just had to add this one on for fun in November.

I was paid for a small virtual speaking gig online and that was 333 dollars and I was excited about this because when I first started debt-free millennials I thought that was absolutely what I wanted to do was go into speaking gigs and then as I was learning more about it I just kind of like was disinterested and also public speaking makes me nervous talking on camera is one thing but speaking live in front of people and trying to memorize talking points is nerve-racking. Comment It How Much I Made in One Year Running an Online Business In 2021.