How Much I Earned This Month Being Self Employed

How Much I Earned This Month Being Self Employed
How Much I Earned This Month Being Self Employed

Introduction of How Much I Earned This Month Being Self Employed

How Much I Earned This Month Being Self Employed. hey, what’s up guys it’s Justine with debt-free millennials the channel to help you crush your debt and live payment free in this article I’m going to be showing you all of my income for September the money that I’ve made running a full-time business with debt-free millennials let’s hop into it okay so one of the things about being self-employed is that your income can be really amazing one month and then the next month it’s not so amazing and that’s just the way that.

It is and I’m finding in personal finance that there are seasons of really busy times and then seasons where it’s just kind of a lull and I feel like fall time while there are a lot of networking opportunities typically because there’s a big conference that happens around this time of year while there’s a lot of networking opportunities the amount of work that I get in the fall tends to slow down I’m not sure why that is is it a q q3 thing I do not know but let’s just go ahead and hop into the numbers and I’ll show you how much I made all right so digital products brought in 600 at nine percent of my total revenue I feel like digital products have stayed pretty consistent with that number.

I really want it to be a lot higher than that and I have some fixes on youtube and google Adsense I brought in 1 428 which was 21 of my total revenue I’m really happy with this number because I was not consistent in September with posting three articles a week and even though I was posting less amount of article I actually made more money with youtube than I did the previous month so that’s really awesome affiliates brought in one thousand five hundred ninety-six dollars and that was twenty-four percent of my total revenue and freelance gigs brought in three thousand fifty dollars which were forty-six percent of my total revenue which brings us to a total of six thousand six hundred seventy-four dollars now.

I made a salary goal to make 75 000 with debt-free millennials

This is still a great income because at the start of 2021 I made a salary goal to make 75 000 with debt-free millennials before expenses so that’s the actual revenue that I brought in and when I divided that out into 12 months I needed to be making about 62.50 each month so this revenue that I made in September surpassed that goal so if I can just continue on that train for November and December we are golden November December and October duh okay there’s still another month let’s hop into the winds the biggest thing.

I think was I announced our pregnancy which is so awesome I was like I can’t wait to announce this to everybody if you haven’t read our announcement pregnancy article I’ll link to that in the description box below I think that has definitely been something that just feels good to share on this channel and I’m sharing more day-to-day updates on my Instagram account so if you’re not following me on Instagram head over there look up debt free millennials and you’ll find me the next positive is that I am adding two new affiliates and I’m really excited about working with these companies and just providing more value to you guys and so.

I’m kind of still in the middle of coming up with content for that but be on the lookout I am adding two new affiliates I think that’s going to be so fun and valuable and budget boot camp is now on zoom so previously I was using a free tool called the uber conference to host our calls but a lot of our calls were getting not dropped but they were just delayed or lagged you guys know how it is with article conferencing zoom by far has been the best tool that I’ve used even though it I’m using a paid subscription so that I can have a longer meeting time with my budget boot camp students I think it’s highly worth it because it makes it so much easier for us to connect so.

fewer freelance projects this month

If you are interested in working one-on-one together doing budget coaching asking me all of your personal finance questions we can do so through a budget boot camp that’s linked below as well okay obstacles you know there had to be some so fewer freelance projects this month for sure so I actually got fewer assignments this past month than I had in a long time and I’m kind of taking that as a blessing because the second obstacle was nausea you dirty dirty bastard I mean I cannot tell you it’s not like I’m actually throwing up.

It’s just the constant gagging and that sour stomach feeling and it’s slowing me down and it’s really been a big pain trust me guys I have done all I’ve done the Zofran i’ve done the unisom I’ve done small frequent meals ginger mints whatever i’ve done it all um and I feel like I’m finally turning that corner because it doesn’t seem as intense I say that and then I did have kind of an incident brushing my teeth this morning I should have known don’t brush your teeth first thing in the morning

It’s not good you gotta eat something first once that part is over I feel like my productivity is just going to be a lot higher for October and the rest of the year in a way I’m glad that the freelance projects were not as substantial so I could focus on just getting well getting better that’s my income for September any surprises for you I don’t know if there were big surprises for me at the beginning of every month I forecast how much I think I’m going to make and I actually made less than what I thought I thought I was going to make around eight and it was less than that but that’s okay.