You are currently viewing How I built 6 passive streams of income in $6000 Plus month
How I built 6 passive streams of income in $6000 Plus month

How I built 6 passive streams of income in $6000 Plus month

Introduction Of How I built 6 passive streams of income in $6000 Plus month

How I built 6 passive streams of income in $6000 Plus a month. How you too can achieve your financial security and freedom you will also learn something about productivity a very exciting chapter and there is even a small nutritional section at the end on the subject of vitality and longevity we want to watch the very first point and the less.

How digitization has to do with digital things

So again and again, jobs and extremely important that need our society that should always exist I hope that that always exists but what is at least as important are skills that are job-spanning and that are currently needed in a society that is of course constantly changing how digitization has to do with digital things and that was a very, very important point for me which, thank God.

I also learned from many others, just to build up skills because these are usually paid much more highly than jobs, or they often are also not tied to a salary because you then or because you can offer your skills to someone and can usually simply take significantly more money for these skills than, for example, you can lose in a job because jobs are usually always tied to specific ones Salary classes.

An incredibly important point for me in my case was social media web design photography and videography these are all very much in demand at the moment skills and abilities and will continue to be, especially in the course of digitization now also the whole topic of bitcoins nft -blockchain so if you’re doing something right then if you’re there.

Streams of income

You can build up skills, you can also program and so on. Then there are very, very many doors and very many streams of income open to you. I can’t promise you anything, but I can only tell you something like that for me too and that brings a lot to the second point and I have it I just mentioned a bit about studies and training. I was only able to give sports courses because of my studies.

I didn’t have to have a trainer’s license or something like that. I studied sports science and English and just got a great job and I’ll keep coming I always get great jobs because I have so many, I always get so many requests for, um, that I’m kind of a substitute trainer, so if someone’s on vacation I can do the courses somehow, all just because of my sports studies.

If you now have, for example, a craft apprenticeship then d u certainly also have the opportunity for some people to do something in the house because they don’t have to fix anything at home, that means it’s still I think a great opportunity outside of your job now, so to speak like earning money privately or for a screen or something else and just doing something on the side.

Incredibly great way to earn money

I think it’s great the third point and it’s extremely important and that’s up oh that one’s my most important point is also the most important thing for me personally and that is to read and pass on what you read you mustn’t forget one thing, that everything or a large part of what people currently help people with or help people to earn their money with has already been saying before, I mean the entire.

The area of nutrition, the entire area f sport, that’s theoretically nothing new of course, there’s always something my new approach is new insights but in the end, everything that is said now has already been said somewhere else, so I mean if people now say that no bread is very healthy because of the schwemmidin, which in turn lengthens the skin to Virgil, then. You Can Also Read Why leasing and financing can’t make sense | The 2-time principle.

The Bible says that you should eat baked bread, so none of this is new, the question is simply how can you convey the whole thing, I mean we can also be completely honest, what I’m telling you isn’t anything new either, but I also got it from other people learned brings my twist in there and pass it on to you and that is an incredibly great way to earn money.

Several streams of income and the fourth point

Because people are always hungry for knowledge people want to learn from others of course just learn from other people maybe you let me inspire you I got my inspiration from being inspired by someone else who in turn is inspired by someone else and so acquiring knowledge is outside of now certificates and certifications and that is some form of sharing on a podcast video web then.

You just need to know what is your platform how can you share text on a webpage if you are not that keen on being in front of the camera an incredibly great opportunity to build up one or even several streams of income and the fourth point was extremely important for me and is still extremely important for me, namely in everything.

I do I sell packages, so if you come to me now come and say hey Luke I have a remote control I would like to sell this remote control can you film the whole thing for me then I won’t tell you, yes okay I need two hours for it my hourly wage is 60 euros so 120 euros no but I’ll sell the whole thing as a package that means I tell you okay watch out you notice this remote control g sells I take 200 euros for it I offer to take three photos for a total of 250 euros the advantage is that you are independent of your time that means.

Just honour your service and pay for your service

If the whole thing takes a lot longer than you might have calculated and the whole thing but you get a shorter duration in 250 euros despite everything and you can also offer the other things and you can also increase this package price the whole thing must of course always be fair, so it’s not about ripping off or ripping off the other, but something to offer.

What is free of service and where you just excuse is free of a time and you just honour your service and pay for your service is in my case so it is much better so it is much more lucrative and usually it is from them other nicer because he knows okay, you know what I pay my 300 euros for, but in the end, I get exactly d The product I want, that means.

You don’t have to think that the other person feels weird in any way, you just know okay, he gets it, I get my money and the other one knows, okay, I get it and give him my money, so to speak, and the last one Point are digital products I have to be honest, digital products are not my main focus, so I actually only had a few eBooks and I didn’t make a lot of money with them either.

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