How Are My Goals Going For 2021

How Are My Goals Going For 2021
How Are My Goals Going For 2021

Introduction of How Are My Goals Going For 2021

How Are My Goals Going For 2021? And for more financial education follow me on my Financial Instagram  And if you want us to talk about issues that do not have to do with finances, and learn a little more about me, then follow me on my Personal Instagram. Well, my first goal for this year was to Create an article That is, something that had nothing to do with Finance.

I have just started the transition from personal Instagram to financial Instagram, where we are going to talk about different things. Sometimes I’m just not in the Finance wave, because it’s all I think about, every day, all day, and I sometimes want to give myself a break and have people talk to me not just because I’m “the finance guy.”. So, regarding this, I also wanted to open a YouTube channel and I already have about 20 ideas for articles. I have not opened it yet, but I am going to do it very soon, so this is a goal.

that is definitely going to be a reality this year. # 2 is the Second Version of my Money and Abundance Training, which is really up to date. Not so much because the content is old and of no use … That content that Training has at this time is more relevant today than ever, especially with the crises we have experienced. And precisely if you analyze the promotional article there I am talking about things that are now a reality. What happens is that I want to compliment it, maybe re-record the article because.

developing the content

I have changed as a person and you will find a slight difference (a little not so slight). And include a lot of other things that I know people are constantly asking me for, financial education, and so on. So this is something that is still in progress, I am still developing the content, a few months ago I started with all the research, I am really looking at what topics to include, and how to make this one of the best, if not the best Financial Training in the market in Spanish. And I am committed to making.

It is a reality this year as well. # 3 Reactivate My “Sony Addicted” Photo and article Channel. The truth is, this is a project that has been left out, for many personal reasons, some difficulties that I am actually going to mention on the Personal Youtube Channel, which has really prevented me from taking it up again and I would like to do it. What happens is that at this moment the time, the focus and my priorities still do not give me. I really want to say that I am going to achieve this year, but the truth is.

I am not sure. # 4 Create At Least 2 Additional Sources Of Income Of $ 1,000 Each. In this sense, I have not created a second source of income, but I have created 1 source of income that is above $ 1,000. The goal would be to have the next one before the end of this year, so for now, I think I’m doing well. Goal # 5 Create At Least 1 New Business. And when I say “business” I do not mean “source of income” because, with a business the first year it should not even generate pocket profits, but the reinvestment should feed it, and thus, even more than the first year. In this sense.

approximately 600,000 subscribers,

I have not even started planning yet, so this is another goal that is still pending. # 6 Have More Free Time And Give Me More Vacation This I have achieved, and in fact, I am about to travel a little more in the remainder of the year. Precisely for October, my birthday, I plan to be in Mexico. # 8 Get A Million Subscribers The truth is that at this moment I have approximately 600,000 subscribers, by the time I am recording this article… So, although I am on my way and I am growing.

I really do the calculations with the same projection and the same current growth, it would not achieve it. From what I already know that I have to carry out a very different strategy than the one I have used so far to grow more. I’m not sure if it’s likely or not that I’ll make it, but I’m going to do my best. # 9 Explore New Investment Alternatives Different ways to invest. I have done this, I have already downloaded different applications to invest, I am testing them, I am scrutinizing each little thing and studying how they work.

I have bought some stocks, I have used tools to buy cryptocurrencies, I have bought normal cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, super strange cryptocurrencies, I have invested in different funds, I have been exploring, and I am still in the phase of discovering, learning, and understanding for later, teaching. And # 10 Dedicate More Time To My Hobbies Enjoy them a little more. I have done this too, in fact, I love to Pump It Up! which is basically the dance machine, the dance simulator, and I already have one in my house to play with, so.

society imposes us as a kind of “standard

It really is something that I really like to do and many other things that I love and I have dedicated a little more time to them. It really is normal not to make progress on all the goals we set for ourselves. Sometimes they make us believe that when we are not achieving a specific goal or result that we set ourselves, we are failures, and we are not. What happens is that society imposes us as a kind of “standard”, that all the time we must grow, progress, be successful, have money, let it show, that we show.

It is on social networks, and this does not have to be So. Especially, sometimes we set goals that perhaps do not take into account the reality or the situation in the country, which can change from one moment to the next. Probably as I had a plan to travel at the time the strike started and roads were blocked, many things happened, which were really complicated for many people. Therefore I had to readjust, be flexible and do everything possible to support important causes at that moment, and focus on the essential things of my work.

It’s okay to change course, miss some goals, set new goals along the way. What is wrong is to forget about the things that one considered and completely put aside what one at the beginning of the year, with such enthusiasm, said “I want to achieve this”. These are some tips that I personally use to return to my goals when I analyze them. First, it is to analyze what things I have dedicated my time to and what things I have worked really hard on this year. These are your true priorities.

your supposed priorities

Then we are going to analyze what your priorities were, or your supposed priorities at the beginning of the year, and really analyze how much overlap there is between one and the other. If the things you have worked on are the same things you wanted to work on and you align perfectly, you have surely made progress. And in my case, in some areas it was like that, but not in others. And I started to work hard on something different from what I had proposed, and then that is where those discrepancies give me various lessons.

The first is that there may be something urgent and not necessarily important taking away my time, so I should analyze what to do about it so that this does not happen. The second is that there are possibly new and better things that I have decided to adopt because it is not that every December or every January is that I define how I want my life to be, I can say “this at any time, in any month it’s something new that I want to achieve. ” The idea is to analyze those goals that you had in the new year which have been within your priorities according to the reality of what you have done and what you have not. And preferably think about why.