Good Financial Things That Came Out of 2021

Good Financial Things That Came Out of 2021
Good Financial Things That Came Out of 2021

Introduction Of Good Financial Things That Came Out of 2021

Good Financial Things That Came Out of 2021. so we all know that 2020 has just been an absolute show but I wanted to reflect on some of the positives that happened throughout the year and give you some ideas to maybe just do your inner financial reflection of some of the good that’s come out of 2020 so I racked my brain and I have five good financial feels that came out of 2021.

About your financial situation

Before we hop into it if you’re just feeling down about your financial situation I highly encourage you to pick up my how to control your spending workbook it has got loads of activities and content to help you with your debt-free journey and just get your money back underneath your feet so that you can feel confident and calm with your finances alright so let’s get into the five feel-good financial things that came out of 2021. what’s up guys it’s Justine with debt-free millennials the channel to help you crush your debt and live payment-free.

If you are new to the channel and you want to talk about all things personal finance related as it relates to millennials then you best hit that subscribes button below I’m talking about five good things that happened financially to me throughout 2020 and the first thing is is that I saved a ton of money this year namely I saved a bunch for my vacation fun even though I’m not taking vacations I’m still saving for it I saved for a down payment and I also saved for a second car so my vacation fund we’ve taken one small trip to Palomar mountain.

Which is super close to San Diego it was really fun to get away and we’ve just been setting aside about 250 dollars per month for future trips and we have sixty-five hundred dollars in our vacation fund we’ve also been diligent in saving for a down payment we are actively seeking to buy our first home in San Diego and for our down payment we have more than a hundred sixteen thousand dollars saved specifically for our first home it feels incredible and I keep thinking to myself like this is just gonna make a dent in buying.

These homes are like close to a million dollars

A home in san Diego because these homes are like close to a million dollars and I’m like if we were back in the midwest if we were somewhere in Tennessee or colorado or texas like this would buy the dang thing that’s any way we’re still saving up for that and we’ve also saved for a second car kyle and I have been a one-car family for the past five years pretty much ever since we moved to San Diego because I work from home and he just takes our car as his daily driver we’re actively saving for a second vehicle because.

We have a baby on the way due in March and we’re just not sure if we can sustain with a baby and having one car so for our second car, we have over 18 thousand dollars saved we are planning on getting a mid-sized suv we already have a Subaru forester we’re looking at midsize Lexus jeep grand Cherokee Toyota rav4 any of those things if you have a suggestion on that style of vehicle comment below and let me know which is your favorite the second thing that has happened in 2020 that has been amazing is that most of my investments are up.

So I went over to vanguard and I was checking my performance and my investments and I am up 8.8 in the year now a big chunk of what’s inside of vanguard was set aside for my down payment so I’m primarily invested in bond index funds for that fund so you’re going to see the rate of return just lower than the rest of my investments because I have a large amount in conservative funds for my down payment I also checked my betterment balance I tested betterment last year thoroughly and then.

I started adding fifty dollars per month towards

I invested one thousand dollars didn’t invest a penny more and then this year I started adding fifty dollars per month towards that account and I am up over thirty percent in that account which is incredible I don’t change anything with my investments in betterment I just simply automate the investing fifty dollars a month and let it ride out its kind of crazy to think like I’ve pretty much doubled my money since I started this thing and then I was checking Robinhood I have over two thousand dollars in robin hood and I’m up to over a hundred percent in the year in that investing account.

So wherever I have planted my seeds my investing seeds have just flourished this year which is awesome the third really good feeling thing is that because we weren’t going anywhere and our schedules just slowed down I had enough time to educate myself on financial topics that I wanted to learn about so specifically I learned a lot more about Roth IRAs health savings accounts and then our health insurance plan kyle and I just a week ago sat down and talked about our health insurance options and then.

That will be a hundred percent of my income

What we’d like to do once the baby’s here so I feel like having that time to educate ourselves by reading books articles watching youtube videos and just doing our independent research has helped us become more financially savvy as we are getting into this new stage of life so I’d be curious to know in the comments what were some financial topics that you took interest in throughout this year and how you went about researching or if you read a really good financial book comment below and let me know I’m always up for financial learning.

The fourth thing I got to save is three months of maternity leave already that will be a hundred percent of my income when the baby is due I don’t have to worry about a paycheck for the first three months or finding freelance gigs or reallng on top of projects because I’ve got the money set in place so.

A lot of my income through debt-free millennials is also earned passively through youtube ads and affiliates and so I know those things are still going to be running on in the background while I’m on maternity leave but it’s just so nice to know that I’ll 100 pay for at least the first three months or I can slightly reduce that payment and stretch it out over like four or five months and I love being able to have that option.