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Do You know Minimalism & Financial Freedom

Do You know Minimalism & Financial Freedom

Introduction Of Do You know Minimalism & Financial Freedom

Do You know Minimalism & Financial Freedom. Fogalism often fourth the case has to or a minimal one has to be used as a system as an instrument to retire at the age of 30 40 I would just like to express my critical thoughts as someone who is also very minimalist have fun with the video I am very happy and will say let’s start, namely the subject of minimalism and realism has become very popular lately.

Simply have more money left at the end

If you live more people like me who also live very minimalist lives in Colombia and I think again and again that that’s the case in my eyes too a very great instrument is to simply have more money left at the end of the day when there is a bubble in the middle t have more money left over from this then we have two sides that.

We can sort of pull to expand this group one is to increase income and the other is to minimize your expenses and I am a very very big fan of both, of course, he is always above all open he is right in my opinion that many of the expenses we have are simply unnecessary or that there are simply a lot of expenses and these are in particular the expenses.

That we have in the long term who force us to work if we have to pay 40,000 euros to buy the car and then this car forces you to continue to work in the long term, so to speak because you have to pay off the monthly sum of I always want to pay off the car, that’s the one-off costs for things bring yourself a little differently if you have, for example.

Financial freedom simply not to spend anything

A dresser of coke for 3000 euros in vo field then saved buying the chest of drawers and it is complete with the car I saved in advance of the purchase and also had to save afterwards that means the area of nature is a very, very important point despite everything and I sometimes have the feeling that things are going more and more in this direction.

I think the whole thing should be viewed very critically because there are always just a lot of things in life that enrich life a lot well I was myself or was in the machine I want to live very minimalist now that is my path to financial freedom simply not to spend anything anymore but that’s the thing everyone and probably you too has certain interests in life that he likes to pursue and I think that.

These interests usually cost money some less some he also pursues should be because in the end everything you have and is the most important thing what hardly anyone knows about is now and b time it’s not money because at the end of the day I mean I don’t want to think but we all go into complete chaos saying we don’t have any money left.

One journalism or minimalism

What we have that that we have at the end of our lives is the time and what you have done with this time and these are the experiences and I read one point, for example, that we painfully say that means for that it was a very good book but there already then, for example, something in it like yes you don’t have to drive anywhere you can also go on holiday on the balcony and then save.

The money and somehow put it into the savings plan and if that’s my wish, of course, I’m happy but I mean most of the people who I I still like to know the travellers, be it in Germany, Europe or overseas and if that is something that is part of your life then I think you should also pursue these things and we shouldn’t allow this woman Wallis to enter our lives so much that.

We simply subordinate everything to this one journalism or minimalism as if it were a government and here I see a bit of a danger because ultimately yes it is it makes a lot of sense to retire early so I think some people have the power from the film 20 30 35 40 but the question is always you have to be aware that the time you now.

I can’t achieve this goal via a self-communal lifestyle

That right now in your 20s or 30s like that’s one of the hottest moments in life I think I don’t know how it will be later but I know it’s just cool now because you can do the super 8 room my mega amount of time energy you’re kind of cosmopolitan you can somehow do an incredible number of things and I think that you waste this time yes I want to say you because.

I think wasting is very subjective you maybe disappear not me you won’t disappear but I do think that it can be dangerous if, for example, in your entire 20s you don’t do anything other than work and save and in your thirties, you ask yourself at some point he hey what do I always have all the cool party and travel time and what know I made for times so I think one should always ask yourself.

What has this goal to retire at 40 what is the price for it a and b maybe I can’t achieve this goal via a self-communal lifestyle by making a lot of money because you mustn’t forget one thing most people who retire at 30 35 40 yes they may have stuck in Mannis table but that with the rule everything people who have built businesses and made?

Plan to financial freedom

A lot of money with it it also counts for a bit of soul again of action that means if you create something with which you have an effect if you affect a large sum v If you have people, then a business is also an investment to grow and explode very quickly and so many people who retire very early have already retired and very few actually.

Because they lived incredibly logically from the age of 22 and everything in ETF savings plan and finding 15 years incredibly rich now usually not because there is a will but I think you should always ask yourself at what price, especially if you are in this case must and minimalism area and you need a publicly tailored plan don’t let me talk you into anything not from me not from other users or financiers.

You have to have to for yourself when do you want to go in how since they then plan to financial freedom from if the bird is okay that people not very much but consider the most important thing we have is the time and I d I think that the time is right now, even if it can’t be known because I’m not that old, but I assume that the time from 20 to 30 will probably be more likely to happen than in the time from 40 to 50.

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