Biggest Revenue Month Every For You Plus Income Report

Biggest Revenue Month Every For You Plus Income Report
Biggest Revenue Month Every For You Plus Income Report

Introduction Of Biggest Revenue Month Every For You Plus Income Report

Biggest Revenue Month Every For You Plus Income Report. Which was just three percent of my total income for January now youtube and google AdSense brought in one thousand eight hundred two dollars which were twelve percent of my total revenue and I just realized I’m using income and revenue interchangeably what I really mean is revenue.

I take out 35 for taxes that are set aside

So this is the money that I’m making before taxes before expenses I take out 35 for taxes that are set aside I have a separate a whole separate bank account so that I’m not tempted to use that money for anything else so I transfer every single month I transfer 35 percent of what I made into that savings account and then every quarter I pay my quarterly taxes and I also have my expenses per month can range from anywhere from 300 to sometimes on the high end a thousand dollars and that’s pretty rare but mainly.

It’s about 300 to 500 dollars per month and mainly that’s due to different subscriptions and software that I use to run my business such as an online calendar zoom photoshop having a video element subscription package so I can create cool text and graphics for you guys that’s all included in my expenses so I want to let you guys know that as I’m jumping through these numbers this is revenue this is not take home all right back into it okay next up is affiliates I’m working hard on affiliates this year and I brought in 2 208.

Which was 15 of my revenue and then this leaves my biggest category which was freelance gigs which brought in ten thousand five hundred dollars which was a whopping seventy percent of my revenue which means I brought in fifteen thousand six dollars that is bananas it’s crazy guys because I have never made that much money in one month in the history of this business I got close to it last year I think I made 14 in one month this month I have topped that so it’s let’s get into the wins all right.

When you hit that 10 000 mile mark on Instagram

All help just push this channel out there to even more people so that we can get more debt-free millennials community members on board it’s so awesome the next thing is I hit 10 000 Instagram followers now I know this may not seem like a big deal because there are people who have like tens of thousands of thousands of followers on Instagram but.

When you hit that 10 000 mile mark on Instagram it gets you the swipe up feature so I can easily connect Instagram to my youtube content which makes it so easy for you to hop from one platform to the other I love that and it’s made it’s going to make things so much easier for me as I continue to make content for you guys here on this channel the next thing is I don’t know if I can say this but I’m going to say this CBS News reached out to me so I won’t go into the details of what they’re wanting to do because nothing has been published yet but.


How To Negotiate Your Rent Even During A Pandemic

They did reach out to me and I just was so floored that they found my email address first of all and wanted to talk to me and so I hope something comes out of it we’ll see right now was just a phone call so big things are happening all right the next thing is I’ve been focusing on affiliates is going to be one of my goals for 2021 and I’d like for that to be like 40 of my total revenue and right now like this month obviously, it was nowhere close to what freelancing brought in but.

Affiliate programs

I’m very confident in some new affiliate programs that I’ve joined and then I’ve also increased some of my affiliate commissions and payouts with some of my partners and so I just think that this affiliate marketing is the way to go as uh incorporating another revenue stream into your online business it’s so awesome if you guys want me to do a whole video on what affiliate marketing is comment below I’d love to speak more about it and see how maybe you could utilize it for your side gig or side hustle all right.

The obstacles let’s talk about how I am due to have my very first baby in like seven weeks yeah there’s not much talking to do other than holy I need to get stuff organized and together so what I mean by that is when you’re self-employed and you go on maternity leave you don’t have a co-worker or a backup who can just film the videos for you or edit the videos for you because I’m the only person that works on debt-free millennials full-time I’ve got to do that work myself so I’m trying to front-load as much of as I can so that I can focus on my baby and being.

How I’ve planned and prepared for maternity

A new mom especially that first month and a half but I am planning on taking around three to four months of maternity leave and that means I gotta hustle my booty off to make sure I’ve got some stuff in place and that I have videos for you guys going while I’m taking a little break so that’s kind of been my biggest obstacle and I feel like I can see why they say the third trimester feels the busiest because you’re running around trying to get all.

The baby stuff done and then also trying to make a plan for maternity leave and i feel like there’s even more pressure being self-employed in trying to figure out maternity leave by the way if you guys want to check out my video on how I’ve planned and prepared for maternity leave including saving enough money to supplement my income at least for three to four months you can check out this video up here i will link to and that could give you some clues if you’re interested in doing maternity leave.

While you’re self-employed okay that’s that was January for you and i am beyond grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way and i think you know going into let’s see this is my so this is my fifth year of going into debt-free millennials and i just think it’s been so awesome to see the growth in the change year over year fine-tuning some things. Comment It Biggest Revenue Month Every For You Plus Income Report.