ANT EXPENSES – Everything You Need to Know

ANT EXPENSES - Everything You Need to Know
ANT EXPENSES - Everything You Need to Know

Introduction Of ANT EXPENSES – Everything You Need to Know

ANT EXPENSES – Everything You Need to Know. That ant expenses can represent even between 5 and 20 percent of a person’s expenses and this in the long term even over many years or decades can ruin changing people’s financial situation becomes a destructive habit that makes people, regardless of whether they earn more money or how they can structure their businesses, their sources of income there will always be something to spend the money and they will never know.

How can it happen that these friend expenses

How can it happen that these friend expenses affect the financial situation of a person from preventing him from achieving his financial goals as much as he struggles as he cannot achieve them or keep him in debt because he never has enough money for the things he must pay and then, therefore, it must be left somewhere or even bankrupt I know cases of people who have worked all their lives and who have had a good income and who have been for many years and well let’s say they are fine but they are old and they do not have a house they do not have a vehicle.

They do not have their own business they have nothing but when you see them spending money And note because that situation reached that point and I expose the ant expenses, we have to do something about it, especially if we are on time, so it is essential to take into account three important things, the first is to identify what your ant expenses are, we all have expenses Now the question is what they are and we are going to see specifically how some are given because.

There are some simpler than others to identify super difficult but we have to take them into account number 2 we are going to consciously decide those things we are spending on money without realizing it or without control or simply because they are small amounts of money, how much do we want to dedicate to that character and that category is budgeting for those that do not occur simply without planning and number 3 is to prevent new ant expenses from arising this is the three-step strategy that can allow you to take control of yours.

They are given by certain places or situations

I am very aware of which are the current ones, perhaps analyzing how they occurred, sometimes they are given by certain places or situations or ways even in which we feel at certain moments and with that, at the moment when a new one is being given we can take control stop and precisely prevent them from affecting us financially. Some of how these ant expenses occur are, for example, when you have low- denomination cash, small bills, or coins, but it is simply easy for you to spend them on anything without thinking or At least.

It happens to me and that’s why I have practically no cash because this money is just like that it is little, it does not matter but if I spend, say, 100 pesos, I do not know 12 20 cents or any amount of money I do not I would know the proportion because it is like that it simply does not matter it will not affect me at all but when we add up in the whole year what you spend in coins or small bills we can get large amounts that leave and we last in that also because of sudden whims or cravings especially in places.

That know that we have that type of cravings and they put the correct products in the correct place they also occur in recurring expenses low-cost or relatively low-cost because it can be ordering food at home or having coffee outside or I simply eat sweets gum for some people it was cigarettes or even gambling depends on the type of expense and the type of person we are also talking about They can even occur due to lack of planning if, for example, you go to the one that has happened to me, this is a lot that.

Which if we add many errors of those per month

I go to a certain part in my car and I forget something at home and I have to go home for that thing. is the cost of additional gasoline is an expense ant let’s say it is those eyes that are more difficult to identify but if I just before s leaving I take 3 seconds to ask I take what I need where I am going with that I avoid spending 500 pesos thousand pesos of gasoline with which if we add many errors of those per month or year because I have a considerable saving similarly when I go to take a big trip where I suddenly need food or hydration and if.


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I forget one I planned it because I will have to buy on the road where the difference in the price of the things that I could take will probably be much more expensive from here with planning that difference is an ant expense also, on the other hand, we have the services that we pay monthly and we do not make the most of people who pay for Netflix and watch two or three movies per month that are simply not to take advantage of it, it is not that you are going to get to waste your time living in the ix all day.

But you have to think about which services are necessary, which are worthwhile and which are not, and also ot The services that you are paying for which are not suddenly analyzed by the competencies and are offering something more economical or if you are not called to negotiate saying that you do not have how to pay everything so that they offer you a plan a little cheaper and surely the companies will be willing to do it once again that difference is an ant expense or that other service.

The savings account management fees card management

That you are using is an ant expense one that I love to eliminate is the bank fees the savings account management fees card management fee Credit is not necessary to pay, you are seeing entities that offer us products without these costs that are useless and have no benefit if they give us the same benefits in two entities and one charge fourth way and the other does not, why choose the one that charges a fee so it makes no sense at all and also in bank commissions we have purchased with interest at installments like.

The people who buy a cell phone at 12 installments because it is probably because you are buying a cell phone that is out of your possibilities and that in itself you should not be acquiring a device of that value especially if you do not buy it insured, with which the risk of something happening and then I do not have a way to cover that incident because it will be higher and that is another expense.

These monthly interests were when they place insurance and other things due to the debt that are ant expenses that I could avoid if you did your planning better and if instead of pay on credit you will save to buy what you need and in general any small expense that could have been eliminated or is an absolutely unnecessary expense that if you do not have it does not affect you at all those are the main ant expenses because they are absolutely optional things that later not even you will remember if you did it one and precisely for those.

How can we take control and begin to improve our financial life

Who has the impact of the power to affect and impact your finances ne Now, how can we take control and begin to improve our financial life with the issue of expenses ? The first thing is that you begin to write down every one of your expenses, no matter how small or large they are, how insignificant or irrelevant it may seem like this. whatever expenses you say is that I hope I buy every day or I buy this every week every month it does not matter to write down each some people do not like to write down people.

Who do not know how in a life in which they have so much control but the idea It is not doing it all your life it is not doing it 40 years from now every day not because they do whatever it is but if doing it for at least a month is to see what happens in 15 days and go looking at each category if you go to the supermarket for example and buy the market but also add sweets Mercato sweets of whatever and those are not market categories those are separate and you have to categorize them appropriately to be able to identify.