7 Tips To Intelligently Invert Cryptomones

7 Tips To Intelligently Invert Cryptomones
7 Tips To Intelligently Invert Cryptomones

Introduction Of 7 Tips To Intelligently Invert Cryptomones

7 Tips To Intelligently Invert Cryptomones. The Bynes platform because I did not sponsor this or anything but I was simply trying some if you are interested in making a video comparing different platforms or analyzing where you can buy bitcoins for example and I transcribed currencies because you tell me in the comments also if you have any platform, application or page or whatever is recommended Anything that has worked well for you, with which you can buy for example from Colombia or other countries cryptocurrencies, please tell me about.

The strategy to take into account certain things necessary

It so that we will suddenly learn a little more about this topic as a whole, maybe make a video later on a little more complete since Soon there are many doubts we are going to vote on the strategy to take into account certain things necessary when investing, unfortunately, something happens now last with YouTube because let’s say that it has been a problem for a while and that scammers what they do is copy my name put my photo create a fake profile impersonating me and inviting them to write to a WhatsApp number there super strange.

They have to verify that if someone comments that apparently, it is me have the verification next to it and in fact, my name is the comments are highlighted and there are going to be people who, even though I am all the time analyzing the comments and deleting and blocking Looking at these people well, it will probably happen so that they will not fall into any of those weird things very well and the first tip is one that many people simply do not like when we talk about cryptocurrencies several of these tips to People are more addicted to believing.

That cryptocurrency is magical because they don’t like it and it is simply the first tip, do not invest in Krypton, those to do overnight to triple your investment to take advantage of the opportunity of a currency you are growing rapidly and buy it when it is worth sitting down and sell it when it is worth hundreds or thousands or something like that the idea is that the script or coins work as one more element within our investment portfolio and this means so much on the one hand that we are going to invest more in the long term than.

We risk a lot of losing money and two that truly make up

That we think because otherwise, we risk a lot of losing money and two that truly make up a fairly modest percentage of our portfolio We are not going to talk about the fact that 50 percent of your money in investments are in cryptocurrencies because really at this point they are not yet in a stable and consolidated condition and a lot of volatility many people are just realizing how the issue there are many people investing and many people selling and really what the variability in prices lends itself so that if you invest.

Today in a week or a month then you have drastic falls so unless you want to assume those losses, you have to think a little longer in the long run, don’t think about never selling because this is something that I’m also going to talk about about about about about in this video, but it will be a little longer. the point we are going to analyze the different points that we have today and we see that many of them return to that first the second is to prepare you to lose money or its defect or have iron self-control or something like that.

The reality is that there is practically no guaranteed way to invest in cryptocurrencies without losing money or at least without having devaluations on paper because there are lots of different cryptocurrencies, let’s say the strongest and most recognized we could say that they are bitcoin and well there are others that are emerging out there in popularity like dodge but regardless I am many and probably some are very good and suddenly have certain philosophies or point to certain things.

These victories are subject to the market

That makes them very interesting but then to these victories are subject to the market that people are interested in them that they go up and down in price that suddenly someone makes a tweet and then it goes up in value or down in value and then in reality unless you are too lucky the investment that you do practically never will guarantee constant growth and performance the best way to mitigate the e The effect of any devaluation is, of course, on the one hand, preserving the currency more in the long term so that.

If there is a temporary devaluation, then simply do not take them out by selling, and on the other hand, because you make a progressive purchase, it is not that if you have ten thousand dollars trump of one of you put all of the coins openly but you are investing little by little so that you are going to cushion a little all those declines and rises of the market this implies that if you have a considerable amount of money and suddenly it begins to fall in price Of the currencies, maybe at the beginning you have the confidence but.

I keep it in the long term but then it continues to fall, it is going down a lot but I still maintain the long term, and then it already lost half the value, and then there are cases because you maintain it in the long term and then under 80 and then suddenly you had put 10 thousand dollars and you already have a thousand dollars in your investment and you say well, I’m going to lose all my money. The best retirement in 2000 that I have and that is where many people simply fall into the trap of selling at the lowest point.

If a currency is growing and growing and growing

Where other people buy and take advantage of precisely then sell more expensively and those emotional decisions are the ones that cannot affect your form to invest and the same thing is not that if a currency is growing and growing and growing and you place an amount of money, that is to say, but with the illusion of quick money more than the money you can afford to lose if something happens because one is very difficult Giving precisely the time in which one bought and sold is the lowest point of purchase.

The highest point of sale is practically impossible and absolutely no one knows it because the market depends on many things over which one does not have control and over which What is the historical performance and future performance? How do you know all the investments but of course you also have to know how to sell to obtain To make profits when it is the case, the hold strategy of maintaining is fine to precisely cushion all temporary falls and in the long term have a good position of course.

I am not talking about selling 100% but you have to know that if you never sell then In reality you never have anything if you never use the return as such of that money of those digital currencies for something because it is like seeing you have lost your money. After all, you will never really see the fruits of that investment we all invest to get some performance, and if that performance is never reflected in anything in life, well, what is the meaning of today? profits too and you have to know.

When to do it number three protect your investment

When to do it number three protect your investment it turns out that there are many applications or silver that have been hacked and what e have been victims of massive robberies of even millions and millions of dollars in value precisely because of the security issue and when you have your cryptocurrencies in an application but you do not have the public key and the private key of your account or the account where those cryptocurrencies are supposed to be stored because you don’t really have anything so.


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It’s complicated that if at some point something happens, they will answer you, there are very serious platforms that, although they have suffered that kind of thing, have responded to their There are other users who do not and then although we talk about that you should have as such those addresses and public and private keys cold, that is, outside the internet and well protected, whether they are devices or whatever, and well, even you create those own keys yourself. which is out of the scope of this channel because.

What you do is investigate how to make sure that you are not going to lose your access because there are people who even in the early days of bitcoin had several bitcoins stored in a certain place or on paper or a computer or a hard drive but it is already there everything that does not happen to you number 4 is to diversify when I speak diversify no I mean only how good that if you have bitcoin and apart and fiber and 2 and other currencies but apart from cryptocurrencies you also invest in other different things even.

That people like Warren Buffett have been made billionaires

If you have money at least a savings account cash or sedet is how we talk about direct liquidity investments in the medium term may be medium long term also real estate if that were the case and that you have your portfolio sufficiently balanced precisely so that if any of those things do not work well if there is a crisis in any of those markets as there have been indifferent moments can we suddenly compensate in a little bit is that people who invest in crypto ways are used to You dare to see 1000 percent returns from 500 percent.

Which when you see a 20 percent return is in action is useless especially when it is annual cash when you know that the 20 percent annual cash return is one that truly produces results and returns are that people like Warren Buffett have been made billionaires who have invested with diversified portfolios in the long term and who have not been, because they have not only been subject to taking advantage of the opportunity to double or triple the investment in a few months maybe occasionally yes.

But in the long term what made him and many other people a billionaire is those consistent returns even if they are small with less risk number five is to investigate in depth the cryptocurrency in which you are going to invest is not that if someone is cumbia from youtube invest in this you are going to invest or someone says oh it is very popular the puppy’s coin then let’s invest in the puppy’s monkey because suddenly if it is an amount of money that you do not mind losing at all possible but if you already say good ask yourself what happens if you lose the money it does not matter ok well any problem If you say oops no.