7 Financial Rules The Rich Rule

7 Financial Rules The Rich Rule
7 Financial Rules The Rich Rule

Introduction Of 7 Financial Rules The Rich Rule

7 Financial Rules The Rich Rule. Today we are going to see 7 financial rules that the rich but make up the vast majority of rich and millionaire people who have achieved just all these results by knowing and understanding how money works we are going to put aside those who have gotten rich in quotes have made great financially with huge numbers taking advantage of others with a business that does not provide value we are going to focus then on the truly rich and for Of course there are always exceptions, there are people.

Who has become rich and have not followed any rules

Who has become rich and have not followed any rules some people follow all the rules and have not done anything of money regardless we are talking about what the majorities are In other words, what usually works and what works? usually produces results and the first rule is that a salary or traditional employment will never make you rich it will allow you to earn money if it will allow you to afford a live a normal lifestyle good pleasant yes it will probably allow you to have a pension if it is a good job if you have good income if you do jobs such as outside of what is normal and if you receive additional income and many other things.

But it will never be the basis of true wealth creation the vast majority of millionaires did not create their wealth or fortune with a job there are very few jobs that pay a lot of money with which you cannot be a millionaire they are so few that we could practically just never expect or never aspire to work on them so what is what happens, it is not about completely leaving aside the idea of ​​having employment is not about not working today because it can be excellent support for while you create your business or you create your strategy as generate income other than employment but if it is to know that the salary does not go to help you.



Create wealth is not a pillar for building a true fortune and it is not that the rich do not have jobs because they have money, it is that they have money because they didn’t focus on their job being their main source of income, so while you have your job it is also that you have it and that preserve it and take care of it and let it be your main source for as long as is necessary but always keep in your mind the conviction that there must be something extra if you want to live a life of abundance and fulfillment financial rule number two is that the investment serves to observe wealth not to create people who want to get rich through investments and wealth is not believed by investing as.

The perfect millionaire in those cases as they are there are the outliers

I tell you there are always exceptions, the case of the person who invested an amount is not missing small and well for example in bitcoin 8 years ago or whatever and ready today the perfect millionaire in those cases as they are there are the outliers or the cases anything out of the box but usually the investment is thought to maintain your level of wealth and increase it little by little the profitability of a very good investment could be measured at 10% or 15% by annual percent many people hope that in normal profitability they can make the 50 percent per month from 10 percent per month and that does not make sense in the normal and real investments.

Because of course in scams they will promise you wonders and gigantic returns and of course people as long as want to get rich through investment because it will be whatever but The rich know that investments are not to get rich they are to maintain wealth after having already created that wealth because while both you can invest a portion an amount of what you have in your fortune of so much income in your savings in whatever but that the source of creation of your wealth is not investments but something else different rule number 3 tells us that saving by spending less has a limit because I can save a certain amount of money if my income is a thousand dollars.

I can reduce costs and suppose I start out spending $ 1,200,000 and I live from month to month but I say good at this I can do dollars, Nelson, for the 50 dollars are for this eventually I say ok now I’m making a thousand dollars I’m spending 800 maybe I try my best and say I am spending now 700 600 but the more I am going to be able to reduce those costs or expenses now if I instead of trying to reduce my expenses of 1500 will generate an additional 500 dollars the income is the same in terms of I save money then.

Every month always reducing costs will have a limit

I earn a thousand dollars I spend 500 and I save 500 on Sunday so that I earn in 1500 I spent 1000 and saved 500 anyway to my account savings to my fund’s investment or whatever I put 500 dollars every month always reducing costs will have a limit but the income and how much I can earn I never have a limit the limit is only in the mind in my abilities in my capacities in which I know how to monetize what I do as soon as I can dedicate myself to research the market and identify sources and opportunities to generate income and many other things rule number 4 tells us that we should never invest more than 5% in a new idea how many people without much money invest everything.

You have in a new business in an MLM because MLM is are bad but many people just put everything they have no is until they get into debt and finally, it does not work for them for another reason the rich know that they should not invest more than 5% in something new this it is called calculated risk if the new idea fails then it reduces my fortune net at 5% put him and a little but he is not going to bankrupt me or in the ruin on the contrary if it works excellent because then in a new investment diversification.

Decision making of agility of identifying opportunities to project to see the future

How to generate additional sources of income saving investing negotiate any number of things because all that is handling financial is a mind game a game of decision making of agility of identify opportunities to project to see the future and more or less get ahead of him and do things with our money according to precisely one growth forecast but unless our mind is optimal for these things will be very difficult that done on a physical level can be at so much of all changes and be flexible and productive all the time that is, our mind depends on our brain, which depends on of our body our physical health and if we are not well in food.

We do not we are sleeping well and we are not exercising we are not active physically because it will be very complicated that we can also give a good level performance even at a professional level at level intellectual and in many other fields rule number 6 tells us that we must surround ourselves with worthwhile people because there are going to be people to around you from if you start from scratch and start your way creating abundance that supports you that is next to you that.

They are with you through thick and thin who understand

They are with you through thick and thin who understand the reason for your decisions and you will also have detractors even they may be your relatives, your parents maybe your friends because it is your partner and the reality is that you deserve that there are people in your life that are a source of positive things just as you should strive to be something positive for them also deserves is people who support you and you deserve people that understands you you deserve people with whom you feel good when spending.

The time with them and you don’t deserve talking about the other side of the coin to spend time to dedicate your effort, your energy and your attention to people who What they do is drain the energy because I tell you money comes and goes, we earn it we spend it we generate income we do a business we do anything we don’t money matters there is good your time you never get it back in your life one hour that you dedicated a person is an hour already spent by for which you should think very well and wisely identify how you are going to spend that time and know that your attention is your most valuable resource and the Rule number 7 tells us.

That although gratitude is difficult to maintain when financial growth is vital to preserving financial progress the financial growth and to make it truly worth creating a life of abundance and prosperity because it is not about making money to them not understanding the reality of the world and then not worrying about others people and then not value a simple cup of coffee with a good view and a good company if we reach a point where money changes us from the way that we no longer value simple things then it is because in principle it was not the money we were not prepared for that wealth and we didn’t have the humility as cr and for that money.

We do not teach as such in colleges and schools and universities

That abundance that wealth was a source of positive things for what I always say in each phase and each stage feel gratitude for everything from the greatest that I can achieve my results most amazing even the simplest things how can you have a plate of food and a roof under which to rest knowing these rules to master certain knowledge and concepts that we do not teach as such in colleges and schools and universities it is key to precisely know what things to take into account when creating wealth how can I structure my path to freedom financial life of prosperity you deserve and can achieve Even if you have been told throughout your life that.

It is not possible or that I do not know They can Colombia or that it cannot be for this reason or that it cannot be with your age or that you can’t be a woman or who knows that so many things all this is not only possible but many people are already achieving it and if you are really interested in cards financially and have more advanced tools and strategies to precisely create your path to financial freedom a life where money works for you and you are not chasing money all the time and working enslaved by it.

Because you I invite you to take a look at my training money and abundance basically the goal is that you can create your way to freedom yourself financial a life on your own terms in your own way than in which the abundance and the money that you can generate with different strategies that they are there perfectly detailed you can use them for the things that they are truly important to you, it is not something that you achieve overnight. the morning is not that you suddenly training with me well in a month is generating ten thousand dollars.