7 Financial Recommendations Faced with the Current Crisis

7 Financial Recommendations Faced with the Current Crisis
7 Financial Recommendations Faced with the Current Crisis

Introduction Of 7 Financial Recommendations Faced with the Current Crisis

7 Financial Recommendations Faced with the Current Crisis. Before the situation that we are living during the last days and made since last year with the pandemic a multifaceted crisis in various areas even that affects many people in even diverse socioeconomic strata and that we are either from the side of entrepreneurship as employees as professionals as students or as housewives.

We mentally want to stay there as in those problems

As well as be the situation in which we find ourselves in one way or another we have been impacted by all the things that are happening locally regional national and international and although we mentally want to stay there as in those problems that were wanting to point out the culprits wanting things to suddenly sort themselves out from one moment to the next and everything return to normality it is best that we are in charge of solving that financial situation and for this today. That Readable to Mange 7 Financial Recommendations Faced with the Current Crisis.

I want to tell you seven recommendations that you can take into account to de soon regain control of your finances a little in this difficult situation telling you that you are going to solve everything overnight but then maybe a little to move towards a financial life of more abundance of more tranquility and more control what you have is to truly control your expenses postpone your purchases unofficial be very attentive to the compulsive buying desire that Even amid the crisis, many people come to light, although we do not we realize we have the habit of compulsive shopping sometimes even For fear of product shortages, we buy things that we do not we need and do not focus on what is essential on what is truly important and in times of economic difficulty is.


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Where it is more important than never truly be aware of where our money is going write down each expense if it is possible to categorize each thing so that you know exactly what you are doing with the money you have and know that you have optimized your budget preferably that you have planned what things are you going to buy what are you going to spend the money on how much are you going to save it is that you are going to invest how much you are going to invest not that it is as a consequence of the situation and the day to day that the money goes away without they happen that because unfortunately, that is something that practically happens to him.

The recommendation to prioritize first of all having an emergency fund

Most of the people who then wonder what happened according to the recommendation to prioritize first of all having an emergency fund that is to say the money saved in case of unforeseen events so that if for some reason in a few weeks or a few days or a few months you need money and not you have from where well how to pay there is the emergency fund is ready to help you this should be money that you should not invest because the markets can simply fluctuate and the valuation of that money it can fall and precisely when you need it you will have to remove it with losses this is money you should have available in case of an emergency that if you need it there.

It is available to you and you don’t have to go into debt or do anything weird simply to be able to pay what you have to pay in this way avoid for example what happened to many people who have cards credit dial for an emergency and the only thing they are going to do is get into debt put several installments to pay interest and end up skipping the triple what they borrowed simply. They did not foresee small savings for these situations and in the middle of the crisis is where it is most important to have an emergency fund saved because there are people who say but if it is now when suddenly I must be smart and handle money as. Read More to success On Finance 7 Financial Recommendations Faced with the Current Crisis.

I am going to get to save there is where you have to save because although we can do the things when finances are good when we are progressing and when we are advancing amid difficulties is where truly we test our financial skills number three do not take decisions based on fear, although the current situation makes us think many things some people are already seeing how they leave the country permanently others are thinking of selling the house. After all, simply the House is going to be worth half or real estate prices are going to go away to the floor for the next several years and then they are already looking to get out of their other properties are selling.

Each decision that directly affects your finances

The investments other people are doing things simply based on fear not with the certainty that something is happening that may affect them think ahead and plan to analyze in one way or another how they can affect things and I anticipate those events but one thing is me think rationally and analyze the situation well and take into account those variables another thing is to decide based on fear very skillful rational a mind that is not cold calculating and leisurely and that calculates and analyze what those decisions are to make but it is a mind who is carried away by negative influence or bad news or the neighbors about what they say out there.

That sometimes they even end up making so true depending on the circumstances whatever each decision that directly affects your finances should be careful and in detail analyzed number 4 generate additional income and is not so easy as it sounds but it is not impossible either because I know that there are people who tell me if it is very easy to say ready generate an additional source of income but it’s not so easy to do it, I know it’s not easy really if you work for them if you dedicate at least one hour a day if you don’t know what to do an hour a day brainstorm a list of things what could you do search in google search the internet on youtube any. Its Game Changer 7 Financial Recommendations Faced with the Current Crisis.

Whatever you make me say ok here I have 100 ideas of what I could do next for you to find 100 ideas that you could execute you need to see by there 500 ideas because surely the other 400 you cannot execute for some reason or another it seems difficult to me it seems that it is worth it even if it is difficult as long as you know that he is the effort and commitment that you are going to put, they are going to be rewarded for you in terms of some better finances after having carried out such an analysis of what are those ideas that you can execute the skills that you can acquire the ones you have now and can improve or they can monetize at once Well, that’s simply where you say.

Start to put certain things into practice things

We start to put certain things into practice things let’s try this let’s try the other is a matter of opening a business or question of offering your services to contact people whatever but proactively taking action to generate income is not wait for opportunities to come to you from somewhere because they are not going to get yourself creating opportunities without falling into usury without saying why An example of what happens is that there is a shortage of silver, you cannot sell silver, no everything is going to go up by 5 that’s the price or something like that because those people too are part of the problem but truly realizing.

That even amid difficulty, there is an opportunity and there is always an opportunity for those who know how to see it without taking advantage of people and otherwise producing and generating value for others and number 5 not to fall into the easy and fast money trap because it is simply wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to generate income is where people who will reach you They say invest money here that I give you 10 percent monthly profitability or I give you one percent of daily profitability if I invest in a small amount with 1 percent daily return in 5 years would be the world themed serum which makes no sense and still there are companies or things out there offering. Its help in finance 7 Financial Recommendations Faced with the Current Crisis.

That kind of profitability and there are people who they believe you have to be very careful with those things and you also have to put aside the mentality of getting rich overnight the morning that is, it is a dream that we would all have the one that simply suddenly our financial life is arranged like the lottery no longer you need to work more on that amount of money enough to live comfortably all your life to spend the money you want on luxuries in tastes to cover your basic expenses to help your family and you didn’t have to strive to achieve it if it sounds very nice but it is not possible success is not achieved.

That way is usually achieved with education with effort and preferably being better people through a transformation process staff number 6 maintain your mental health safeguard your well-being personal because we can be submerged in a sea of ​​news negative watching lots of terrible videos all the time and this although it soaks us a bit in reality and tells us truly how things are which is good to understand there comes a point where it is not healthy in which it is simply not productive anymore in which if this is not doing anything about it to improve that situation is not going to help you either continue receiving those negative stimuli.

Which will affect your mood will affect your emotions

Which will affect your mood will affect your emotions, your feelings will prevent taking action you will feel that it is not worth continuing to strive for improving your life by being a better person and therefore you’re just going to have a ripple effect of negative results as a consequence it is not about being blind to the reality nor to turn a deaf ear to what is happening but rather also at some point you must think about your mental health and this will allow you then you build with a better mental state with more productivity with more focus with better clarity with less stress with less frustration in your life financial and recommendation number 7 is to continue always with a long-term vision.

We tend to focus a lot on what is happening in the present as our vision becomes very short-term so that we simply forget that it can happen in 5 or 10 years of how they are going to do things in the future of what are my plans now the recommendation here is a simple focus on continuing working on your plan to create abundance and if you don’t have a plan to create abundance. After all, you must have one you must start with something you must have at less idea of ​​how you want your financial life to be later if I had financial currently is not what you would like because it is It’s probably because in the past you didn’t plan for today to be like is and the people who have a plan and who care precisely and they take care that it is carried out normally they find on the way o the tools.

Obstacles and difficulties that exist to and they are wondering what I can do about it that I need to learn with whom I need to talk about what are those skills that we have to develop or what decisions do I have to make or what are the amounts of possible things who could be involved in a process of me achieving this kind of goals regardless of what happens, how things go and what difficult situations here can become anywhere in the world. the world really because this is a message for all people what important is to keep the mission on the horizon and that the fact that situations like this that affect us all some more than others does not mean that.

Who want to pass over you the best that you can do is make

We should lose hope and that we should stop focusing on our dreams because it makes no sense if you stop focusing on your dreams you are giving power to those people who want to pass over you the best that you can do is make the decision and have the determination to get the success abundance and happiness in your life and truly work the strongest you can educate yourself become a person more and more intelligent and ensure that you grow as a person at all times and that The fact that you earn more money means that other people look always more benefited than you contribute positively to society and contribute well with value and if this is something that interests you and financial education for you are important and you understand it I find you training in money and abundance is training that.

I designed thinking precisely about the best way to structure your path to financial freedom i.e. that you are eventually living a life that financially instead of money will be a source of stress or worry or negative things whether a source of achieving your goals to be able to dedicate yourself to those who truly you want well-being, health, not because money is going to mean you happiness for example but because it enables you to achieve other things because your life no longer revolves around working enslaved for money as society wants you to do but money is working for you all this is possible, not overnight with 39 chances so magical with multilevel and who knows what things inviting friends and investing a little motivation of a click on a computer or anything like that but with understand money business models know.

What skills you can put into practice to produce that income how passive income and many other economic dynamics work that we do not teach in schools in colleges and that unfortunately we are not ready to apply in the real world many of these things are there embodied in addition to many other tools and structures and strategies that you can implement to truly transform positively your finances and if this is something that interests.