7 Common Financial Mistakes Successful People NEVER Make

7 Common Financial Mistakes Successful People NEVER Make
7 Common Financial Mistakes Successful People NEVER Make

Introduction Of 7 Common Financial Mistakes Successful People NEVER Make

7 Common Financial Mistakes Successful People NEVER Make. Today we are going to see 7 very common financial mistakes that people most successful because it’s an investment in yourself you might it is, but then you have to be very careful with how much you spend but to resting recovering energy is disconnecting from the digital world so accelerated it is not necessary to spend a lot of money it is an investment mainly of time that must be planned and that must be structured to achieve.

We also have the investment in education

We also have the investment in education whether reading books studying courses let’s say relate them to people who do and are doing reality the goals that we create for ourselves is also a way of education read articles on the internet search tutorials and do any number of things that simply increase our knowledge is an investment in oneself it can run free of charge it may be at some cost or it may simply be an investment mainly of time as well and also invest in us themselves is also seen in the sense of good nutrition exercise caring our body so that our brain and mind are functioning optimally which is key to success eating well. Read More 7 Common Financial Mistakes Successful People NEVER Make.

It may involve a financial investment, sometimes someone eats so bad that you’re spending enough money on that bad food that simply modifying what you buy do not spend more money is an investment in a time of effort willpower perhaps and of all ways the exercise part and physical activity not stop moving leaving so much sedentary lifestyle is also an investment of time and is also an investment of willpower and effort error number 12 is not thinking in the future successful people at all know that although they can enjoy the present even.

If they determine a budget or have availability of money for anything that occurs to them to be now and they know how to enjoy themselves here since the money they generate with so much effort and the free time they have left after work They still think ahead and still know that anyway if they don’t know they are in charge of what is going to come later, no one is going to take care of them that it is a good time then it is not about having the extremist mentality of thinking that like tomorrow we can die then no we are going to enjoy but we are going to squander and make the whole day off today nor the mentality is that I am saving for my future then today.

That successful people do not make is living out

I do absolutely nothing and I spend nothing fruit today I do not come out today not as it is not about that is a reasonable balance and percentage error number 3 that successful people do not make is living out or above your possibilities because it is not about they live below their means or spend less than what they earn. After all, they earn a lot of money. After all, the truth is that with more money you can spend even more and if you ask me there is no limit on the What I could say is that if I made a million dollars a month I would not I would have to spend that money on no I would have to spend more money if They proposed it, there is not enough money.

That allows me to live with more extreme luxuries and absolute extravagance without me spend the money in full and we have seen real cases of many people who have ended up with real fortunes simply because of bad spending habits and there is always the next level and there is always something more expensive to buy if we fall into that vicious cycle since we are earning little money it will be very difficult for us to grow as such then a mentality that must be from zero until we are very successful mistake number four is to quit early of time the vast majority of projects take longer than people believe in producing results or even giving indicators of whether.

It will work or not for example I opened my youtube channel in 2011 it took me almost five years to get the six thousand subscribers to receive the plate and even when it had 100,000 subscribers each new article had approximately 1000 visits which were very rare because it is practically 99% of people never and then two years later or something like that the channel started to grow I think if I’m not wrong three years then a year after I reached almost 500 thousand we are talking about a growth that takes a long time that I have been practically 10 years in this and that if.

I have not realized the potential and would not be

I had abandoned the 3 years at 4 years, then surely I have not realized the potential and would not be where I am today with this channel of youtube with about which is crazy and it was through persistence and it took effort and it was difficult but I didn’t quit early for many people this is simply not possible and it will be very complicated for 10 years I do not recommend that you wait 10 years to determine the viability of the project I simply persist because the results that are obtaining were already positive and because I already had the key indicators that it was a project that was worth continuing but anyway some people say I open a business and if after six months it has not given money and I have not been able to enjoy money from it because.

I close it does not make sense because in the first months even in the early years the business has to feed himself and if telecom in profits then imagine mistake number 5 is not being decisive successful people develop the habit to be very determined and to have as such the ability to decide early in anything even when they don’t have all the information they need The reality is that it takes about 50 percent of the information to be clear about which way to go if you are clear about your put your principles what you want in your life what not what makes you happy.


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What does not make you happy most likely almost anything that you put yourself at the table to analyze two possibilities or several possibilities or whether to do something or not to do it as you could easily through trusting in your instinct a little to tell you quickly if to do or not to do or what to do specifically but then that is something that is acquired through practice is something that you really should reinforce over time is something to which you must get used to it because they have not decided it keeps you in a state like lethargy theme keeps you in a state of uncertainty decreases your security in yourself lowers your self-esteem makes you feel stress and anxiety for what may come.

What this sometimes implies is that we give less attention

While if you want to decide what you are doing is forging your criteria for each thing that you do the error number 6 is to focus on many things at once doing thousands of projects at the same time and some people take pride in being multitasking many women say they are capable of doing more than one thing at a time and I have seen that they are capable but really what this sometimes implies is that we give less attention to each thing than we would give it if we were focusing fully and 100% in just that thing and this is more real than ever and more possible that happens in project work in things. Like It 7 Common Financial Mistakes Successful People NEVER Make.

That requires productivity and focus and efficiency that suddenly says things in the kitchen or things household chores and other similar things but then when not we focus on one thing at a time as there are several difficulties for them due to An example is that stress is usually thinking about what we have pending this other project interfere with the project that you here, for example, the university student who wants to open a small online business will start selling things and suddenly has the time to dedicate to that project I do not know an hour a day or dedicate a day of the week not anything else like it.

But allows worries and study stress interfere with this small business by thinking in both or even while working in the business is studying you are reading things you are talking to friends about studying and you cannot focus on some things leaving the other aside is very difficult that there is not that interference because our mind is going to be jumping from one to the other sometimes it is even recommended to change the environment depending on the project I am in here on this desktop for this project I am in this other part of the house for this other thing and so for that very reason the rebig problem when one tends to have many things in life.

It is very that all those things work at the same time

Because it is very that all those things work at the same time what I was also telling you, another thing that interferes, for example, is your ability to give all of you your attention your concentration your focus everything that requires that you simply be present at the activity is not going to happen if you have a lot of things on your mind it is mental stress and is disorganization and purely mental the other also that is that they have less clarity when you are going to make decisions because simply if you have many responsibilities or many obligations some of them self-imposed may you start making decisions in a project for the other even if you say.

It is This is good, I’m going to stop doing it because if I don’t have enough time for this sometimes what best we can do to be more efficient and Productive is saying no to several things and focusing on something simple that contributes to our goals but that they are 123 things and that we can focus on each of them completely without thinking about the others the last thing that can happen if you do not have that focus as such you are not capable of real dedicate yourself to each thing separately because it is that details are passed to you and suddenly do not be aware of what is happening with each of those things and if you are not able to react in time and make decisions in time.

It will be very complicated that you can bring those projects to success so the successful people decide to work on fewer things than they could even if they were a little bit more productive because they are allowed to have more clarity more peace of mind easier to get things done and if they want to achieve a lot in life they usually form teams of people who focus on the dream just outsource and go Mistake number 7 is letting fear stop you from progressing and not misunderstand all human Aryans we are afraid of success to failure to disappoint others to something not working to us come out perfect but one thing is to feel.

The mistake of being carried away by fear or making decisions based

That fear another thing is to let yourself go for the very different is that I fear failure that I left to try something out of fear of failure and successful people do not make the mistake of being carried away by fear or making decisions based on the fear that practically fear decides for them but even despite fear when not have made the decision do what they want they try what they want to prove they risk a little and this risk it’s a calculated risk it’s not like you risk losing all your savings his life or just destroy his reputation or anything with his style, but they are sudden risks that many people do not dare to take simply by what they will say or by things that are more irrelevant or by not even feeling good about themselves.

But that people already really have the ability to get almost anything ahead knows how to overcome this and not it matters how much experience we have in life in a project in an industry in a market always even with the maximum confidence that we can have there will be doubts and there will be uncertainty and we cannot stay thinking or waiting for the perfect conditions that we do not have that fear of trying something new to be able to decide Of course we are all human beings and we all make mistakes even successful people even wealthy people and those especially who.

They built their fortune and wealth from scratch by working on this through providing value to other people to other companies like everyone as we are all human beings because there is simply no way that we have perfection at all times but if we identify certain elements that we could improve certain mistakes we could avoid learning from mistakes of other people is very very valuable to build our path precisely towards financial freedom and financial happiness and this is something that you are interested that I tell you about a training abundant money has precisely that approach as you can create your way to a life of abundance in which money.