5 Things I Didn’t Know That Kept Me Poor

5 Things I Didn't Know That Kept Me Poor
5 Things I Didn't Know That Kept Me Poor

Introduction Of 5 Things I Didn’t Know That Kept Me Poor

5 Things I Didn’t Know That Kept Me Poor. I was generating income even though I was working and I want to tell you exactly certain things that I didn’t know that I kept a poor person so that you also take them into account because sometimes these are simply details that we ignore and that we take into account and deal with and deal with in time because they can improve the financial situation of dramatically hello my name is I don’t know enough more d e my mission is to help you achieve personal and financial success by becoming.

That was web pages the income was very variable

The best version of yourself so if you are crazy to consider and the first thing that kept me the town was thinking that my income was the only one variable on which depended if I had wealth or did not have wealth or if I was poor was because my income ranged and low and the truth is that at the beginning when I started as an entrepreneur with my first company.

That was web pages the income was very variable sometimes I had 234 clients in a month and it was a good month especially for the proportions of those times sometimes I had nothing and sometimes I had clients who asked me for the money back due to dissatisfaction or non-compliance and my inexperience and Well, in reality, I was working the same time that.

I was studying at the university because they prevented me from doing many things, so what happens that this income will be variables then there were times in which the Canary Islands change months one or two months in a row in which I did not receive a penny then clearly when I spent so much time without receiving money because when I received money what I did was I liked going out to eat something. After all, I like living something of what I had not been able to experience in recent weeks and not be so judicious, the truth is that what I earned was enough to cover my expenses to even allow me to save and invest very little but I allowed it, however.

When I said that regardless of the amount of January

That management was like that that I had and was I think is that they have not earned enough is that they do not see the tickets probably earning more because I was going to spend more then this is something that clicked me later when I said that regardless of the amount of January that I earn as long as my business is profitable and because it exceeds the income, it exceeds the costs and expenses because what is needed is that I took control as such of my financial situation with many other aspects not only of how much is the figure that I am earning.

What I earn is not what makes me rich or poor it is what I do with what I earn and in fact, it was making some of the silly mistakes that I mentioned in my previous video in case you want to take a look at its number 2 the right companies or friends truly people have the ability and power to influence issues of what you think let’s say develop such a personality or character that they are not influenced by the people around them or by those they spend more time with is very difficult their decisions are very complicated.

Their actions their ways of thinking their mentality their things sometimes definitely impregnate you in one way or another, whether people who every eight days are inviting each other to go out for a drink and spend money on alcohol or anything else and that you could give that money am It is best used by not leaving our whole life and simply staying locked in the house forever not but with some control with some judgment with some thinking about someone else in the present in the future because there are people.

What can be subtracted from you does not mean

Who can truly contribute to you and there are people What can be subtracted from you does not mean that when we are then on the path of creating abundance or when we are to create wealth we are going to forget about friendships we are going forget our roots but regardless of the situation in which we are from We are just starting and we are going from scratch and thus we have already traveled a certain path or even if we have already created a lot of wealth and if.

We have family friends or co-workers in any of these stages we can find that some of them are going to make bad influences yes or yes regardless of your income level and you have to analyze what that influence is if you are with that person makes me spend money makes me enjoy life makes me earn money makes me learn things or makes me feel bad or any other number of situations with which I should reflect on whether or not it is worth it for that person to receive so much of my attention and I did not educate myself enough because of my presence number 3.

Because the money I spent I earned and that I had a little leftover, I did not use it for example to buy books or to educate myself in certain ways and because I did not dedicate time here to certain skills, for example, what I said about my company, I also experience the way of not knowing how to manage my unproductive time with having several clients and not knowing how to handle multiple projects at the same time, just acquiring time management skills or financial skills in terms of a company, learn the basics about taxes to run your own business or learn.

A tunnel vision to say this is the project

How to earn an additional income if you have only de your job any number of things you could learn could improve your financial situation if you only dedicate time to it but what happens is that I had a tunnel vision to say this is the project I have this is what I want you to achieve for For me, these are the activities and that’s it, I’m going to do them and that’s all I have to do and if I focused a lot I was addicted to work and tried to quit a bit so much addiction to tobacco because I stayed up late and it was crazy but.


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When doing those things and suddenly combines experience once again by not knowing which activities to select by not following Pareto’s law in the sense that 20 percent of all the things you do will be responsible for 80 percent of all your results because I dedicated myself a lot to many things that were useless and the worst risk that one can have when being an entrepreneur is truly not trying certain things is more the danger of not try something new not to innovate so you can lose imagine.

That you have earned goods by earning a certain amount of money per month and you by not trying something different you stop earning triple that is a bigger loss so you try something and lose money because you probably won’t lose triple what you are earning or something like that and there is a limit on what you can spend and lose on what you invest but there is no limit on what you can earn depending on the activities you do So it is about the combination between learning and acquiring skills to put into practice and generate additional.

Income or innovate and produce results

Income or innovate and produce results and also diversify a little the focuses of attention that you have and the things to which you dedicate yourself because doing the same things no and again and again not only do you get the same results but over time you get a little less positive results precisely because the world is evolving then you have to adapt and be flexible and for that, you have to educate yourself number 4 a toxic work environment and this can be anywhere it can be the office of the company.

Where you work to which you go all days if you are doing it now in these times how can it be if you work from home because the place where you work personally I have been working from home since 2009 even when at that time it was rare for people to think that I was working and at the beginning, I happened a lot that I did not know how to differentiate to be able to determine this is work this space is work and this is personal so practically all day I was thinking about a job all day I was working all day.

I was doing personal and work things mixed receiving e-mails from friends and receiving work e-mails, so it is good to know how to identify and differentiate limits of one of the other so that there is no interpolation and you can separate yourself, it also happens for people who work and have a job and call them during non-working hours or on weekends and according to the terms of the contract, it is not agreed that this is done that way that company wants to grow at the cost of your time.

Which should be used for in addition to things

Which should be used for in addition to things such as rest, enjoyment, spending time with family, spending time with yourself because in your growth it is not theirs so a toxic work environment can keep you poor and can keep you poor because it takes away from what you can do from what you can learn even from what you can rest to recharge and be much more productive and the number 5 thing that kept me poor was not knowing how to handle the money I had even as little as it was.

If you give a child an ice cream from a scoop and he drops it on the ground he starts to cry and then the notice where there is an on the side of two scoops and he points it out asking you what would you think about giving him that On the other hand, if you could not handle the one- ball, the same happens when you do not know how to handle little income if you have small income but it is not enough for what you are doing your lifestyle is out of your means you are spending on unnecessary things you are not Prioritizing saving even if it is 1%.