5 STRANGE Financial Skills EVERYONE Should MASTER

5 STRANGE Financial Skills EVERYONE Should MASTER
5 STRANGE Financial Skills EVERYONE Should MASTER

Introduction Of 5 STRANGE Financial Skills EVERYONE Should MASTER

5 STRANGE Financial Skills EVERYONE Should MASTER. Today I want to tell you what are 5 strange financial skills that we should all. If it were not for the taxes that we all have to pay at some point, however, there comes a point at which well it’s too much tax money from the that we have to pay especially when we start to earn more money we start to create even so if our wealth begins to grow and it is here where we have to acquire the ability to even as if we were accountants if we do not stop them from understanding specifically.

What ways exist to deduce what are the costs or deductions attributable

How the tax statute works What ways exist to deduce what are the costs or deductions attributable and many other things that arise and be precisely updated or have the advice of someone who is precisely to reduce and save in this sense the financial ability a little strange number 2 is knowing how to relate to the right people because one can really learn a lot more and get results faster financially if one is relating to the right people with those who already have an abundance mentality who are already achieving results and your environment is mainly composed of negative pessimistic people who see no opportunity.

I know that he says that all the time because the problem is the government and that he keeps complaining about what the news sees about so many things because that is going to influence you in one way or another and you would have to be really very resistant and very solid at a mental level so that it will not affect you while on the contrary if your influence is successful people you will begin to achieve results to see things differently to have new perspectives and why not maybe even in business and create projects with those same people because it is a strange skill because you have to learn to connect with those people in principle to give value not only to try to get something from them.

But to also be someone who provides things that they consider valuable and that you can create win-win relationships skill number 3 is to control your negative habits the problem with negative habits and reason why which is part of this list is simply that we do not realize what those negative habits are, we do not all have the ability to recognize those bad habits and those that we recognize many of the ones we have, we do not recognize all or we do not identify them all for that reason.

Which of the behaviors of our automatic responses to certain stimuli provide

It is important to analyze which of the behaviors of our automatic responses to certain stimuli provide us as paths or leads us to negative financial situations that are detrimental to the objectives we have when something simply happens and suddenly we spend money impulsively or emotionally and that affects our ability to save and many other examples each person is different and each head is a world and they have some possible good, neutral or bad habits that we will have to manage, analyze and control and begin to modify them in a way that we serve what we want to achieve financial skill number 4 is knowing.


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How to eliminate the cost of your ideal life the truth is that many people spend their lives year after year and decade after a decade working and undertaking or doing projects all to earn more and more money all for thinking about having a home of their own or having the possibility of retiring or traveling or doing these things to others but we never stop to think about our ideal lifestyle what we want to do with our lives how is your ideal day your ideal week your ideal month or your ideal year perhaps For many people it is not working and resting to be traveling but the most and most possible is that there are things or situations in which.

You want to be busy and dedicate yourself to something valuable that perhaps is not possible if you have to work all the days then the question is how can I translate that those objectives those ideals or that mission is not the purpose that it wants to fulfill in money how much it costs how much do I have to be earning without the necessity of working to make that reality and the curious thing here is that for many people this amount is much less than what they think and for others even worse than reality could already be happening in their lives at this precise moment but perhaps they do not see it So clear.

They are focused on the cycle of work and work

Because they are focused on the cycle of work and work and work for money and finally skill number 5 is to leverage you from where you live if I asked many people from different geographical locations how good an income of a thousand seems to them dollars the answers would be very varied, for example, a person who lives in a small town in Colombia would say that he could practically live as one of the wealthiest men and have much more than enough money to enjoy what he wants even to travel and others but probably a person In the main city like Bogotá, it would hardly be enough for the basics and that with difficulty suddenly, not with poverty but not either. Read More 5 STRANGE Financial Skills EVERYONE Should MASTER.

Or with luxuries, the cost of living is much higher in principle the cost of housing is much higher than if we even go to the United States where the minimum wage is around 1,500 or 2,000 dollars because it is for me by hours depending on what that the person works because a thousand dollars is going to be well below even half of what is the minimum wage and it will not reach even for the basics since there are states where the rent costs much more than a thousand dollars for a small apartment with a bedroom and a living room a bathroom and a kitchen all in the same place so what happens that sometimes it is not only how much money.

I can earn and also how I manage it, what is important but also where I live, what is my cost of living, and what am I willing to assume because sometimes even the city where I live or even the neighborhood and my goals can get in the way, many people are not willing to change their city. or to change neighborhoods but when we objectively consciously analyze it, we put aside the emotional issue, we can make decisions that truly allow us to leverage that place where we live and reduce our costs, thinking that in the future we will be much better off if the day.