5 Skills You Need To Perfect To Create WEALTH

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5 Skills You Need To Perfect To Create WEALTH

Introduction Of 5 Skills You Need To Perfect To Create WEALTH

5 Skills You Need To Perfect To Create WEALTH. There are many more than 5 and many more than those that I am going to tell you about today, but these are perhaps some of the most important, especially today. And the first one is Personal Marketing. Knowing how to promote yourself, promote your business. Today we have the greatest opportunity in history, it has never been so possible and easy to carry out a business idea, undertake and do something new that allows us to create much more abundance.

Marketing Skill

And suddenly to put aside the mentality of “slaves”, if we can call it that, it gives us the job and simply works to fulfill the objective of another person. So, when we say “well, let’s create our own business”, or even let’s say that I want to look for a good job, I have a skill, I have the necessary qualifications, or I have whatever it takes to have that job.

I need to promote myself, I need to know how to do marketing and before having a good social profile, knowing how to advertise or something else, perhaps it was something new and it was something that few people mastered, but nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult as more people are just beginning to understand how to promote themselves.

Marketing Skill

And it is these people who dominate personal marketing who are getting a better slice of the market as such. Today it is simply not enough to have a resume and hope that some employer will simply see the value you have as an employee. Or that you have a business and that just by having it open to the public, people will come by, go in and buy.

The Ability To Negotiate

Worse still on the Internet Just having a website or a social profile is simply not going to be enough. And this ability is something that is differentiating companies that are successful today from those that are lagging. So, both on a personal, business, and professional level, marketing is essential now more than ever and is a skill that you must acquire and perfect. # 2 The ability to negotiate. It’s not really about taking advantage of the other person, trying to reduce the price as much as possible.

So that you pay less and simply take advantage of the other person. But to understand and know how to do so that the other person also wins but that you get a very good deal. In other words, don’t be scammed, that you understand what a good deal is, who is offering you something fair. That does not happen like many people who simply because they cannot negotiate, or feel that they are not good negotiators, accept anything, the first thing that comes across them; and they end up spending more money, or receiving much less money for the things.

The Ability To Negotiate

They have to sell or even for their services, and they do it for years, they are not able to negotiate their salary when looking for a job, because they feel at a disadvantage and they believe that the employer is the one with the ability or the leverage to negotiate, and many other things. And this ultimately translates into a lost opportunity, enormous cost, and far less abundance in the long run. And therefore, acquiring the ability to negotiate very well and knowing how to do it with excellence, basically is one more way to create wealth in your life.

Mastering Digital Tools

3 something related perhaps to the first point, is Mastering Digital Tools. Perhaps many people have preferences, such as reading a book on paper instead of digital, or for example, closing a deal or trying to sell in person and not so much by phone, much less by chat or something like that. But it is not a surprise that especially this year we are realizing that digital tools and new technologies are changing the world at an ever-faster rate, this is something that has been repeated for years and perhaps decades, but today more than ever, digital colleagues are practically eating the world, and people who are left behind simply for saying.

“I’m not technological, technology runs over me, I don’t understand computers or cell phones”, or whatever. Simply because these people are so close, they are missing great opportunities that perhaps for who knows what reason, younger people are taking advantage of today. What happens is that there is more and more competition, it is more and more difficult, so if today you try a little, it is not about becoming a programmer, or engineer, or systems hacker, not much less.

Mastering Digital Tools

But rather that you strive a little to improve your skill, to know a little more, to understand how at least the systems that are relevant to whatever you want to achieve in your professional and financial life work, the safest It is that just by acquiring those skills you will be above many other people later on and have an advantage over them because most people today are afraid of change, they are simply afraid of adopting this new paradigm.

Consistent Planning and Taking Action

Skill 4 is Consistent Planning and Taking Action. What’s more, a perfect balance between the two is even better. Because there are people who are perfect at making plans, they are inveterate dreamers and they simply are not capable of doing anything more than visualizing, imagining, and seeing all the opportunities they have in their hands to get rich, to become millionaires, to “get money “as some call it. And when you see what they are doing, either they are not doing what is leading to results, or they are not doing anything at all.

While other people who work hard all the time, every day, get up early, go to bed early, are very persistent and very disciplined, very consistent, and yet we still don’t see tangible results in their lives. Because they need planning, because they don’t know what to do if something in the activities they are carrying out goes wrong, they don’t know what a contingency plan is, they don’t have a structure regarding what things are worth doing, Pareto’s Law What is that 20% of my efforts that I can channel to obtain the greatest possible amount of results or 80%. And really how can I be efficient and intelligent when it comes to focusing my efforts. YOU CAN ALSO READ 5 DAILY Habits That Will Help You Have More Financial SUCCESS.

The most successful people know how to plan, design an ideal plan taking into account even some unforeseen events, and know what to do when things do not go as expected. They also know how to measure results every day, so they know with certainty whether or not they are progressing at the rate they need. And on the basis that if yes, they continue to do so; and if not, what adjustments should they make. People who do not take this into account, it is not a surprise that some years later they find themselves in the same place or perhaps a little further back.

Financial Math

Skill 5 is Simple Financial Math, and I’m not referring as such to complex calculations, amortization tables, compound interest formulas, or anything like that. I am referring to a skill that in Colombia we call “putting a pencil to things.” When it comes to buying a car, doing the math. Not only how much the car costs, how much you will have financed with the bank, but the fees: What is the interest rate, what are the associated insurance, the cost of gasoline, the tax that must be paid annually, what is the cost of the all-risk policy if it is to be purchased, the mandatory insurance, and many others things.

Even a budget for unforeseen repairs, even if it’s a new car, doesn’t matter. Many people fail when it comes to buying a car when it comes to buying a house when it comes to starting a new business when it comes to doing just about anything financially, and not doing the math correctly. It applies both to a decision that I am going to make and to a decision that I am simply failing to make out of ignorance. In other words, both the cost of acquiring an opportunity and taking an opportunity, as well as the cost of not acquiring it, the mere fact that I know how to do the math, knowing at least how much money is required, how much money is required.

Financial Math

You do not have, what is the profitability. Take into account many factors that ultimately it is something as simple as writing on a piece of paper, or making an Excel sheet, or doing something as simple as using an online tool, compound interest, a financial calculator, or whatever. No study or advanced knowledge is required, and simply in an afternoon of analysis, you can do practically anything. What is required is the habit that you know how to “put a pencil” on things every time you make a decision. But why do it?

The Financial Decision

Simply so that the financial decision is not made emotionally, do not get carried away by your subconscious that many times has other motivations other than profitability, different from making a decision that makes sense, different from one that maximizes the value of your money in the long term, even in the medium term. Even many times different motivations than those that make sense when we think about it out loud, such as when we make decisions to impress other people or to try to prove what we are worth, and many other things.

If you get used to having simple financial math running all the time in the back of your mind, you become a machine that composes financial decision after correct financial decision and in no time you will find yourself in a better situation simply because you apply the numerical principles of success. These are some of the skills that are required to create wealth they are practically those that many people who have reached great levels of wealth have carried out knowingly or without knowing.

Simply, or because they were educated that way, or because they realized that it was basically what worked and began to develop them. Of course, there are many others and if you want to educate yourself financially, create your path to financial freedom and real progress towards those goals that you define for yourself, I tell you that my Money and Abundance Training tells you everything you need to know Starting with your mentality, the subconscious patterns that society implanted in us since.

We were children and that haha side we believe that it is difficult or impossible to become a millionaire, that certain things about money are so negative that we should not think about money. Many things that we simply have there since we little prevented us from seeing and taking advantage of opportunities to connect those talents that we have, those natural abilities and capacities with the creation of abundance so that we are not working all our lives for money but rather putting money to work for us.