5 Skills for Financial Survival in Today’s World

5 Skills for Financial Survival in Today's World
5 Skills for Financial Survival in Today's World

Introduction Of 5 Skills for Financial Survival in Today’s World

5 Skills for Financial Survival in Today’s World. Five skills you need in this world crazy today to survive financially and that you can get your goals in terms of abundance and financial success or less are sebastián félix may and my mission through this channel is to help you achieve personal and financial success by becoming the best version of you same so I want not here consider subscribing the first skill is the long-term vision one of the things that have caused the most the pandemic and the crisis.

We have been experiencing since last year

What we have been experiencing since last year is the fact that people focus so much on the short term that loses their vision towards the horizon is fact that when they see that company stocks are falling sell like crazy and lose and devalue their portfolio materializing the losses investments that if they had kept six more months would have been positive simply because of their inability to see a little beyond their noses because they simply generated negative returns the moment they were analyzed for example different situations.

The subject of employment people who desperately last year sold their house because I am not going to be able to pay people who accepted the alleged financial relief and did so not even out of necessity but because of suddenly having the possibility based on the fear of not having to pay those fees and use that money for other things simply by having been prepared with an emergency fund saved or many similar things and later they realized that well this is the new normal and that the reliefs were no reliefs and they had no.


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That paying more interest on the principal is not reduced that they paid several only interests and many other things plus all for not having a long vision term because it is that in the long term the greatest crises that have occurred in the history and history teach us many things that we could learn to not repeat it even the biggest crises happen and end up ending not only the countries the people governments returning to normality are stabilizing again if not growing more than before and if we all had the long-term vision enough to make decisions.

What do I mean by this to understand money

Now in a way that has not been based on the fear in the irrational mind and in other things that simply do not let us see we would be much much better and we would be better prepared for the future the second skill is to go one step further there what do I mean by this to understand money and understand rates of interest some people acquire a credit card credit and do not know how an interest rate works have not done simulations in the free simulators countless tools that we find on the internet allow us to do the accounts decided some purchases six installments how much exactly I will end up paying or at least ask.

When it is acquired by example a vehicle credit what are the associated expenses when it is going to buy a house what are the taxes when you are going to sell a house what are the taxes one step further implies always knowing what are the details, no matter how minimal they seem to be advised by people who know it from the experts not believing that I know everything not believing that things they are simply because they are hardly going to do it and try to understand and be a little nerdy I am very inert in every way but I always like it just to know what I abide by what are all the things that I should know about something before I dive in that if I’m going to buy bitcoin that is bitcoin how does block change work what are cryptocurrencies what is the future of cryptocurrencies or at least what we can analyze.

Now of them what is the past cryptocurrencies as they were conceived where they are should have so that there is no risk of losing them which are the most scams common and many other things going beyond implies knowing practically everything never We will know everything but on a practical level if there is going to be a point at which it was paid enough to make a good decision and that’s the second skill number 3 is negotiation we are super used to accepting Everything as they are presented to us is to say that if they propose a business to us we say yes or even say it because we believe that conditions cannot change that reminds me.

What his salary aspiration is and for some other reason

A lot of a relative who was offered a job and they simply asked him what his salary aspiration is and for some other reason, he said a figure that they accepted immediately and then he was thinking ok probably says very little and is part of negotiation skills knowing high to offer how much to ask to stay how we can structure a win-win in which I am truly satisfied and negotiation not only in terms of financial transactions you can negotiate everything in life and every day I surely have micro negotiations in which If I were a better businessman, I would do better in life, not because I’m going to take advantage of people but because I truly get.

What is fair for me and that is the third skill skill number 4 is very difficult is simply one thing is to put it on paper another thing is to put it into practice, it is about separating the needs or wishes to have a cold and calculating mind when it comes to money when I say this I want it I wish it I would love to have it differently when I say this I need it and without this I could not live without internet in theory could live depends on whether I work with the internet or not every person is different but there are certain tastes or luxuries that we stop perceiving as students tastes and we begin to consider needs that are not needs is not about stopping living with the internet or leaving aside things.

That finally make our life easier and are conveniences. to be aware of what our needs and what are wants even if I say these wishes I want to have in my life these tastes I want to give them these luxuries I want to acquire is fine but to be aware the key is to be aware and to be able to separate one from the other so that when taking a decision is giving me excuses and justifications rare to my mind that it is not that I need it, it is that I am truly going to take advantage of it that I know consciously.

I am giving a taste and now and it is not bad or that I say like that and it is wrong to give me that pleasure and rather, I should budget to calculate to be clear about how much you can not what we do when it comes to giving ourselves a taste that is by out of our budget is or justify. After all, it can be worth it because it really could be a necessity when it isn’t or just to pay that rational part and let ourselves go as much as we like and how it is also felt by the emotional or irrational part of our mind and that it makes us lose money that makes us overspend that just So if I continue that part you would have enough money to spare like to pay all the additional taxes/.

 This life alone can help us grow much more financially

That the government and much more and I would have money left over, therefore, this life alone can help us grow much more financially than we believe and I love skill number 5 because it is not at all like it sounds like it’s about being your boss people love to be told you can be your boss they propose you want to be your boss and dream as with a reality in which there is if I am my boss but I am not a real boss a boss who is pestering all the time a boss who is making sure you achieve your goals.

That you are meeting deadlines planned a boss is not a person who is simply enjoying the channel of money without doing anything or a figure in your life that is simply monitoring your activities and when I consider the idea of ​​being the entrepreneur from the start was precisely one of his bosses songs that are over verifying and all the time trying as strictly as possible that the results are achieved that there is progress and that in one way or another is getting what we want because of otherwise no one is going to assure us.

That the work we are doing it is worth it and when one is independent and does not have a boss on top by saying those things you have to be your boss no matter if you are an employee and you do not have your own business you should have some system mechanism or whatever it is self-regulation to know if you are achieving your goals of know if this is what you want to win what are you doing about it what is your level of education what are your financial skills your abilities monetizable.

You should be that same figure for yourself in a way that makes

What things you are learning every day to bring you closer to the future you want because that’s what a boss does to make sure the employees who are in charge of achieving the results that are supposed to be achieved and if you don’t have someone to tell you and preferably you shouldn’t wait for no one to tell you what to do because you should be that same figure for yourself in a way that makes sure you’re getting the results you want as well as these skills that are so important and critical to financially surviving the day and many others there are certain things that they do not teach us in schools in which schools in even universities and even some people.

Who study finance and economics do not learn about daily money management because they are simply things that we would see acquire at every moment and we would see everything the time will be increasing our coefficient the financial coefficient intellectual in one way or another we must learn things every day new even not only finance but keep our mind active agile thinking of solutions, not problems not staying with complaints in justifications in excuses why I cannot achieve success and many other things that simply feed through financial education your most important asset that is your mind and that is precisely the goal of my money and abundance training that through financial education you arms of resources and tools that will help you create and build your path to financial freedom life.