5 Signs You Need To Organize Your Finances

5 Signs You Need To Organize Your Finances
5 Signs You Need To Organize Your Finances

Introduction Of 5 Signs You Need To Organize Your Finances

5 Signs You Need To Organize Your Finances. The mattress or something like that, the ideal in healthy finances is that a certain percentage of your income as such goes away because you can have multiple objectives in fact in a previous video I talked about 10 things for which you should probably address not all at the same time.

The other must-have priority in your life and if in your finances

But eventually one or the other must have priority in your life and if in your finances saving is not something constant, either because you consider that you do not earn enough or because of any other justification or excuse that the vast majority of people We create not to save because we simply have to do something about it, we have to save it does not mean that we are stingy that we stop enjoying the money in the short term that we are going to save and accumulate all that money not to enjoy but that.

We are going to find a balance between the present and the future and definitely if you do not have savings or your savings are very small, something must be done about it Sign number 2 is that they suffer from financial anxiety, that is, that stress we feel internal when we have the uncertainty of not knowing if in the future our finances will be stable or not, for example, people who soon do not know if they will keep their jobs or not if suddenly it is probable or there is a risk that they will stop earning income and that makes them feel anxious because guess.

That person who knows how to handle their money even when they have a source of income that is not guaranteed and that it is not known if they will have all the time yet they manage to structure their money in such a way that those unforeseen situations or difficult situations do not affect them anyway or at least it does not end with their savings and does not end with the possibility of them remaining financially stable.

A situation like that to have to go to borrow money

As such and they do not need even under a situation like that to have to go to borrow money and pay interest and get super indebted So what happens that if you get that anxiety is because at this time you do not have the necessary mechanisms to prevent an unexpected or unforeseen situation from affecting you and shaking you completely, it is not so much dependent on how much money you earn was clearly If you do not have a job and have expenses and you are eating the savings but t.

There is going to be brutal anxiety and you have to do something about it and then there is simply nothing more to do than find a source of income but if you have income and still you have that anxiety that restructures your finances as soon as possible signal number 3 is if at any time you have had to pay a bill with credit I do not mean for example a credit card when you pay it at an interest-free installment and with your desire you earn points or miles I do not mean that you have had to borrow money.

Because you do not have to pay for the telephone or the energy or the water or even the rent This is an unequivocal sign of financial difficulties that in the future is expected to be more difficult unless something happens at the level of improving your income or truly putting your finances in order. Infrastructure may even imply that you analyze what things are in your You can sell your house to reorganize your situation and analyze your expenses and other things so that you structure very well in which your money goes but definitely.

The predictable constant recurring expenses

What are the predictable constant recurring expenses of every month should not be paid with money borrowed interest because this is the only thing that is going to do is find out as such in debts you do number four is that you have probably been taken by surprise if these certain expenses that were not a surprise such as the annual house tax or the insurance of the motorcycle or college semester those things that.


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We know we have to pay for that we know when we have to pay for it s since we probably even know how much to pay for them, today we have more or less an estimated value of how much they will cost us, they are things that we can foresee a long time in advance, for example, a year or six months or three months or whatever. be it and that we can specifically plan each month to save a portion of our money so that when that expense arrives, we simply have everything available and we are not taken by surprise, it is called provisioning because of people.

Who has taken an expense that is I knew it was going to arrive because they are simply people who forgot those things or suddenly thinking later, surely there will be a way to pay, perhaps I trust that in the future I already have the possibility of paying for these types of expenses or suddenly some business and I earn x money or suddenly already at that time the debts paid off or something and I did not take it into account from the beginning, definitely that is a person who You have to reorganize.

Financially and the number signal is always that

The way you do things financially and the number signal is always that you can only pay the minimum installments of your debts, be it a vehicle loan or a credit card, and even if we talk about a mortgage loan we see that we should all aggressively attack our debts and this implies paying additional capital to what is the minimum fee to be able to move forward and with this, we save large amounts of money in long-term interest when we do not do it, the only thing we are doing is guaranteeing that the.

The bank is going to keep a larger portion of our money in the form of interest on additional expenses and even insurance because the fact that I make the capital reduces me to 23 installments and with that, I have to pay two or three fewer insurance installments And many other things, the question is that if you have debts and you can only pay the minimum fee because your income does not reach you fixed, it is p Or guide the decisions you made regarding when to go into debt because the amount to borrow and for.

What reason to take a debt for whatever it is that you have acquired because it was definitely not the best in other words when you get into debt you must take certain things into account so that the sale is not only possible to pay it but it is also possible to pay the capital also if I do the accounts so that the minimum fee is all I can pay, I am doing more accounts and if for some reason I did the accounts well at the beginning and I There is plenty of money and now no longer because you have to do something about it.

Reorganize your finances in that sense

You definitely have to reorganize your finances in that sense, identifying these things is key even if there comes a time when we say, I feel bad about my situation, I feel bad about the decisions. that I have taken is not about judging you about criticizing you telling you that you are bad with money It is not about emotionally attacking you, much less the s people who feel pointed out from me because I apologize in advance if this makes them feel bad but sometimes we have to shake ourselves a little and say well.

This really needs to improve and what better way than to identify specific signs, specific things, even others that come to you. occur based on what I mentioned to you that 7 occurs in other signals you can leave them in the comments so that then you already say ok this is what I have to improve and from there we can start talking about what are the possible strategies that these are the ones that I am going to mention in the next video strategies to reorganize your finances and based on that, then start.

A life of financial abundance

A restructuring oriented to a life of financial abundance, better still of financial freedom, that is, a life in which you do not have to work for money but you put the money to work for you in fact if this is something that interests you I will tell you about my training the money and plenty dance teaches you precisely that through three modules of the first we talk about everything.

That has to do with the mentality subconscious patterns that society has taught us consciously or unconsciously, our mind has permeated us and prevent us from seeing and taking advantage of opportunities to improve our finances module number 2 talks about what are the practical exercises that you can carry out to identify things you can do to earn extra or additional money to your income, such as from your job or your business, that is if there are skills or capacities that you have or can develop and polish a little that you find those.