5 HEREDITARY Financial Behaviors You Should Eliminate

5 HEREDITARY Financial Behaviors You Should Eliminate
5 HEREDITARY Financial Behaviors You Should Eliminate

Introduction Of 5 HEREDITARY Financial Behaviors You Should Eliminate

5 HEREDITARY Financial Behaviors You Should Eliminate. Today we are going to see 5 hereditary financial behaviors what should you delete who are there close or even close friends or loved ones in one way or another end up influencing us at the behavioral especially in what has to do with finances either because directly for example number one may be that they teach us things to about money that they tell us how to make certain decisions to do in certain cases that we do not do the other possible number two.

How they do it we practically absorb

Is that they tell us sometimes they give us an example by taking their actions and we observing and seeing how they do it we practically absorb how he exposes just those behaviors and we end up replicating the unconsciously in our lives and number three is when we simply we rebel against them we see that they do things that they don’t make sense we don’t want to be like them and we take or adopt opposite behaviors too and this may be positive and may not when we behave financially in a way.

That does not provide value does not help us progress and does not align with our financial goals and objectives and these behaviors are derived from those had our parents either directly or oppositely because we have We must be very clear that we must control them to prevent them from controlling us because chances are that if we let our behaviors are inherited from our parents or our beings dear then that in the future we end up living the financial life that they live in the present today.

That may be fine if your parents are excellent money they know to save invest they have taken excellent decisions is that what you should do best is to replicate and copy those positive things put aside the negative but if suddenly you analyze and you say this is not at its optimum they maybe could have done them better things that is where we are going to take into account some tips precisely to eliminate those behaviors and we are going to see 5 specific behaviors that we could be adopting from them without realizing.

The first behavior hereditary financial

It and the first behavior hereditary financial is to indulge without conscious thought or I am not saying that they are wrong to indulge, I’m talking about the conscience part when I am aware of when I like myself because I give myself certain likes how much they cost what proportion of my reasonable income am I spending on them and many other things because does not mean that I have to think about it is very different from when people simply reward themselves for nothing or just decide to spend money any time they receive a profit additional unexpected simply letting yourself be carried away by impulsive purchases and many other things, money is to enjoy it and if not.

We feel that our effort is worth it because it will be difficult for us to have the motivation to continue productive but if everything we do with our money is to earn it and then spend what we will never grow We are going to create wealth and we are not going to progress either, so the idea is that there is a balance and a balance between the two and many parents are passed on to their children that through almost to the mindset of rewarding their children simply even despite not having fulfilled their goals as children of study of whatever or when they receive some additional money the children see Suddenly my dad earned money. read more to get success 5 HEREDITARY Financial Behaviors You Should Eliminate.

Because he did a certain job and now suddenly we are enjoying it in such a way that we are also acquiring and we are adopting it in our lives and we have to control it with conscience the second behavior is to never have a plan, in other words, to expect that our financial life our circumstance our situation is resolved positively because the government increased subsidies or decreased taxes or why they are giving new jobs in the city or because they gave me a raise in my job or because who knows how many things always waiting while adrift that can happen with my finances and never knowing that I am the one in control that they notice.

That wait for the Binion salary to go up to earn more money

That wait for the Binion salary to go up to earn more money if I’m earning a million Colombian pesos or 300 US dollars and he is not enough and it is not enough for me I have no reason to blame the government it could be I could be fighting my whole life to raise the minimum wage five times more than it is today but it is easier, faster and more effective I take care of making more money with my skills my study and my capacity through what is our most valuable asset our mind educating me and working hard just in the way that I can have to generate additional income with new skills or with anything else without waiting for something to solve my life suddenly without having.

The umbilical cord ready to connect it to who knows the entity the government of the country or my gesture of whatever having a plan of Behavior number 3 is to buy for others to see in other words that purchasing decisions are directly influenced by what They will say that I did not buy a cheap used cheap gasoline car simply because my neighbors depend on me to buy expensive clothes just to adjust a social status or you know what strange things without thinking about what my true financial goals are I should first think about me think about what it is that you really want in my life and can that some purchases simply help and this is exactly. comment below on blog 5 HEREDITARY Financial Behaviors You Should Eliminate.

What I want for my life I may say that I do not have to be demonstrating to nobody nothing and I can buy myself something of lesser value I can buy nothing in absolute even this goes far beyond the financial issue is like when the 25-year-old girls begin to tell them when you are going to have children if you don’t you want to have children because it is not to let yourself be socially pressured thinking that that must be soon if you never have you want to have children that is too Well, if you want to have young children, those are very good, it doesn’t matter. the important thing is your objectives and financially affects a lot to the parents.

What others will say and well many people simply adopt also this behavior without knowing it and they end up making decisions financially based on the opinion of others very similar to the above is the number 4 inflation to lifestyle when we start to earn more money there an increase in work or suddenly the situation improved we changed jobs we created a business we had an additional source of income natural for the vast majority of people is to spend more money that behavior usually stems from our parents doing so in certain moments and we as we live that we learned it and we adopt without knowing it then why this happens also partly.

What we mentioned in the previous point is making

Because of the try to fit in on a social level when a person knows that you are working in a higher position or that you are making more money because you soon you will worry about exactly what we mentioned in the previous point is making so much money and has not changed shoes is making is working for such a thing and look at the car he’s in then don’t let us take from this never and never just allow that if income increases increase arms because then there is never financial growth spending money does not get rich earning money-saving and investing yes and perhaps the most dangerous hereditary behavior of all.


The Productivity Strategy That Has Worked Best For Me

The number five is and completely avoid the financial issue the discussions the conversations the long nights in which you have to do you count knowing how much exactly are my debts what is my net fortune I am clear if you want the value how long it would take me a while to pay my house, chop the credit cards, I’m doing a proper use of the tools and financial products that I have to my disposition and how much my income is to the surprise of many people the vast majority of people do not know how much their income is and whether calculates exactly without the person knowing it and is asked a figure what more likely they are different things.

Which is crazy the case is that avoiding the issue of finances is that it usually comes from a fear mentality of maybe not wanting to see reality not wanting to accept the situation we are in and the one that is easier just to leave everything of side and trust that at some point things will work out well What if I know that I have control and the ability to transform my finances because I do not have to hide that from myself and on the contrary being aware of it realizing my situation is going to be much more efficient and effective to be able to resolve that situation and move forward additionally we always have the fear of not accepting that we are perhaps.

We all feel internal and this is natural

A little more ignorant than we think we all feel internal and this is natural that we are doing the best we can with what we have but we never accept that suddenly we lack more education we lack the strategy we lack techniques we lack to master the matter and the issue of money is one in which each person feels that it is enough and when you start studying that’s where you don’t realize you don’t know absolutely anything you always have a lot to learn so try also to be a little humble and to recognize and accept the current situation without hiding anything from there to be in a much more solid position to transform our finances positively.

So some tips to have in terms of the transformation of hereditary behaviors and so that we can eliminate these diseases if we could call them that of our financial life are the following the first thing is to analyze how are those habits and behaviors from your parents about the people who were in your life even if they no longer they are how they handled money how they made their decisions were impulsive they were not analytical or how they did the things they are in debt or they did not have savings or did not achieve their goals in life as were their results what positive things could I get out of that what negative things could you say that.

I do not want this on the other hand to analyze which of those behaviors perhaps without knowing it makes you replicate in what things you look like to them what things have you done, what things have you done, have you done opposite exactly opposite so that you say I’m probably doing this in a radically opposite way just for them to do things the way they did in addition to determining exactly what is the financial reality that do you want for your life willing to accept and what not and what it would be your ideal life, no matter.

That 10% of your salary or to modify it if you arrive

How cliché it sounds, ask yourself what your life would be like financially ideal a life of abundance and happiness already then there you analyze which of those behaviors that probably inherited do not align with that life you just determined for yourself and the idea It is not really eliminating those behaviors but modifying it that is to say replace them with more positive ones if, for example, one of the behaviors hereditary is the impulse purchase as soon as you receive your income. keep sharing 5 HEREDITARY Financial Behaviors You Should Eliminate.

Which is the same as their parents did to give an example because you can do instead of spending that money, not because you do nothing but suddenly instead of spending it automatically save it then at the beginning you spend 10% of your salary you will immediately receive it that now is that you save that 10% of your salary or to modify it if you arrive, I will save 5%. spent 5% and begins is a change a transformation according to what you consider that it is suitable for you and finally put into practice these changes daily because only through repetition and getting used to a different behavior is that you will be able to effectively have a different behavior transformation total.