5 Habits That Have Personally Made Me More Successful

5 Habits That Have Personally Made Me More Successful
5 Habits That Have Personally Made Me More Successful

Introduction Of 5 Habits That Have Personally Made Me More Successful

5 Habits That Have Personally Made Me More Successful. A few days ago I talked about five habits for success that are highly recommended but they had never worked for me the day I want to tell you what 5 are habits for success that are also highly recommended but if you have produced results in my life and I want to tell you exactly why it may mean reading an article in google download a scientific article and in understanding through studies and laboratory samples which were the results or maybe it means talking to a person to ask some questions about how to do the things that would be done in my situation that I’m not sure.

Key to progress constantly

How to solve or anything else educate me constantly learning something new every day for me has been key to progress constantly being today in a much better situation than two years ago be better than ago four years be better than six years ago and so on and this applies to learn about everything, not only finances and not only work and money and but also things that may not have the practical application sense but that keeps in my mind agile and that they stimulate what my memory is, my ability to think rational side and much habit number 2 is that.

He achieved counteract my weaknesses and try to be very organized what do I mean by counteracting my weaknesses I know I am a human being I make mistakes like everyone and I have certain character traits that are not ideal I tend to be lazy I tend to be messy because I know where the things but I don’t have an organizational structure like that very specific I forget everything I am super clueless if you tell me 5 things for the shopping list in the agreement of 3 and I bring two that are not and then I know this to me know with myself and I always try to go in favor of my weaknesses not in against that if I forget things because.

I put reminders if I have to put the reminder to call a person because I do it because I know that If I don’t do it, I have forgotten and it will happen to me and if it is important to that person for me. After all, I am not going to allow my forgetful mind to just make me look bad too my mind that forgets certain things is very good for others I also take advantage as such by seeing those strengths and simply the weaknesses I work with them in a way that does not affect the issue of organization and efficiency is simply that for me it is very natural and very easy to work as a computer like a super gridded mind like an engineer and it is simply structuring.

I do to concentrate and not stop me until certain things

The process of the work that I do to concentrate and not stop me until certain things get done and this is something that truly I consider that personally, it has allowed me to achieve a lot more than before even because before it was not like that and well, it implementing little by little and much more than suddenly other people who have suddenly as a strategy a little more open or more I do not know how to mention it but suddenly not so orderly and structured and so squared because I know that not everyone likes everything for example in Regarding efficiency, let’s say this recording studio, the idea is that it be armed and ready so that if.

I want to record a video it is not without entering to turn on the air conditioning to turn on the lights connect the camera and it starts but if I have to record every time I have to put them all back together things to organize desk lights the cables the decoration and everything else and it took me half an hour and but for that half an hour certain things happen or has influenced this normally it will be very demotivating you will start to work and be efficient therefore well I am I set aside a room of my house to record and so on many other things so that between me not doing anything and doing what I want to do there are not so many barriers there is no time limitation and there is no impediments habit number 3 is very interesting and.

I learned that a long time ago time of a close person who told me about every month you should make a meeting with yourself sit down and analyze everything you are doing because you do a thousand things that is working that is not working what occupies you the day to the months and the years what things are more important which are producing results we talk about Pareto’s law from analyzing what is that 80 20 20 percent of your efforts produce 80 percent of results what if 80% of your efforts will not pay so much attention and they will dedicate more to what that works for me has been key and has been transformed.

I have only been implementing it very seriously recently

I learned it a long time ago time but I have only been implementing it very seriously recently the focus of literally trying to dedicate myself to a thing until I master it optimally and can automate it and from there and to focus on something different that for me has been fundamental and for that, I do the meeting with myself where he analyzed what I am doing. very aware that I spent my time that made me products that I did not what things are working in the business what things are bringing results what things am I paying and they are not giving me a return and likewise try to identify not only what it is that is not working and start cutting resources time attention money off.

What habit number 4 serves us is planning and planning I mean not only to stay in plans and in dreamed of visualization also take action but above all plan even when I have no idea if the plan is going to work plan when I do not know if the plan is the best plan when I do not know how to plan that when I do I learned because it changed my life because I thought before that to have a plan or he did not have to be an expert in what he did business plan as it is a business plan is done by an expert planner practically people who dedicate themselves exclusively to what they know all the contingency mechanisms they know.


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How they work things at the business level according to the capital according to the market and the industry and others in my case I simply said I want to achieve this and this is what I’m going to do to get it to see if it works sometimes but just planning it changes the whole equation it makes everything so different simply because I have a path that no one else sets for me that I established for myself and what ends up happening is that I do things that they serve us that then he analyzes them in the meeting with myself and I realize of them and I do things that serve and I am improving myself in the capacity planning to get what.

I structured the chances are that I have a very high chance of being fully

I want until there was a point where every plan that I structured the chances are that I have a very high chance of being fully achieved and to be achieved as a total success and the habit number 5 that has allowed me to achieve many things financially is the detailed monitoring of income and expenses I do it every day I do it all the time there are people who ask me well how should I do it I would do it in excel I would do it in this and I tell you you should make it so that when you are shopping at the supermarket you can write down there in the supermarket you can notice how much you spend either from your smartwatch or from your cell phone or in a paper notebook.

It does not matter I don’t think you’re going to get a computer to open excel but then what happens that many people have an excel sheet where they write down their expenses and in general, their averages and certain things and they know soon how much does the internet of public services cost them to rent or whatever, but the problem with doing it like this is that Sometimes you spend ants expenses or you spend expenses that no why not Santana ants may be bigger expenses and you just don’t write down I have the strategy that every time I make an expense every money comes out of me a pocket of my wallet or my credit card of whatever.

I point immediately in my car through a mobile application but and the key is that I not only wrote down this income of expenses but I also do analysis is also part of the meeting with myself of how my income is as it is my expenses what is the proportion as it was this month that I had planned which are the provisions of expenses that I have is to say what things I know that I am going to having to pay the other month for which from now I should have the money ready this year the other year the taxes of each year that are not a surprise and that many people call for your company all this simply to say that if I have this statistical analysis sites.

I can work on improving my way of really managing money

Where I spend money if I have categorized each and I have control over my money most likely there are no surprises I know how you are handling it understand what my shortcomings and weaknesses are and I can work on improving my way of really managing money and this although at some point I felt that I knew enough and stopped writing down and I stopped tracking this expense income tracking at that time I did not it started to go worse financially, my income decreased I do not know if it is correlated or not but also my financial management later in my account that it was very bad and that my expenses were not that controlled by therefore this.

I am going to acquire the habit and I feel I am better than ever thanks to that as well as these habits have worked for me, you may not work because they work very well for you back it would be great that way mediated in the comments really what habits you carry out that you consider to be you helping to progress and that they have you better than a couple of years ago for example and know these things and identify which are those shower activities or habits that can work day by day to get closer and closer to the life you want it seems to me which is key simply to be consciously working on something that.

You really want to achieve and not just waiting for the conditions and circumstances occur from one moment to the next that the opportunities fall from the sky so that other people, entities, companies, or the government solve everything for you when you take control of your finances you have the power to make your financial life exactly like you you want and this is something that interests you, I tell you that my training money and abundance teaches you exactly what you need to know to create your path towards financial freedom I would love to have you on the training workshop on the link in the description so you can give it a look and you realize what it is about to decide if it is for you or not and you know that this training is divided into three parts first.