5 HABITS FOR SUCCESS THAT NEVER WORKED FOR ME. Today I want to tell you what are 5 positive habits that work very good to achieve success that I can never do it the truth is that I keep trying is a couple of times in my life I have done as things befitting to go to bed earlier or sleep and physical trying to get up as early as possible and I’ve never been able to not my body It does not adapt, I do not know what is happening, but in some way or another I feel much better I feel happy I feel energetic and I am very productive if I get up at half-past nine in the morning every day I just don’t I even have an alarm at the time.

I also have something else to do soon characterizes me

That my body wakes up and Sometimes there are seasons when I naturally wake up at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow or 7 and I feel like this has never impeded achieving more results to be productive and to organize myself because one or the other I have managed to be efficient and effective in what I do regardless of the time I got up and I also have something else to do soon characterizes me a bit and it is that I am doing very well with productivity in the night especially when I dedicate myself to things that have to do with programming or with a focus on which I am cooler where I was going to get managed then to work at night for me is very nice and this is incompatible with getting up early is.

A habit that has never really needed and that despite having tried it never worked for me and that I feel good about not having it because I have still managed to get the results that I have proposed the second habit in life and I believe that many people are going to judge me for this but I don’t care because that’s the way I am is reading books I am not to read many books I have not read as many books as the people believe many have asked me what are the books that I recommend I cannot recommend many books and I have practically not read I am not more than studying practical subjects and I want to learn about entrepreneurship.

I don’t read a book about entrepreneurship I see what other people who are entrepreneurs are doing and how they are achieving their results how a digital business works on the internet that I want to set up something similar what is your sales strategy a model of a panel of anything that I need to understand the study may I studied it by talking to a person, they may study it by reading an article or analyzing a structure of a company seeing a scientific document then like that, on the one hand, the subject of reading fiction books or novels and that suddenly has never called a lot of attention I think it is something that.

Whole system I have a huge list of reminders

I have to explore because he just didn’t spend enough time but the subject of educating me reading books as it was relatively has been incompatible with me does not mean that I have not been educated that I have not studied that no learned and not put into practice many of those things for example even audiobooks I have listened to audiobooks and well it may be equivalent to reading but not reading books and reading books habit you never had habit number 3 you never had is also not having a strict and structured to-do list system when we began to study the productivity how to be more efficient how to perform better at work.

How to make time reach you for everything you need the most You are likely to come across to-do list strategies like set your goals for the weekday of the month and do different things And all this I, although I am judicious as to what I want to achieve when I won’t achieve it how am I going to do my things I need it ready on Monday or Tuesday is not like I have a whole system I have a huge list of reminders where I have personal accounts other simply separated for work business and ready and I more or less what I do have in mind is what do I want to achieve or what are my desired results of the week that can not go this week without achieving and so.


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I have worked a lot because if I have tried different systems but it seems to me that it takes so much time for me to follow the rule of the system that is time that I could dedicate to the things I need to take action on to achieve those results so I’m still exploring as a possibility to be more organized than that but if I am not, I do not worry because I do not need until now for many things and I also realized that sometimes one no matter how much you structured a strategy regarding how to be productive sometimes one uses it to be productive in something that does not bring the results that one you want, therefore, it is better to try more things to see.

I am working all the time stressed and doing lots of things to surprise of many people

What are the ones that bring you results and focus on them habit number four I’ve never had is to meditate I know the benefits of lots of testimonials I know the science behind the subject I know everything because I have studied and I understand many things about it but I never do, I don’t meditate normally and let’s say I don’t feel relative that I need in my day to day, because to learn the people who ask normally it is not a very busy day today it is not a day in which I am working all the time stressed and doing lots of things to surprise of many people who know me in person I have a lot of time free and I love having free time to dedicate myself to things that.

I like So having that balance has meant that I never really needed a conscious moment of disconnection from mindfulness breathing is positive and I understand that there are people for whom this is an incredible benefit but that I personally as that has never felt that need and pre I am simply sincere I am not a person who meditates and habit number 5 highly recommended by many authors nationals by people who know about the subject is to keep a diary I have never kept a diary to write down the results the things that I am living the common in certain a happiness diary how I felt about happiness or emotionally with these activities or with this as to the.

I work with this at a family level and many things always carry a daily is something that I have seen a lot that people recommend that people practice that people speak wonders of the matter this yes never tried no I can go that I try it did not work for me because it has never motivated me anymore attracted attention and suddenly very different is to keep an agenda or have as a record of the things that makes us plan more or less on the calendar what things he wants to do that does not have as much to do the newspaper is more like He records what is already happening what has already happened not what is going to happen So it is not weird but.

I have never felt motivated to keep a journal and soon I have not seen it as

I have never felt motivated to keep a journal and soon I have not seen it as the benefit if someone has done it because I commented the experience when we analyze all kinds of behaviors and habits that we could carry out to transform our lives positively to achieve better results we probably think we should implement them all that we should do everything so that our life is transformed and some things require you to be different or I would not change you you would stop being who you are if you carry them out as a project in the case of getting up early is simply something that does not go with me and voila then there is to identify from all the good recommendations and the excellent one’s ideas.

That are on the internet and everywhere what things apply to you in particular and what things do not apply because perhaps this is one of the most important not everything that works for other people works for you is more some things may work for you that for others are simply crazy and likewise I do have other habits that have worked for me in a way incredible and good if you want me to talk about them in an article in the comments because they are things that.

I consider they have completely transformed my life and that without that I would not have achieved much of the results and many of the things that I achieved today and would not be who I am today in person then because it is about classifying and identifying which ones are and the other I think one of the best things one can do in life define how one wants to live your life on your terms be happy in your way that both finances and work as our hobbies our family life and everything else is aligned so that I can live a life worth enjoying that I did not get to my last days saying if only I had done this if so.

I would have only done this another and that everything is practically part

I would have only done this another and that everything is practically part of a species plan for just you to enjoy and live to the fullest then the truth is that that is something that I try to implement on a personal level and it is something that money abundance is also part of my training in which we focus on how you can create your path to financial freedom is a path in which you do not you have to work for money but money works for you if you are interested to work the details in the description the link which is because you can click to see the page with the article where it is perfectly explained what it is about and then basically.

That you understand that there are three concepts subconscious mental patterns how you can eliminate those limitations that our society implanted on a mental level from children number two the practical exercises so that you can identify opportunities to generate extra income which things you are good at which skills can monetize what things you could learn what new skills you could acquire to generate money and three passive income money that receives while you are not working.