5 bad & normal money habits you can change immediately In Business

5 bad & normal money habits you can change immediately In Business
5 bad & normal money habits you can change immediately In Business

Introduction Of 5 bad & normal money habits you can change immediately In Business

5 bad & normal money habits you can change immediately In Business. A point that differentiates the poor from the rich people that is you buy things that increase in value or buy you things that are declining in value the thing is that most of them ten people of us sell the gt increase in value cars clothing technology these are all things that are worth less.

How much of your money do you actually spend on things

When you sell them I assume that a MacBook has probably never been bought for 2000 euros and resold for 4000 which probably also never bought a car for 10,000 euros and drove it for two years and sold it for 13,000 or that things are just extremely expensive at the beginning and lose their value yes other investments, on the other hand, increase in value here.

There is a whole range of things and these are just the things in which it is now second to put your money that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consume any more because we need personalities you also need a certain amount of technology so you just need things that simply lose the value that’s part of the life on top of that, but in general, just ask yourself.

How much of your money do you actually spend on things which at some point increase in value and at some point decrease in value if you are like most people, which is also completely okay, I was like that for a long time and I still spend money for depreciation worth things that we own lose value then you probably spend a lot of money there.

How did the marketing department think

Which unfortunately doesn’t increase that’s a very, very important habit yes the man who works should think the second point is are you a consumer or producer I’ve observed a lot of people, especially now even social media So not now social media people, but people who simply talk about their way of life on social media.

How they got rich and these are usually always producers, we are all both, so we are all in the consumer and producer, but the question is which side you look at you rather and above all how do you think you are the one who looks at the advertisement when he sees it fall for it or do you see the advertising and appreciate the question okay how did the marketing department think.

So pitching the whole thing now is the one who does an online course or gives an online course do you tend to write or do you produce do you tend to use services or look at gypsum services first Do you make videos or do you make videos as I said, please continue my videos, I have brought you something further, but also understand.

The consumption stand by and take sides

What I mean, it makes it easy, that’s the situation right now, someone is consuming and someone is producing, I think so some things make sense to consume, so just info content books websites that spend Switzerland but many things also need to be said here, what now the financial touch is concerned, it just doesn’t get any further in the financing point.

If you look at the consumption stand by and take sides and not on the production side so like me for a very, very important point because you should change in any case and everyone has the possibility of slipping into this too that requires a lot but also a thought grows that the other side also understands then the third point is it there is always this law of attraction. You Can Also Read 10 finance and minimalism tips to make more money at the end of the month.

So slid say so yes if you want to be successful you need it run traction that means if you believe something then you see it automatically so to speak that means if you believe in it that you are in two years we will save 15,000 euros and you firmly believe that visualized then you will also come closer to a goal in Jan I don’t think it is at all.

How crassly no matter

Because you can sit at home for two years and can work three times, no matter how crassly no matter how castra and belief sorry at the end of the day he can’t have come any closer to this goal if you didn’t take action too, i.e. if you didn’t also take steps towards this seal then you would have acted that’s why I’m a very, very big fan not of the Moffitt people but the lov effect.

The location is namely exactly what made people rich that means that that means the bigger the effect on people in the area is, the more cash you will very likely make the whole thing about scaling or size I’ll give you a very simple example but for example, the reason why the subscription or back then steve jobs is unbelievable being rich is that you have simply influenced.

In the lives of a whole lot of people, you have achieved this through scaling and oversize scaling because you have simply bought an unbelievable amount of size because things are simply not that cheap another example is some people sell Lamborghinis the power with a Lambo say it an easier margin of 1000 or hu change a thousand euros profit now just say it would be like that it might be like.

Why footballers earn so much money

That because I don’t know how expensive a Lambo is that means it doesn’t necessarily have to scale, it’s enough if you sell 100 of them and therefore look very rich otherwise there might be Somehow this little north from the university of power apps who sells an app one euro the whole power of two million times that means he made his two husbands oversized.

Because one euro is not a size but just scaling because an incredible number of people bought his thing have and all that just because you influence that means the more people are influenced and so will automatically be healed is also the reason why footballers earn so much money I mean like before people watch a world cup game they always say that Mr footballer.

Why earn so much money is also kinda funny but it’s clear. They influence an unbelievable number of people because they are an incredible number of people in tain I mean the remaining ones are watching the soccer match Bayern vs Dortmund in the stadium there are 80,000 and 90,000 than those who are sitting at home that means just coming here and understanding that.

That employees give time for money

We were influenced by people in usually have a direct influence on how we earn the next point is you simply ask the question how much time of your life do you want to give a lot of money they always say that employees give time for money simply because you either have a fixed hourly wage or if you earn a certain amount per month and if you are self-employed it is usually different.

This is not true because there are also a lot of self-employed people who also give their time for money quite normally, so for example let’s say an account balance hate and sales since 20 to 30 hot dogs a day then you’re more likely to work for your leisure because you work after hot dogs and I like these hours, despite everything, you also give your time in a different way to be considered.

That’s not bad at all, but a habit that can certainly lead to your income being catapulted but it’s just not the time when you simply build up a passive income and I simply said that my absolute is like that because it’s not easy but the security of income which is free of a time that’s one thing I think is harder than we think, even if it’s always advertised as easy on the internet from this.

Who make a lot of money

The whole globe would like to sell some weird programs and so on but that’s a next point that’s very very valuable because I don’t see a lot of people who make a lot of money with a quantity is not correct but I know some people who make a lot of money but the work also has a lot of d For and in my opinion, it is worthwhile to do the 100 200 km a year.

If you are just in a bad mood you work ten hours a day that in my eyes it is not the goal of financial freedom and there are other ways of doing it there are many people who think the opposite has been proven the fact that you work with a job that frees you up from time almost completely besides is always a little bit but almost completely that they are, so to speak with one of your financial goals it brings me.

I’d also like to know that in my other explanation a little more I hope that’s not neglected here but it’s sort of like yes my fourth point my 14 habit and my fifth point begins the fifth child is very important that you play the same game with your partner of course verse depending on how long we live together living together makes an easy account it’s really important that you two are on the same page because of course it can’t be that you’re someone who says okay we want to we have to save we have to increase income like this and a partner is just giving out the money.