3 Financial Skills You Must MASTER To Live LIVINGLY

3 Financial Skills You Must MASTER To Live LIVINGLY
3 Financial Skills You Must MASTER To Live LIVINGLY

Introduction Of 3 Financial Skills You Must MASTER To Live LIVINGLY

3 Financial Skills You Must MASTER To Live LIVINGLY. I wish the best to people who in one way or another have to do with the events and the explosion that occurred living a life of abundance requires skills and requires skills that we develop over time and improve with practice not only things that we decide from one moment to another thing that we change like changing a chip not but things that little by little and progressively we are improving and the first skill to be mastered to live with abundance is negotiation.

I tried to get the most out of every exchange or transaction

I do not mean to negotiate way I tried to get the most out of every exchange or transaction and I know who benefits me at the cost of the other person losing like people who see a car advertised for say ten thousand dollars and offer five thousand dollars is ridiculous is a waste of time, not the understanding that a negotiation is a give and take and that both parties are left to I like knowing when a business doesn’t really make sense to do it and also even knowing that negotiation is not just something that occurs with business with money with financial transactions but something that it happens on a personal level with our families our partner with our children and really.

When we are good businessmen and when we know seek win-win for parties involved we achieved no only obtain better results we but also that people that more satisfied and that we become a little more essential for those things we want to achieve knowing how to negotiate serves us to negotiate for example a better price on a purchase or sale negotiate a better salary and practically request a raise from the employer or the boss when we are providing a great service and a great benefit to the company then negotiate better participation in a company of which we want to be partners or anything else that can happen on a financial level.


There are thousands of possibilities and the best negotiation like any other skill, we can improve it through practice always remembering that negotiating is giving and receiving that I give and that I receive how can I improve my proposal how can I provide more value increase that courage from the person who receives to be willing to give me more and organization skill number 2 is learning to constantly restructure our financial mental model what do.

I mean by this basically, some people are compulsive spenders and all the time 

I mean by this basically, some people are compulsive spenders and all the time get satisfaction and fullness of spending others are savers and are savers at the level they call stingy because they don’t spend a penny and it gives them more fullness and more peace of mind and more happiness to have a lot of money saved than to have any amount of things then are ways of processing personal finances in a different, some people have no problem buying things.

That is inexpensive and quality suddenly doesn’t even care much while some only buy brand name and that if they cannot buy the better car even a new one they prefer to walk on foot than if they do not buy some ray-ban glasses because they go down the street with the eyes unprotected from ultraviolet rays, Either way, each person has their specific traits and characteristics. in something that I call the financial model, a model that is made up of amounts of things a belief system those things we learned from children our preferences, ideal tastes, objectives and many other things It turns out that this thing, this mental model, is the one that practically decides.

When we want to make a financial decision, the safest thing is that this mental model has already taken it has already been so let’s give it time to if we try to rationalize so we try to compare with other options internally emotionally unconsciously the decisions are already made so what best one can do is not go against the mental model but learn to constantly restructure it so that instead of going against our goals and our abundance align with those goals that we have this is achieved first of all by understanding myself analyzing myself self-knowledge here is key every decision I make because the atom treats to get to the root of identifying.

What it is that has me in the situation financial that I am today trying to do that You will remember that retrospective analysis in which I analyze what was each of the elements that contributed to being how I am and seeing why those things were given the way they were given from there try to analyze how I want What is the future and what changes do I want to make and modify in this way? identifying patterns of behavior that I want to change erroneous ideas and that can modify new objectives.

I have them clear and I want to fight for it and many other things

That perhaps was previously very small or nonexistent that now I have them clear and I want to fight for it and many other things the objective is that we manage to structure a financial mental model aligned with your personal abundance goals of happiness and harmony and skill number 3 that you must master to live with abundance is financial mathematics I mean simply that money everything that has to do with finances with transactions is a numbers game with income with expenses interest rates in three compounds effective profitability annual investment percentages all those things are mathematics and really although they are very simple mathematics and sometimes.

It sums you subtract multiplications of divisions now because we are not necessarily going to have to learn complex formulas or we can even use tools that we find on the internet, for example, that of calculating in three compounds what you understand that despite how simple that mathematical way of being meticulous it must be concise it must be clear I have to have clear and understood each concept before making a decision I am going to acquire debt which means how much it costs me what is the effective interest rate versus the interest rate the bank tells me before insurance and other costs.

If I am going to invest in a business, for example, what is the expected profitability what is the profit possibility ratio versus the possibility of losses could lose all the money could triple the money and many other things that really when people make bad decisions with their money is simply because they do not master those mathematics or just gives them to think about the numbers calculate the non they want to look and think that what appears on the papers is too complex bank or whatever and they just disconnect a bit from that reality and they work more automatically and unconsciously and this leads to making bad decisions even without realizing it, of course, that is another skill.

That we also learn and improve with practice and with time the first

That we also learn and improve with practice and with time the first thing you can start to do in case you haven’t already To improve in this part is to write down all your income and expenses by categories so that you can even track your behavior how is it distributed what percentages and proportions of your expenses are concerning your income each category, for example, how much do you spend on monthly fun 43.5 percent 12.7 percent ten percent eighty percent many people do not know they simply say no it is not much or if it is a lot but well no it is not affecting me one thing is to say it is not much another thing to know.

How much it is exactly and that is very different when I have it Of course I realize that perhaps it is not in an ideal way you can start to improve it later you can start making adjustments calculations projections budgets modifications and analyze how you could do things if I took into account numbers this way and I would probably I do accounts already once having some experience that may not result well it does not matter I am improving by correcting I am learning but always I’m going to know the numbers game and this is.

Where I even realize that every penny is important that I can have a budget for fun for expenses for things but cannot be uncontrolled regardless of the amount of money that I have and many other things that when people think that one is living in abundance or that one is already a millionaire God must worry about the expenses of controlling the money and for the On the contrary, with much more money you also have to have much more control of so that it cannot so much guarantee financial and personal growth and also, in any case, enjoy and know that it was worth achieving that objective to be able to live really important experiences in life the path to abundance is a a little long and we talk here practically about getting rich really rich slowly not quickly.