10 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Car

10 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Car
10 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Car

Introduction Of 10 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Car

10 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Car. If it is new to be more expensive if it is used, we save the issue of depreciation and saving is fine but sometimes a new car gives us the peace of mind that it is not that it is going to fail suddenly because the person who He sold it, he hid something from us that was possibly not easy to identify in a quick inspection, likewise, the new car has a guarantee, maybe the used one too, but we will probably have a longer period.

Where that guarantee covers any possible damage

Where that guarantee covers any possible damage and adds a car. Used, for example, if it has more than five years, technical-mechanical review costs each year and many other things that must be taken into account, definitely a car when it already has a long time will normally require us to have an additional expense and as this product compensates a little does not mean that it is the best decision to buy a new car but you have to make that decision based on those factors the other thing since you have in c.


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The account is the type of car you need or the size, if it is a car, if it is a truck, if it is a family, if it has a small or large trunk, in which case, if it is a small car, it will probably be more economical in fuel if it is large. It will allow carrying good things, definitely, each person has different requirements and based on this, you also have to choose more or less what you need, on the other hand, we have the range a low-range car may have certain risks as well. that it is insecure to a certain extent because.

It does not have security systems or that it simply does not include them to precisely save costs and a high-end car may be making you pay money for features that you are hardly going to use or simply luxuries that you do not they represent no benefit you have to also take into account the total budget both the minimum and the maximum the minimum determines everything Previously basically which cars are within as such from your budget and the maximum tells you that if you find a perfect car.

The automatic or manual transmission

That you love and that has everything that you think you would like to have in a car but that goes out of that maximum budget, it simply does not there is nothing to think about, there is nothing to analyze, there is nothing to do, you cannot buy it, and on weekends, something else to take into account, for example, is the automatic or manual transmission, an automatic car will specifically give you a lot of comforts. in heavy traffic when driving slow and definitely for many people not for everyone because.

It is more pleasing for other people it is more pleasant to drive by setting the gears yourself if it is your first car you can do what I did and that is that you buy the car with a manual gearbox to learn to drive and master the mechanical gearbox in the best way and then you can have automatic without a problem and with that, You never forget to drive that type of transmission, yes, the automatic transmission is the most expensive, now we also have to take into account certain expenses within your budget, for example, the cost of registration and seat.

If it is with vehicle credit, we probably have certain expenses such as the pledge the registration of the security interest if it is a disbursement from your savings account probably in terms of four initial or if it is the complete expense because there will be a four per thousand a tax there that must be taken into account and for, Of course, there will also be subsequent expenses that we have to analyze, such as the cost of the annual tax that must be paid for periodic preventive maintenance that must be done to preserve.

The dealer and definitely if you have a vehicle credit

The warranty even if you do them outside the dealer and definitely if you have a vehicle credit because we are going to take into account the capital and interest installment life insurance fee insurance and possibly other washers that I hope you don’t have to pay but you have to keep them in mind as part of your equation now the idea of this video will mention 10 things to keep in mind and simply this that we said earlier were general recommendations the 10 things to keep in mind we are going to write them down preferably in an excel type table.

Where each column is one of these things and we are going to give a grade precisely as I am going to explain to you then we have the following you do not necessarily have to choose these are the ones that I know They happen to me, there may be other things that are important to you that are not mentioned here, it may not be necessary to qualify all 10 but hey basically.

It is a guide or a guideline that will help you a lot

It is a guide or a guideline that will help you a lot to choose your vehicle precisely by ordering among all the possibilities because there are many possibilities because the different options that you In this and the first column is safety those where we take into account things like airbags the safer bucks the better and the abs brakes the traction control braking distribution system stability control anti-roll control all those safety assistance systems that basically in some Eventuality they can save your life that.

I have it the first one precisely because for me it is perhaps one of the most important things, good of two basic assists such as reverse sensors or even front parking sensors, reverse camera, even parking assistance in this type of cars that are parked alone or for example blind spot alert or emergency braking number 3 is the fuel economy, you can analyze on the internet the certified figures.