10 Signs That Show You Have HIGH Financial Intelligence

10 Signs That Show You Have HIGH Financial Intelligence
10 Signs That Show You Have HIGH Financial Intelligence

Introduction Of 10 Signs That Show You Have HIGH Financial Intelligence

10 Signs That Show You Have HIGH Financial Intelligence. When we educate ourselves financially and increase our financial intelligence is noticeable and the first sign is that you simply have your debts under control in two ways the first can be that you have absolutely no debt which is perfectly fine, However, you have to know that sometimes debts are good mechanisms of leverage and that not all debts are bad then the second option is that you may have debts.

Net Worth

But then you have a specific plan concise and dated and a strategy as such to pay it without leaving them spending as little interest as possible and so on so that they are not the ones who control you and this does not become a source of problems signal number 2 is that your net worth or equity in other words assets less what you have less what you owe goes growing that amount every year one of the signs that you have financial intelligence is that you know exactly the amount of your net worth at this time of everything you have of all your assets even taking into account.

10 Signs That Show You Have HIGH Financial Intelligence

The depreciation of some of them when some of them already the appreciation or appreciation of some are simply not worth anything other assets if you have them and simply know what that amount is and that each damage increases because intelligence is not only mental and not It is only knowledge and not only everything is theory but practice and how it is translated into the real world what your financial intelligence becomes results that make your wealth increase as such towards.

Count The Days Until You Receive The Next Payment

Number three is that you do not wait or count the days until you receive the next payment if you are financially smart no matter how much money you make even if it is little you manage to manage it so that it reaches you for the whole time for everything you need and just for the next gas to arrive the following entry forgiveness is one more complement to the mechanism of cash flow that you have constantly, in fact, people financially intelligent, income is converted to income as well as a routine that they practically do not even see coming and do not even perceive as something.

How To Balance Indulging Yourself With Money

That feeds your finances as such but it is a part of a constancy that exists at all times and does not become like waiting and wish the fortnight or the end of the month or the moment when they pay you because it is simply not necessary as such for that to happen so that things are in order, signal number four is that you know how to balance indulging yourself with money and controlling your expenses impulsive one thing is that I please myself Another thing is that I spend money unnecessarily on luxuries. You Can Also Read Top Money Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Finances In 2022.

That does not suit me to provide any real benefit and much less a return on investment because if I have to take advantage of the money to live now to know that I’m not going to live forever anyway, I don’t know when I’m going to die for what you should not save every penny and be stingy with the money and if I enjoy taking care of certain tastes and simply make it worthwhile to strive to create abundance in the short term In the medium term however that does not get out of control that.

Financial Advice

I have at least a percentage or budget or some basis on which I say up to here I can spend and from now on it does not make sense and it is not reasonable in other words is to define my standards and fulfilling them, signal number 5 is very interesting and it is that other people ask for financial advice because through example others see who know how to manage your finances and will probably look for you so that you help them they may seek their points of view or your perspectives the ideas that you have or some a difficult situation as such a problem to see what do you think or they may even look for you to lend them money. Read More 10 Signs That Show You Have HIGH Financial Intelligence.

Financial Advice

Never Argue About Money Issues Money

Sign number 6 is exactly related to the previous one and it is that you never argue about money issues money with your friends or family or your loved ones because you simply know how to identify the level of financial education of each and if it is worth or not to go into certain topics suddenly some people are worth the It is worth educating that it is worth clarifying certain concepts to explain how some things work that suddenly they do not have very well understood but others we know they are not worth wasting time with them so that ultimately becomes even more important is to demonstrate and teach through example that people see that.

Bet For Fun

What we do gets results not so much by showing them what we are worth and show them nothing and buying expensive things so that they see us but so that they know that they too can manage your finances well and be an inspiration as such the number sign seven is that you don’t even bet for fun because there are more profitable ways to have fun that have better returns than give you more fun by the weight or by the dollar gambling simply means that you have everything against you and absolutely nothing to gain people who think that gambling can win are the poorest-minded people who they think they know more and are smarter than the house.

Consistent Savings And Investments

But we know that in the house they always win the signal number 8 is that you have consistent savings and investments in other words of your constant biweekly or monthly income or whenever the frequency is you get a portion you set aside a portion to save and probably to invest depending on the stage you are in at the moment and what safer is that if you handle things well you will even have money saved to cover an unforeseen event when it occurs without having to resort to borrowing or borrowing from friends or family part of the financial intelligence is organizing your finances very well so that you are very well prepared for any eventuality.

Consistent Savings And Investments

Receiving Income From Your Job

Sign number 9 tells us that you could last even three months at least without receiving income from your job from your main source of income nor did I help your friends or family and still be able to cover your basic expenses in other words have almost an emergency fund close to being consolidated in its entirety, in other words, it is also that you can be independent of organizing things so that when income is going well when you have employment when your business works well. Like That 10 Signs That Show You Have HIGH Financial Intelligence.

When your source of income is stable Well you’re saying they’re getting ready for a rainy day having the umbrella or umbrella ready but when something like this happens as negative it is most likely that you are ready not only to cover the expenses with your savings and discuss and eat them little by little but to bounce quickly from that situation as creating more sources of income having a financial cushion that allows you that if one decreases the other suddenly follows constantly knowing.

The Level Of Financial Stress

What to do in case you lose your job having the ideas clear if they do not know not to be from one moment to another as many people they are left waiting for their employment to last a lifetime and when they run out your main source of income wondering what the hell am I gonna make a financially savvy person is more prepared and teaches you the number 10 is that the level of financial stress you experience every day is minimum in other words if you can rate 1 how much you worry about your financial situation, the safest thing is that rating was lower the higher your intelligence was financial why because the more education.

We have the smarter we are Regarding money, we know that money is a matter of managing correctly a resource that we can use in certain ways we can earn it spend it invest it save it in certain ways and if I know how to handle myself in this world financial seeing how money works the most it probably won’t become a source of worry or stress for me stress almost always comes from the feeling of not being in control about the situation and then if my rating is 10 maybe even that leads a person even some people to suicide or attempt of suicide for literally not knowing what to do with financial problems people can be very serious in life.