10 KEY Decisions You Should Make With Your Money

10 KEY Decisions You Should Make With Your Money
10 KEY Decisions You Should Make With Your Money

Introduction Of 10 KEY Decisions You Should Make With Your Money

10 KEY Decisions You Should Make With Your Money. We effectively have a life of which we are proud and not only on a financial level because money is only one more complement for personal success some of the recommendations that I am going to give you today are key and they are decisions because specifically not so much with your money but.

What are you going to do with your life

If regarding your financial situation it What are you going to do with your life that inevitably on a financial level is going to affect you yes or yes and the first decision is the place where you live because really many people simply marry that geographical location where they have been and the mind all their lives never know They question whether, for example, they are from a main city, they will move to an intermediate city, it would save them.

So much money because the cost of living is lower, transportation, probably everything is closer, possibly many things, for which exorbitant amounts are paid for homes and shipments. Well, now they are simply free or they are very low costs or you can move quickly even on foot to certain places now not for all people because it will be optimal to change the place where they live simply because of the change in lifestyle and many other things but if we never question whether the place where we live is holding us back economically because.

It involves certain expenses and sometimes the transportation costs are enough so that you could save what you need to retire and pension art in your old age imagine that if you could only reduce a few expenses and that is just talking about transportation your life would be very different therefore the place where you live should not be a matter of chance incidence of where you were born from where you lived all your life if it is not that you say I am going to analyze different places their costs of living many people are even surprised.

They are buying a small apartment in one place

That for the same price they are buying a small apartment in one place you buy a large house in another place and sometimes even within the same sectors of the city as I told you without trying to reduce your quality of life or the lifestyle you want to lead but being very aware of how does this affect you financially number then what relationships to nurture when.

I speak of relationships I speak of friends I speak of family s I am talking about your partner, for example, business partners, people with whom you want to do business, study or work colleagues with whom you spend more time, the people with whom we spend more time end up impregnating our lives with their habits of their ways of thinking or of their mentality of the things that they do the things that they stop doing of whether they support or reject your ideas or undertakings of whether or not.

They agree with a lifestyle of creation dans and to say they are the kind that spend all the time without thinking and that ultimately ends up directly or indirectly affecting yourself, it is necessary to think about creating strategic contacts for the future. Many people have become rich just because they are excellent with their social skills to make friends who are already successful and with those who eventually not only contribute to them but they can also contribute and give back a little but it all starts with.

How truly the people around us

How they create We build and build these relationships and how truly the people around us end up influencing the results that we achieve in our lives, therefore it is a decision that cannot be left to chance now we have the big decisions of your life one of them that is number three is your house ‘when we talk about buying your house I think this is the dream of practically all people, there are very few people who do not want to have a house of their own so much because they are going to save the money of the monthly rent.

That is An expense that is practically lost, although it is debatable, we have already discussed here that they are had when one owns their own house but when we talk about the decision to have a house of their own, a place of their own to live in an apartment, whatever it is, we talk about many things we talk what is the price how much do you have to save in the down payment how your credit history has to be for them to be entered ades approve you as it should be, for example, the monthly payment so.

That you have within your budget how much is the agreed term and in how long you could pay the debt if you could advance the capital and not necessarily pay the minimum installments that are not ideal outside What are the costs associated with the taxes each year the fire earthquake insurance and the credits come with associated life insurance because precisely because in case of death the debt or employment insurance is paid in case you are unemployed because I can cover the fee without a problem and outside.

How it is built and many other things

The maintenance and repair costs that even a new house could have depending on how it is built and many other things if you want me to talk a little in another video about the true costs of owning a home It could be your own because it could be in the comments, the case is that the decision of which house to buy or which apartment to buy will affect you during a long time not to say throughout your life and even if you have more than one house and buy and sell or whatever because in the first house it also has.

Its supremely important weight and you must analyze it very well and you must try to define that it is in the moment when your finances allow you to have that house without unbalancing all the rest on the one hand and the other that it truly becomes a smart investment, we hardly speak of a home of your own to live in, it is an investment, it is more like convenience, comfort and many other things and the valuation that I am talking about usually do not go above inflation but that is simply something that.

We should all do eventually to be able to have a place of our own in which to live without having to spend all money our good to lease number 4 which is the other big purchase is your vehicle if we are going to buy a car we have to think about whether it is new or used po r Usually in used it saves money the value since the depreciation devalues the new cars but perhaps a used car has its problems plus its details or perhaps they are selling it for something in particular that they try to make up when they give you what to show you.