You are currently viewing 10 finance and minimalism tips to make more money at the end of the month
10 finance and minimalism tips to make more money at the end of the month

10 finance and minimalism tips to make more money at the end of the month

Introduction Of 10 finance and minimalism tips to make more money at the end of the month

10 finance and minimalism tips to make more money at the end of the month.  We buy that we don’t need just think about how many buyers have made in the last one two three four months and how many of them were necessary I can understand that I also bought things at the time where I thought what did you get back there but most things are just short term and are not thought through in the long term how to avoid the whole thing I will come to you in a moment.

The goal of financial freedom

I have another very nice tip but just make yourself aware of what you have to buy and what not and even if it’s only here in the five then ten adam sevani believe me that adds up to that is the very best and the very first tap can’t give the second tip is very money than freedom there is a very nice saying from m-way the market 90 dollars saved is Jamie and that every 110 dollars.

You can save makes you do it to get closer to the goal of financial freedom and not because and savers up to 2 there is this nice saying service analysis or Germany saves itself that is always said so much about him that it is nonsense to save and it’s really bad for me, I see it completely differently. I think it’s great if you have reasonable savings potential, because.

That ultimately gets you to give up a system for a couple of months or three free of time makes keyword passive income or to say you know what which visitor saved I only have to work three days and I work five days a week and in the two days, I can work on my passion one of my passion e.g. doing that in youtube channel Marx in block website whatever so I think to save properly applied the hammer.

First purchase that relates to time slash memories

The third point is to buy things that make you happy these are things that make you happy there are very nice scientific studies that have shown that there are two purchases that people like you around me are happiest the first purchase that relates to time slash memories that are so if you go on vacation or if you go to the stadium with your best colleague or something like that yes and the.

The second point is things for others that means if you make people around him happy or things for others yes and buy them something good I think everyone who regularly gives money to homeless people in need on the street knows what a good feeling that is and I can recommend it because you put more money in it. The fourth point is to buy fewer things.

That others have prepared for you. What exactly do I mean by that for example, I like to buy chips with coconut and at some point, I thought so button waru m you actually get coconut chips for 1 euro 95 if you can just as easily buy a coconut for 95 euros and there are infinitely more rasp others and of course, the whole thing is fresh and not dried, with coconut trips is very good food but I am.

The next point in long-term purchase

I think you understand what I mean again and again this point fully packed salads that you put together yourself in the supermarket are much more expensive than if you simply buy the salads individually before chopped fruit I don’t even want to start if you sometimes get just as much from pineapple in such a small roll time as of great others so that means just ask the question.

If someone else prepares or processes something into milk it is usually more expensive than if I just make it for me that’s not always possible but in most cases that’s the next point in long-term purchase here, I brought the beautiful example with me, namely this n notepad it’s now in the case of Miu it’s on special paper and the best thing about it is that you can write on it here and then. You Can Also Read Do You know Minimalism & Financial Freedom.

You can wipe it all off in one go the whole thing goes up to 500 times which means you can do it here introduce this notepad that lasts forever yes that’s a purchase I honestly can’t say anymore how expensive it was but I linked them below in the description and that’s just much more sustainable of course but also much more sustainable in terms of show and a wallet solution.

Finances in there I work with my team slash

But notepads are also a furniture purchase we attach great importance to the fact that they are of high quality, of course, we also have things from Ikea but we usually buy things because we say okay these stylish timeless minimalistic but high quality that they just last a very long time yes and then the next point, and it relates in particular to this first point with no purchase chance.

That you can get in with these is actually have a wish list I don’t know how to mix it is my go for everything I’ve already done a vision tour which I’ll link to you and that’s one of the best in my eyes apps I ever had is also completely free I do my finances in there I work with my team slash my girlfriend in there we shift income in the calendar in there book notes everything so.

I have everything in this invention and I also have a wish list in there That means whenever I think about making a new purchase, I always go to this wish list first and then see what my heart’s desires in Hesse really are and work through them first, so to speak, and if I stop after a few days or weeks, I still do this one want to have something other than the desire for it just put it on the wish list and then.

They have to stop large packaging

I’ll get it somewhere at the end but that simply means that you don’t buy these impulse purchases no buyer that you don’t need the next point one bought bigger but heavier here too I have it then speaks I don’t know if you know the coco drogerie but they have to stop large packaging these are now walnuts 1 1 kilo I also buy the hand tame ones.

That have to have almonds they have everything in larger packaging that of course saves on the one hand waste but the other hand, the good thing about it is that you just save money too yes I like to do the thing moves would like to order you also have a code that is easy Luca Luka there you can also save five per cent yes then.

The last two points and that is the very last point is never have only one income stream I recommend you, again and again, I think especially nowadays through the internet through so unbelievably many that convey, like you, another income integrate electricity into your life it’s easier than ever time.

Start the business mystery shopping

Do you have time to start the business mystery shopping photography social media advertising money editing there is such a writing bureaucracy for some other content creators influenza evening editing photo editing so there is a lot of babysitting so there are so many things you can do on the side and that’s a very, very big tip from me.

That you just don’t depend on all per cent except for your main job it’s okay if that’s still your main source of income I’m on that now point where I have three to four streams of income, almost all of which are identical and I’m just going to feel safe soon even if one breaks away that’s annoying but of course, I still have these other three and it’s just that.

They very have great weight if we now, of course, be times 3000 au ch earns and 2000 euros are 2800 euros if the main income comes from electricity and instead euros that alongside business then the 200 euros may not matter that much at the beginning, but you can still expand the whole thing and push something upwards, so to speak, and the last point and that’s.

The most important thing is no financial system as it has to take a lifetime namely books I’ve become so incredibly much through what I am now i.e. my knowledge and what I can and do through books that doesn’t mean that I agree that I’m an aunt now or something but I’m just proud of how I got on with my life and very alone so with a lot of points I now of course people.

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